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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers


Summers Time #01 (#267)

Origin Of Superstitution: #32 Unlucky At Cards

John Steele, Adventurer: 04/18/50 Long Shot

SkyBlazers: 01/06/40 #1 Bill Brooks

Railroad Hour: 10/04/48 Good News w/Dinah Shore, Jane Powell


Space Patrol: 06/20/53 The Indestructible Germ

Richard Diamond: 12/31/49 The Adopted Daughter Case


Summers Time #02 (#159)

Rocky Fortune: 03/02/54 #21 The Doctor's Dilemma
Johnny Dollar: 12/03/49 Bodyguard To Your Policy Holder Anne Connelly,
Or It May Have Been Love At First Sight, But The Last Sight Was Down The Barrel Of A 45 Automatic
Nightbeat: 07/17/52 Taste of Peaches
Sam Spade: 4907/10/49 #159 The Queen Bee Caper

Summers Time #03 (#160)
Philip Marlowe: 07/02/49 #040 The Dude From Manhattan
Jack Benny: 12/10/44 #530 From San Bernardino, CA w/Dorothy Lamour (AFRS)
Quiet Please: 07/26/48 #58 The Man Who Stole A Planet
2000 Plus: 05/27/50 When the Worlds Met

Summers Time #04 (#161)


Summers Time #05 (#162)

My Friend Irma: 03/15/48 Buy or Sell
Maisie: 03/15/51 #57 The Hayfields vs the McCoys
You Bet Your Life: 03/15/50 #4924 Secret Word 'Water'
Superman: 03/15/48 #1381 Stolen Costume Ep. #04
Fibber McGee & Molly: 03/15/56 McGee Organizes the Women's Brigade


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