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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 (#240) Frank Lovejoy Pt. 01
Whistler: 11/19/47 Dark Moon
Whistler: 04/07/48 What Makes A Murderer?
Whistler: 08/18/48 Bright Future
Whistler: 09/29/48 Conspiracy
Whistler: 10/24/48 Search For An Unknown
Whistler: 12/19/48 The Hangtree Affair

Radio Once More #2 (#241) Frank Lovejoy Pt. 02
Suspense: 03/17/52 The Wreck Of The Old 97
Suspense: 11/10/52 The Frightened City
Suspense: 03/02/53 The Storm
Suspense: 04/20/53 Public Defender
Suspense: 05/03/54 The Giant Of Thermopylae
Suspense: 09/01/57 Man From Tomorrow

Radio Once More #3 (#242) Frank Lovejoy Pt. 03
Escape: 01/21/48 Papa Benjamin
Escape: 11/29/49 A Letter From Jason
Escape: 12/20/49 Figure A Dame
Escape. 01/24/50 Treasure, Inc
Nightbeat: 02/13/50 The Night is a Weapon
Nightbeat: 02/20/50 A World All His Own

Radio Once More #4 (#243) Frank Lovejoy Pt. 04
Cavalcade Of America: 08/07/44 A Walk In The Sun (lovejoy is narrator)
This Is Your FBI: 06/08/45 Espionage
Whistler: 08/06/47 Dark Future
Nightbeat: 02/27/50 The Girl in the Park
Nightbeat: 03/06/50 The Number 13
Nightbeat: 03/13/50 My Brother's Keeper

Radio Once More #5 (#244) Heatwave
Archie Andrews: 08/07/48 Suffering From Heat
Our Miss Brooks 08/07/49 Heat Wave
Fibber McGee and Molly: 07/28/54 Heat Wave
Fibber McGee and Molly: 07/29/54 McGee Builds Own Air Conditioner
My Friend Irma: 09/06/48 Trip To Coney Island
Gunsmoke: 08/23/52 #018 Shakespeare
Suspense: 05/31/45 #143 August Heat w/Ronald Coleman

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