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Radio Once More
w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 (#038) Detectives From Novels 1
Nick Carter: 01/22/44 #041 Records of Death
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 06/23/47 Adv. of the Speckled Band
Philip Marlowe: 01/14/50 The Covered Bridge
Screen Guild Theater: 09/20/43 The Maltese Falcon
Lux Radio Theater: 06/08/36 The Thin Man

Radio Once More #2 (#039) Detectives From Novels 2
Lux Radio Theater: 06/17/40 After the Thin Man
Lux Radio Theater: 06/11/45 Murder My Sweet
Lux Radio Theater: 02/09/48 The Lady in the Lake

Radio Once More #3 (#040) Everything's on Fire
Nick Carter: 01/14/45 #166 Murder By Fire
Dragnet: 03/13/52 #144 Big Fire
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 01/30/49 Fire Chief
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/14/41 McGee Becomes Fire Commissioner
Big Town: 10/26/37 #02 Harding Factory Fire
Johnny Dollar: 08/25/57 Smokey Sleeper Matter

Radio Once More #4 (#041) Vic & Sade
Jack Foster's Tribute to Vic & Sade
John Hickman Interviews Ed Roberts
Vic & Sade: 01/07/43 Fred Might Join the Lodge
Vic & Sade: 10/25/46 Vic Brings Work Home from the Office

Radio Once More #05 (#042) Audition Shows
Mr. & Mrs. Blandings: 11/08/50 Audition Program
Fort Laramie: 07/25/55 Audition Program
Great Gildersleeve: 05/16/44 Audition Program
Three for Adventure: 1940s Audition Program
Nightwatch: 01/07/54 Audition Program
Halls of Ivy: 06/23/49 Audition Program

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