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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 Academy Award Winners
Lux Radio Theater: 02/03/41 #293 Rebecca w/Ronald Colman, Ida Lupino
Lux Radio Theater: 12/06/43 Mrs. Miniver    1943 Award
Lux Radio Theater:  01/24/44 #423 Casablanca w/Hedy Lamar, John Loder, Alan Ladd

Radio Once More #2 Giving a Speech
Dragnet: 04/19/51 #97 Big Speech
Burns 'n' Allen: 10/25/50 Speech for Ronald Reagan
Fibber McGee & Company: 02/21/39 #193 McGee's After Dinner Speech
Fibber McGee & Moilly: 03/07/44 Fibber Makes a Radio Speech for the Red Cross
Vic & Sade: 1942 Lodge Speech Rehearsal
Lum & Abner: 09/17/35 #197 Speech on Honesty
Richard Diamond: 07/19/53 Chapel Hill Police Officer Symposium Speech

Radio Once More #3 Getting a New Car
Father Knows Best: 06/08/50 Time for a New Car
Jack Benny: 04/24/49 Buying a New Car
Life With Luigi: 03/20/49 Luigi's New Car
Burns 'n' Allen: 04/29/48 George Gets a New Car
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 03/19/50 #66 Alice's New Car
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 10/02/49 #42 Frankie Borrows Phil's New Car

Radio Once More #4 Hammet: Fat and Thin
Fat Man: 01/21/46 The 19th Pearl
Fat Man: 10/03/47 A Window for Murder
Thin Man: 10/10/43 The Case of the Wandering Corpse
Thin Man: 07/06/48 The Passionate Palooka
Lux Radio Theater: 06/08/36 The Thin Man

Radio Once More #5 Football
Our Miss Brooks: 10/31/48 Driving To Football Game
Andy Griffith: What it Was, Was Football
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/29/40 A Trip To The
Notre Dame-West Point Football Game
Life of Riley: 10/27/45 The Football Game
Nighbeat: 06/12/50 #19 Football Player and the Syndicate
Lux Radio Theater: 12/02/40 Knute Rockne

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