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Radio Showcase

w/Gary Lowe  


Saint: 02/04/51 The Carnival Murder

Saint: 04/29/51 Fishes Gotta Eat

Whistler: 01/28/48 #296 Night Final

Whistler: 04/21/48 #308 Silent City

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen: 10/30/47

Voyage of the Scarlet Queen: 11/06/47

One Man's Family: 04/11/51 Book 84 Chapter 18



Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/29/46 Dinner Party

Fibber McGee & Molly: 03/04/47 Bad Mail Service

Weird Circle: 11/28/43 #14 Dr. Manette's Manuscript

Weird Circle: 12/19/43 #17 The Hand

Gangbusters: 11/27/48 Case of the Greedy Gunman

Gangbusters: 05/07/49 Case of the New Jersey Trio

Checkboard Fun Fest: 00/00/45 Program #21



Information Please: 09/18/42 Guest: Orson Wells

Information Please: 05/17/43 Guest: Boris Karloff

Burns and Allen: 03/06/47 Gracie Takes Up Crime Solving

Burns and Allen: 05/13/48 Gracie's Problem with Salesmen

Nero Wolfe: 03/09/51 Case of the Disappearing Diamonds

Nero Wolfe: 03/16/51 Case of the Midnight Ride



Pursuit: 11/20/51 Pursuit of the Night Ferry

Pursuit: 12/11/51 Pursuit of the Loch Ness Killers

Fort Laramie: 09/09/56 The Buffalo Hunters

Fort Laramie: 10/21/56 Indian Scout

Great Gildersleeve: 10/08/44 Boys Club

Great Gildersleeve: 04/29/45 New Neighbor Bullard



Abbott and Costello: 11/09/44

Abbott and Costello: 02/01/45

This is Your FBI: 02/21/47 #99 Old Lady Larceny

This is Your FBI: 02/28/47 #100 The Innocent Theif

Rocky Jordan: 12/12/48 Ace High Straight

Rocky Jordan: 12/19/48 Up in Flames



Suspense: 06/09/49    #344 Lunch Kit w/John Lund

Suspense: 06/30/49 #347 The Day I Died w/Joseph Cotton

Have Gun Will Travel: 08/28/60 #093 For the Birds

Have Gun Will Travel: 10/16/60 #100 Stardust

Fred Allen: 10/21/45 Guest: Frank Sinatra

Fred Allen: 10/28/45 Charlie McCarthy Sues Fred for Slander



Damon Runyon Theater: #24 Broadway Complex

Damon Runyon Theater: #26 Baseball Hattie

Broadway is My Beat: 04/14/51 #30 The Tommy Stafford Murder Case

Broadway is My Beat: 04/21/51 #31 The Elaine Hill Murder Case

Man Called X: 01/04/48 Spot the Eight Ball

Man Called X: 01/11/48 Spirit of the Snows

Front Page Farrell: 07/01/49 Case of the Fatal Smile



Cavalcade of America: 03/26/40

Cavalcade of America: 04/02/40

Philip Morris Playhouse: 05/13/49 Four Hours to Kill

Philip Morris Playhouse: 07/29/49 The Iron Man

Crime Club: 05/08/47

Crime Club: 07/17/47



Fat Man: 01/17/51 The Nightmare Murder

Fat Man: 05/23/51 Order for Murder

Hall of Fantasy: 04/03/47 The Judge's House

Hall of Fantasy: 04/10/47 Man Sized in Marble

Lights Out: 03/30/43 Money Money Money

Lights Out: 08/03/43 Murder Castle



Life of Riley: 02/24/50 Riley Steps Out

Life of Riley: 03/10/50 Riley Has a Rent Controvsy

Rogers of the Gazette: 07/08/53 News Paper Being Taken Over

Rogers of the Gazette: 07/15/53 Jimmy Reynolds Story

Roy Rogers Show: 11/20/51 The Map

Roy Rogers Show: 12/07/51 Eight Convicts



Truth or Consequences: 03/06/48 Trying to Out General a General

Truth or Consequences: 12/11/48 Guest: Spike Jones

Clock: 04/25/48 Bad Dreams

Clock: 05/02/48 Bank Holiday

Duffy's Tavern: 02/22/44 Archie Invests in an Oil Well

Duffy's Tavern: 02/09/49 Archie Has Three Days to Live



Quiet Please: 11/21/48 #075 One For the Book

Quiet Please: 12/05/48 #077 Very Unimportant Person

Barrie Craig: 12/19/51 Ghost of a Chance

Barrie Craig: 01/02/52 Death of a Private Eye

Harry Lime: 10/05/51 Operation Music Box

Harry Lime: 10/12/51 Golden Fleece



Inner Sanctum: 03/26/46 Death is a Double Crosser

Inner Sanctum: 06/04/46 Eight Steps to Murder

Charlie McCarthy: 10/29/44 Guest: Orson Wells

Charlie McCarthy: 01/28/45 Guest: Frank Sinatra

Romance: 09/26/53 The Treadmill

Romance: 04/21/56 Moment on the Train



Melody Ranch: 09/30/50

Melody Ranch: 06/09/51

Boston Blackie: 07/09/45

Boston Blackie: 04/16/46

Casey Crime Photographer: 02/19/48 Witchcraft

Casey Crime Photographer: 02/26/48 The Fix



You Bet Your Life: 01/04/50

You Bet Your Life: 01/11/50

Counterspy: 12/17/50 Case of the Ivisible Res

Counterspy: 12/24/50 Case of the Pretty Plan

Archie: 05/15/48 Archie Has the Hiccups

Archie: 06/12/48 Archie Has a Cold



Molle Mystery Theater: 04/26/46   Doctor And the Lunatic

Molle Mystery Theater: Murder Without Crime

Candy Matson: 06/20/50 Symphony of Death

Candy Matson: 09/11/50 The Movie Company

Big Town: 03/15/49 Shiny Gun

Big Town: 04/26/49 The Hunter



Johnny Dollar: 07/21/57 Yours Truly Matter

Johnny Dollar: 08/25/57 Smokey Sleeper Matter

Sixshooter: 02/21/54 #23 Battle At Tower Rock

Sixshooter: 03/07/54 #24 Cheyenne Express

Somebody Knows: 08/17/50 Jean Croyle Long Murder

Somebody Knows: 08/24/50 The Unsolved Murder of Elizabeth Short



Superman: 12/03/49

Superman: 12/17/49

X Minus One: 09/15/55 The Cast Aways

X Minus One: 09/22/55 In the Moon Be Still As Bright

Dr. Kildare: 03/15/50 Vernon Pendleton Hypondriac

Dr. Kildare: 03/22/50 Barbara Lane Dope Addict



Philip Marlowe: 10/10/48 Panama Hat

Philip Marlowe: 06/21/50 Gold Cobra

Nightbeat: 05/01/52 Pay Up or Die

Nightbeat: 06/05/52 The Marvelous Machine

Luke Slaughter of Tombstone: 05/25/58    Outlaw Kid

Luke Slaughter of Tombstone: 06/01/58    Cattle Drive

Johnny Mercer's Music Shop: 1940s Program #17



CBS Workshop:

CBS Workshop:

Dangerous Assignment: 04/24/50 Alaska Missing Scientist

Dangerous Assignment: 05/03/50 Sabotage in Paris

Adventures of Maisie: 02/02/50 Room Clerk

Adventures of Maisie: 11/02/50 The Duel

Front Page Drama: 10/01/50 #926 Susan Reynolds



A Day in the Life of Denis Day: 10/09/48 Football Plays

A Day in the Life of Denis Day: 01/08/49 City Manager Job

Family Theater: 09/21/49 Queen of the Angels

Family Theater: 09/30/50 Journey of the Pegasus

Strange Wills: 07/20/46 One Shinning our

Strange Wills: 08/31/46 Emily



Box 13: 12/26/48 Hot Box

Box 13: 01/02/49 The Better Man

Frontier Town: 07/24/53 Badlands

Frontier Town: 07/31/53 Boomtown

Calling All Cars: 04/16/35 The Midnight Phanton

Calling All Cars: 04/23/35 The Wholesale Murder



Father Knows Best: 09/14/50 Family Car is Stolen

Father Knows Best: 09/21/50 Who Has the Time

Richard Diamond: 02/12/50 The Elaine Tanner Case

Richard Diamond: 03/26/50 The Photographers Case

Nightwatch: 12/23/54

Nightwatch: 01/13/55



Theater Guild on the Air:

Murder by Experts: 07/11/49 Prescription for Murder

Murder by Experts: 04/24/50 Conspiracy

2000 Plus: 09/27/50 Green Thing

2000 Plus: 11/15/50 Worlds Apart



Mercury Theater: 10/23/38 #016 Around the World in 80 Days

Nick Carter: 10/25/43 An Angel on Murder

Nick Carter: 01/22/44 Records of Death

Screen Director's Playhouse: 08/06/49 #028 Fort Apache w/John Wayne

Screen Director's Playhouse: 02/17/50 #056 It's in the Bag w/Fred Allen



Mr. and Mrs. North: 09/22/43 Contagious Comfession

Mr. and Mrs. North: 02/12/52 The Premature Corpse

Arch Obler's Plays: 04/05/45 Strange Morning

Arch Obler's Plays: 04/01/39 Mirage

Silent Men: 03/26/52 Murder in Vienna

Silent Men: 04/02/52 Trouble at Suez

Front Page Drama: 10/08/50 #927 Ruth Bryan



Amos 'n Andy: 10/07/51 The Aptitude Test

Amos 'n Andy: 12/30/51 The House Wreckers

Falcon: 06/01/52 Case of the Burning Bridges

Falcon: 06/08/52 Case of the Dirty Dollar

Exploring Tomorrow: 00/00/58 Adventures of the Beauty Queen

Exploring Tomorrow: 00/00/58 First Baby in Space

Crime Does Not Pay: 01/02/50 #13 Clothes Make Woman



Crime and Peter Chambers: 04/06/54 Murder Frame-up

Crime and Peter Chambers: 07/13/54 Masquerade Party

People Are Funny: 10/26/54

People Are Funny: 11/02/54

Birdseye Open House:

Birdseye Open House:



Michael Shayne: 00/00/48 Mail Order Murders

Michael Shayne: 00/00/48 Phantom Neighborhood

Lineup: 12/07/50 #016 The Jersey Parallel

Lineup: 12/21/50 #017 The Holsteder Case

Jimmy Durante: 07/25/48 Jimmy Goes to the Race Track

Jimmy Durante: 04/29/49 w/Lucille Ball


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