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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 Halloween Comedy Pt. 01
Jack Benny: 11/03/40 Halloween Party
Halls of Ivy: 11/07/51 Halloween
Aldrich Family: 10/31/40 Halloween
Ozzie & Harriet: 10/31/48 Halloween
My Favorite Husband: 10/28/49 Halloween Surprise Party
Bob & Ray: 10/28/48 How to Have Fun on Halloween

Radio Once More #2 Halloween Comedy Pt. 02
Our Miss Brooks: 10/31/48 Halloween
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/24/39 Gildy's Halloween Party
Archie: 10/30/48 Halloween
Nebbs: 10/29/45 Halloween Surprise
Life of Riley: 10/29/44 Halloween Haunted House
Great Gildersleeve: 04/20/49 #324 Haunted House

Radio Once More #3 Halloween (Spooky) Pt. 01
Mysterious Traveler: 05/24/49 #205 Behind the Locked Door
Inner Sanctum: 09/12/49 The Vengful Corpse
Mercury Theater: 07/11/38 #01 Dracula
Lights Out: 08/03/43 Murder Castle
Suspense: 12/05/46 The House in Cyrpress Canyon

Radio Once More #4 Let's Have a Seance
This is Your FBI: 06/04/48 The Unhappy Medium
Fat Man: 07/22/49 Murder is the Medium
Johnny Dollar: 05/14-18/56 Matter of the Medium Well Done
Jack Benny: 04/25/54 Jack and the Gang Hold a Séance
Houdini Séance: 10/31/36

Radio Once More #5 Halloween (Spooky) Pt. 02
Johnny Dollar: 05/28/58 Ghost to Ghost Matter
Witch's Tale: 10/19/37 #302 Four Fingers and a Thumb
Escape: 11/05/47 Evening Primrose
Quiet Please: 08/09/48 The Thing on the Fourable Board
Mercury Theater: 10/30/38 #017 War of the Worlds
Strange Dr. Weird: 02/13/45 #15 The Secret Room

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