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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #01 (#168) Weddings Gone Wrong
Dragnet: 02/07/52 #139 The Big Honeymoon
Line Up: 01/04/51 The Case of Frankie and Joyce
Nick Carter: 11/17/43 #032  Substitute Bride
Gunsmoke: 09/03/55 #177 Change Of Heart
Have Gun, Will Travel: 11/01/59 #050 Wedding Day
Luke Slaughter: 03/16/58 04 Pages Progress
Baby Snooks: 05/14/42 Driving Home from Wedding

Radio Once More #02 (#169) Fake and Quack Doctors
Dragnet: #070 10/12/50 Big Quack
Dr. Kildare: #52 01/19/51 Dr. Conlon, Quack
Straight Arrow: 12/18/46 The Doctor and the Quack
Amos 'n' Andy: 04/20/48 The Fake Baby Doctor
Jack Benny: 01/21/51 Jack Goes to the Doctor
Jack Benny: 11/09/52 Jack's Dr. Gives him a Vitamin Shot

Radio Once More #03 (#170) Cooking/What's for Dinner
Fibber McGee & Molly: 06/04/40 Fibber Cooks A Spaghetti Dinner
Fibber McGee & Molly: 05/13/41 Record Salmon Dinner
Our Miss Brooks: 02/05/50 Cooking
My Friend Irma: 04/19/48 Dinner Date
Great Gildersleeve: 05/31/42 Dinner for Judge Hooker
Down Our Way: #09 Men's Cooking Contest

Radio Once More #04 (#171) Telegrams
Our Miss Brooks: 07/10/49 Telegram For Mrs Davis
Fibber McGee & Molly: 03/16/48 Telegram from Secretary of State Marshall
Dragnet: 04/19/51 #097 The Big Speech
Burns & Allen: 1938 Gracie Reads Frank Parker's Telegram
Black Museum: 11/25/52 #46 The Telegram
Lum & Abner: 01/24/35 #29 Abner Receives a Telegram
Hearts in Harmony: 11/29/46 A Telegram Arrives

Radio Once More #05 (#172) Hypnotism
Boston Blackie: 07/02/47 #116 Hynotic Murder
Gasoline Alley: 10/15/48 #14 The Hypnotised Hero
Dick Tracy: 02/21/38 Pat is Hypnotised
Crime Club: 10/16/47 Cupid Can be Deadly
Let George Do It: 07/25/49 Laura's House
Suspense: 03/16/44 Narrative About Clarence
Strange Wills: 12/15/46 #02 Alias Dr. Swengali

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