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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers


Summers Time #01 (#275)

Man From Homicide: 07/16/51 Old Man Kelso

Fleischmann's Yeast Hour: 11/16/33 w/Margaret Sullivan, Alice Fay

Point Sublime: 12/08/47 Refused Blood Transfusion

It Pays To Be Ignorant: 02/07/44 #069 What Is a Watchdog Smaller In The Daytime

Murder by Experts: 04/24/50 Conspiracy


Summers Time #02 (#192)

Summers Time #03 (#193)
Speed Gibson: 01/02/37 #1 The Octopus Gang Active
Speed Gibson: 01/09/37 #2 Speed Is Inducted Into Secret Police
CBS Radio Workshop: 11/25/56 #44 King of the Cats
Sam Spade: 11/24/50 #223 The Terrified Turkey Caper
Sam Spade: 12/29/50 #228 The Prodigal Panda Caper
Fibber McGee and Molly: 12/26/39 #228 Butler Gildersleeve
American Trail: @01 Dispach To New York
The Black Book: 03/02/52 #03 Vagabond Murder

Summers Time #04 (#195)

Rocky Jordan: 03/20/49 #021 Passport for Vivi
It Pays to be Married: 01/15/54 Mr. and Mrs. Irwin T Porte
Studio One: 06/24/47 #009 Romantic Comedians
It Pays to be Married: 03/08/54 w/Phil Harris and Alice Faye
Hearthstone of the Death Squad: 12/13/51 The Marriage Anullment Murder Case
Philo Vance: 10/12/48 #014 The Cover Girl Murder Case


Summers Time #05 (#196)

 Inner Sanctum: 08/03/41 #031 The Tell-Tale Heart
Mr District Attorney: The Missing Corpse
Mysterious Traveller: 05/24/49 #205 Behind The Locked Door
Mysterious Traveller: 06/14/49 #208 No Grave Can Hold Me
Nightbeat: 03/06/50 Number 13
Pacific Story: 08/13/44 #058 Sing Chun, China's Wild West


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