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Pot Luck
w/Neal Ellis

Pot Luck #01

Fat Man: 07/08/46 The Black Angel

Fat Man: 10/03/47 A Window for Murder


Pot Luck #02

Big Story: 05/19/48 Rolf K. Mills

John Steele, Adventurer: 08/25/49 The Honorable Ones

Five Minute Mystery: #001 My Pal Patsy


Pot Luck #03

Ellery Queen: 11/07/45 Message in Red

Murder Clinic: 09/22/42 The Scrap of Lace


Pot Luck #04

Pat Novak for Hire: 08/03/47 Johnny Brown Gambling Ring

Treasury Agent: 08/11/47 The Case Of The Faithful Wife


Pot Luck #05 (check shows)

A Day in the Life of Dennis Day: 01/28/48 A Job at the Post Office

Blondie: 10/27/49 Alexander's Pig


Pot Luck #06

Lux Radio Theater: 12/28/42 #376 A Star Is Born


Pot Luck #07

Ford Theatre: 05/16/48 Counselor at Law


Pot Luck #08

Skippy Hollywood Theatre: 1948 #350 Dear Michael

Skippy Hollywood Theatre: 1948 #351 Cucamonga 26


Pot Luck #009

Men at Sea: 07/23/44 #2-2 The Skipper Returns to the Sea

Men at Sea: 08/06/44 #2-3 Able-Bodied Cook


Pot Luck #010

Lux Radio Theater: 08/17/36 #94 The Vagabond King


Pot Luck #011

Douglas of the World: 1953 The Murder Rap

Douglas of the World: 1953 The Judgement Day


Pot Luck #012

Lux Radio Theater: 08/31/36 Cheating Cheaters


Pot Luck #013

Lights Out: 12/22/37 Uninhabited

Lights Out: 04/06/38 Cat Wife


Pot Luck #014

Let George Do It: 1950s #61 The Brothers McIntosh

Mr. Keen: 06/09/49 The Star Of Death

Strange Adventure: 1945 #01 The Bronze Monster


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