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Adventure Theater
w/Sharahn Thomas

Adventure Theater #113
Superman: 10/30/40 #113 Part 11, The Trap Fails; A Trap Door Ahead
Jack Armstrong: 11/21/40 #1554
Chandu the Magician: 08/02/48 #25 Chandu Gets Some Additional Help
Speed Gibson: 02/25/39 #113 Everyone Rescued
Lone Ranger: 06/03/38 #835/60 Barbara Bates & Hacksaw Hastings
Challenge of the Yukon: 05/11/44 #328 Outlaw Dog
Planet Man: #41 A Jupiter Moon Sent Into The Sun
Space Patrol: 10/10/53 #146 On The Icecap Of Planet X
Wild Bill Hickock: 12/31/51 #40 The Dead Of Winter
EXTRA Vic & Sade: 08/06/42 Christmas Cards Arrive C.O.D.

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