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The Vault

Vault #1 w/Terry Alley (#178)
Gunsmoke: 02/27/54 #097 Bad Boy
Nightbeat: 03/27/50 Flowers on the Wall
Crime Club: 03/27/47 #018 Silent Witness
Academy Award Theater: 04/20/46 #04 The Great McGinty w/Brian Donlevy
Suspense: 01/10/48 #279 The Kandy Tooth w/Howard Duff

Vault #2 w/Steve Hopp (#179)
Dragnet : 11/16/50 #075 Big Parrot
Gunsmoke: 03/06/54 #098 The Gentlemen
Big Show:  03/18/51 #20 w/Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Phil Baker,
Eddie Cantor, Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Fisher, Ethel Waters
Dr. Kildare: 03/01/50 #05 Benjamin Barkley
EXTRA  Vic & Sade: 07/13/44 Uncle Fletcher is Mad a Sade

Vault #3 w/Terry Alley (#180)
Dragnet: 12/14/50 #079 Big Break
Gunsmoke: 04/03/54 #102 Mr. & Mrs. Amber
Our Miss Brooks: 06/29/49 Why is Everyone Arguing?
Fat Man: 1947 Murder Plays Hide and Seek
Suspense: 01/18/45 #126 To Find Help  w/Frank Sinatra and Agnes Morehead
Nick Carter: 01/22/44 Records of Death
EXTRA  Vic & Sade: 07/14/44 Sade Short Changed

Vault #4 w/Steve Hopp (#181)
Lux Radio Theater: 09/09/40 #272 Manhattan Melodrama
w/William Powell, Myrna Loy
Sam Spade: 06/27/48 #105 The Bail Bond Caper
Cavalcade of America: 10/28/46 #495 Flying Tigers Fly Again
Weird Circle:  08/29/43 #01 The Fall of the House of Usher
Suspense: 12/15/42 #21 Til Death Do Us Part w/Peter Lorre

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