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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers

Summers Time #01 (#234)
Dragnet: 06/14/53 #208 The Big Lilly
Archie Andrews: 08/21/48 #369 Going On A Picnic
Cavalcade of America: 04/13/38 #130 Thomas Jefferson And American Education
X Minus One: 01/23/57 #85 Open Warfare
Jack Benny: 03/01/42 #436 The Oscar Campaign
Philip Marlow: 03/19/49 #025 The Dancing Hands

Summers Time #02 (#021)
A Date With Judy: 05/04/48 Playing Hooky
Gasoline Alley: 09/30/48 #12 The Adventure Of The Sweet Scented Sergeant
Johnny Dollar 03/12/56 The Clinton Matter, Pt. 1
Tales of the Texas Rangers: 08/19/50 #7 Fool's Gold
Black Museum: 10/07/52 #41 The Silencer

Summers Time #03 (#022)
ohnny Dollar: 03/13/56 The Clinton Matter, Pt. 2
Johnny Dollar: 03/13/56 The Clinton Matter, Pt. 3
Biographies in Sound: 11/28/54  Winston Churchill
Philip Marlowe: 01/15/49  The Black Halo

Summers Time #04 (#023)
Frontier Town: 01/02/53 Her Name Is Bourbon Kate
Better Half: 09/23/49 First Couple: Mr. and Mrs. Mark Horn of NYC
Crime Classics: 06/30/54 Good Evening, My Name Is Jack The Ripper
Johnny Dollar: 03/15/56 The Clinton Matter, Pt. 4
Johnny Dollar: 03/16/56 The Clinton Matter, Pt. 5

Summers Time #05 (#024)
Challenge of the Yukon: 07/03/47  The Puppy
2000 Plus: 06/07/50  The Other Man (AFRS)
Jerry of the Circus: #1 Letter For Sam Randall
Jerry of the Circus: #2 Poisoned Meat Put Out
Unit 99: 08/23/57 #1 First Call: Burglary in Progress

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