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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Was There #01 How They Began Pt. 01
Boston Blackie: 06/23/44 #001 The Rockwell Diamond w/Chester Morris
Broadway is My Beat: 07/07/49 #01 The Jimmy Dorn Murder Case w/Larry Thor
New Adventures of Nero Wolfe: 10/20/50  #01 Stamped For Murder
Nightbeat: #01 02/06/50 Zero
Nightwatch: 04/05/54 #01 Nude Prowler
Michael Shayne: #01 First Episode

Radio Was There #02 How They Began Pt. 02
Crime Classics: 06/15/53 #01 The Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner (1778)
Crime Club: 12/02/46 #01 Death Blew Out The Match
Casebook of Gregory Hood: 06/03/46 #01 The Three Silver Pesos
Murder by Experts: 06/18/49 #01 Summer Heat
Rocky Fortune: 10/06/53 #01 Oyster Shucker
Johnny Dollar: 02/11/49 #01 The Parakoff Policy Matter

Radio Was There #03 How They Began Pt. 03
Gunsmoke: 04/26/52 #01 Billy The Kid
Fort Laramie: 01/22/56 #01 Playing Indian
Frontier Gentlemen: 02/02/58 #01 The Shelton Brothers
Have Gun, Will Travel: 11/23/58 #01 Strange Vendetta
Sixshooter: 09/20/53 #01 Jenny
Frontier Town: 09/26/52 #01 Return To Dos Rios

Radio Was There #04 How They Began Pt. 04
Hear it Now: 12/15/50 #01  w/Edward R. Murrow, Douglas MacArthur,
Bernard M. Baruch, George C. Marshall, Andrei Vishinsky,
Thomas E. Dewey, the Duchess of Windsor, Branch Rickey, Judy Holliday,
Carl Sandberg,  Red Barber, Abe Burrow
Ford Theater: 10/05/47 #01 A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court
Mercury Theater:  07/11/38 #01 Dracula

Radio Was There #05 How They Began Pt. 05
Our Miss Brooks: 07/19/48 1st Show of the Series
My Friend Irma: 04/11/47 Irma Meets Jane
Suspense: 06/17/42 #01 The Burning Court w/Charles Ruggles, Julie Haydon
Escape: 07/07/47 #01 The Man Who Would Be King
Weird Circle: 08/29/43 #01 The Fall Of The House Of Usher
Whistler: 05/16/42 #001 Retribution

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