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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers

Summers Time #01 (#2xx)

Summers Time #02 (#049)
Dr Sixgun: 09/02/54 #01 Indian Chief's Son Poisoned
Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter: 06/20/48 Movie Script
Dr. Christian: 12/05/37 #05 Blind Boy Story
2000 Plus: 11/12/50 Worlds Apart

Summers Time #03 (#050)
Encore Theater: 08/13/46 #11 The Prisoner Of Shark Island
Mr. and Mrs. North: 01/26/44 Literary Murder
Gallant American Women: 11/07/39 #2 Women And Peace
Mel Blanc Show: 04/08/47 Easter Egg Hunt

Summers Time #04 (#051)
You Bet Your Life: 12/14/49 #94 Secret Word "Hair"
Author's Playhouse: 12/11/44 The Pied Piper of Hamlin
Matinee Theater: 11/19/44 #5 The Scarlet Pimpernel
Man From Homicide: 09/16/50 (Audition) Ice Pick Murder

Summers Time #05 (#052)

Straight Arrow: 01/02/50 #156 The Leader
In Old New York: 02/22/44 Guests Jimmy Starr and Larry Mayo
Wild Bill Hickok: 06/17/51 #4 An Outlaw’s Revenge
Academy Award Theater: 10/30/46 #32 Suspicion w/Cary Grant and Ann Todd

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