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Summers Time
w/Kate and Charlie Summers

Summers Time #01 (#255)
Tales of the Texas Rangers: 12/10/50 #22 The Lucky Dollar

Proudly We Hail: #406 The Coolest Cat  (SYNDICATED)

Campbell Playhouse: 10/29/39 #34 The Magnificent Ambersons

One Man's Family: 11/27/49 Book 72 Chapter 9 Doctor Thompson Opens Paul's Eyes

Theater Royal: #25 The Liar  (SYNDICATED)


Summers Time #02 (#113)

Challenge of the Yukon: 11/08/47 #505 King's Escape
Abbott & Costello: 03/14/46 #133 Lou Has to Pay Income Tax
Murder by Experts: 09/05/49 #13 Return Trip
World News Today: 04/15/45 The President was buried today

Summers Time #03 (#114)
I Love Adventure: 06/06/48 #07 Grandma What Big Teeth You Have
Space Patrol: 11/08/52 #98 The City Of The Sun
Ellery Queen: 01/20/44 The Scarecrow and the Snowman
Stroke of Fate: 10/11/53  #2 What if The Earl Of Essex had succeeded in a plot against Queen Elizabeth I

Summers Time #04 (#115)

Summers Time #05 (#116)

Red Ryder: 04/14/42 #31 Chief Clearwater
Mr. I. A. Moto: Ransoms Eric Gleason
Topper: Malveena Hires A Psychiatrist
Space Patrol: 05/30/53 #127 The Immortal Brain


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