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Radio Once More  w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #05 (#029) Friday Goes Undercover
Dragnet: 01/12/50 #033 Big Man Pt. 01
Dragnet: 01/19/50 #034 Big Man Pt. 02
Dragnet: 01/03/52 #134 Big Red Pt. 01
Dragnet: 01/10/52 #135 Big Red Pt. 02
Dragnet: 02/08/53 #190 Big Press
Dragnet: 10/27/53 #219 Big Fraud

Radio Once More #1 (#255) Summer Replacement Shows Pt. 01
Lineup: 07/20/50 #03 Eddie Gaynor is Framed (Replaced The FBI in Peace and War)
Escape: 07/14/47 #02 Operation Fleur de Lys (Replaced Lux Radio Theater)
Stan Freeberg: 07/14/57 Show #01 (Replaced Jack Benny)
Casebook of Gregory Hood: 06/03/46 #01 The Three Silver Pesos  (Replaced Sherlock Holmes)
Wednesday with You: 07/04/45 Opening Night At The Lodge (Replaced Eddie Cantor)
Men at Sea: 08/15/43 (Replaced Bob Hope)

Radio Once More #2 (#256) Summer Replacement Shows Pt. 02
Boston Blackie: 07/28/44 #06 Polly Morrison's Gun Collection (Replaced Amos 'n' Andy)
Crime Classics: 06/15/53 #01 The Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner (1778) (Replaced Suspense)
A Date with Judy: 02/06/45 Joseph Cotton's Date With Judy (Replaced Bob Hope)
Archie: 07/13/49 Fredís Sunburn (Replaced Great Gildersleeve)
It's Higgins Sir: 07/24/51 #04 Summer Vacation (Replaced Bob Hope)
Martin & Lewis: 07/26/49 w/ Frances Langford (Replaced Bob Hope)

Radio Once More #3 (#257) Summer Replacement Shows Pt. 03
Our Miss Brooks: 07/19/48 Show #01 (Replaced Lux Radio Theater)
Sad Sack: 06/12/46 Show #01 (Replaced Frank Sinatra)
Philip Marlowe: 06/17/47 Red Wind (Replaced Bob Hope)
Pete Kelly's Blues: 08/29/51 Zelda (Replaced Halls of Ivy)
CBS is There: 08/04/47 #04 The Witchcraft Trials At Salem (06/29/1692) (Replaced Lux Radio Theater)
Romance: 06/20/50 The Apple Tree (Replaced Life with Luigi)

Radio Once More #4 (#258) Summer Replacement Shows Pt. 04
Mystery in the Air: 08/07/47 #01The Marvelous Barastro (Replaced Abbott & Costello)
Pursuit: 08/14/51 Pursuit of the Knife Boys (Replaced Life with Luigi)
A Date with Judy: 08/01/44 Father's Birthday (Replaced Bob Hope)
Archie: 08/24/49 Trying To Go Fishing (Replaced Great Gildersleeve)
Crime Classis:  07/06/53 #04 The Shrapnelled Body Of Charles Drew, Senior (Replaced Suspense)
Boston Blackie: 07/28/44 #006 Polly Morrison's Gun Collection  (Replced Amos 'n' Andy)

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