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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers

Summers Time #01 (#239)

Summers Time #02 (#041)
Blair of the Mounties 03/21/38 #8 The Hammerton Mystery, Part 1
Blair of the Mounties 03/28/38 #9 The Hammerton Mystery, Part 2
Suspense: 08/16/45  #154 Short Order w/Joseph Kearns, Gerald Mohr, Conrad Binyon
Fort Laramie: 04/01/56  #11 The Lost Child
Lone Ranger: 05/13/40 #362 Jed Pelkey’s Lost Sight

Summers Time #03 (#042)
Crime Club: 04/24/47  #22 The Topaz Flower
Meet the Press: 08/03/52 Guest: Senator A.S. Mike Monroney, (D) Oklahoma
Jack Armstrong: 09/30/40 #1516 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring Adventure
Jack Armstrong 10/01/40 #1517 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring Adventure
One Man's Family: 08/15/43 Book 47, Chapter 6; Further Preparations For Claudia's Departure

Summers Time #04 (#043)
Cisco Kid: Marshall Lassiter's Son
Encore Theater: 07/09/46  #6 White Angel
Sealed Book: 04/08/45 #04 Devil Island
I Love Adventure: 04/25/48 #01 The China Coast Incident

Summers Time #05 (#044)
Archie Andrews: 05/18/46 Jive Talk
Gunsmoke: 04/24/54 #105 Murder Warrant
Dragnet 08/18/49 Sixteen Jewel Thieves
Sam Spade: 11/09/49 #72 The Bow Window Caper

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