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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 Orson Welles (#324)
Jacdk Benny: 03/14/43 Oroson Welles Subs for Jack
Mercury Summer Theater: 06/21/46 The The Hitchhiker
Mercury Theater: 10/23/38 #16 Around the World in 80 Days
Mercury Theater: 09/25/38 #12 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes

Radio Once More #2 Fred Allen (#325)
Town Hall Tonigh: 10/07/36 Who Killed Rapaport
Texacxo Star Theater (Fred Allen): 05/10/42
Biographies in Sound: 05/29/56 A Portrait of Fred Allen

Radio Once More #3 Johny Wayne (#100)
Screen Director's Assignment: 01/09/49 Stagecoach
Screen Directors' Playhouse: 08/05/49 Fort Apache
Lux Radio Theater: 03/07/49 Red River
Lux Radio Theater: 03/12/51 She Wore A Yellow Ribbon

Radio Once More #4 To the Moon (#101)
X Minus One: 09/22/55 #019 And the Moon Be Still as Bright
Dimension X: 07/14/50 #015 The Man in the Moon
Dimension X: 06/24/50 #012 Destination Moon
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 11/13/53 #08 A Trip to the Moon
Lone Ranger: 06/24/42 #683 Clouds Across the Moon
Sherlock Holmes: 10/29/45 Murder by Moonlight

Radio Once More #05 Going to the Circus (#109)
Fibber McGee & Molly: 05/28/40 Circus Day in Wistful Vista
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 04/10/49 Going to the Circus
Clyde Beatty Show: Beauty and the Beast
Harry Lime: 04/25/52 Harry Joins the Circus
Honest Harold: 04/25/51 Circus Day
Frank Race: 02/22/50 #43 The Adventure of the Big Top

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