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The Vault

Vault #1  (#065)  w/Jo Snyder
Sherlock Holmes: 12/14/47 The Sussex Vampire
Molle Mystery Theater: 05/17/46 Killer Come Back to Me
Lux Radio Theater: 11/17/47 #590 Nobody Lives Forever w/Jane Wyman, Ronald Reagan
Jack Benny: 11/27/38  #312 Hold That Line
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day: 03/24/48 Saving Weaverville from a Land Grab

Vault #2 (#066)  w/Steve Hopp
Michael Shayne:  #07 Case of the Model Murder
Clock: 11/13/47 Eddie
Inner Sanctum: 09/18/45 Terror by Night
Mayor of the Town: 09/27/42 Papa Dear Contest
Dragnet: 03/09/50 #039 The Big Thank You
Gunsmoke: 05/30/53 #058 Fall Semester

Vault #3  (#067)  w/Stacey Abbott
Lux Radio Theater: 11/07/49 #675 High Wall w/Van Heflin & Janet Leigh
Gunsmoke: 06/06/53  #059 Sundown
Challenge of the Yukon: 09/18/47 #498 The Fraud
Frank Race: 05/08/49 Adventure of the Darling Debutante
Escape: 12/06/49 #100 Command

Vault #4 (#068)  w/Gemma Watters
Johnny Dollar: 11/12/61 #766 The Wrong One Matter
Dragnet: 03/16/50 #040 The Big Boys
Our Miss Brooks: 01/23/49 Head of the English Department
Information Please: 11/01/38 #025 Franklin P. Adams,
John Kieran, Marcus Duffield, Oswald Jacoby
Crime Classics: 07/20/53 #06 The Death Of A Picture Hanger
Mysterious Traveler: 07/27/04 The Man the Insects Hated

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