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The Vault

Vault #1 (#037) with Stacey Abbott
My Little Margie: 06/12/55 Going Camping
Bob Hope: 02/27/45 w/Frank Sinatra
Screen Guild Players: 01/07/46 The Lost Weekend
Line Up: 07/20/50 Eddie is Framed
Lux Radio Theater: 04/11/38 Mary Burns, Fugitive  w/Henry Fonda

Vault #1 (#038) with Gemma Waters
Molle Mystery Theater: 05/21/48 Solo Performance
Whistler: 03/05/45 Danger is a Beautiful Blonde
MGM Thetare: 1949/50 #16 Riptide
Frontier Gentlemen: 03/02/58 #05 The Lost Mine
I Devise And Bequeath: 06/15/46 #2 Alias Dr. Swengali
Vic & Sade: 11/29/1943 Garbage Wagon Pass

Vault #2 (#039) with Neal Ellis
Great Gildersleeve: 05/20/45 Unclaimed Savings Account
Mr. Keen: 02/24/44 The Case of Murder in the Air
It Pays To Be Ignorant: 10/06/44 w/Deems Taylor
Nightwatch: 07/02/54 Program #11
Escape: 03/12/49 He Who Rides the Tiger
Cavalcade of America: 03/26/41 #219 Down to the Sea

Vault #3 #040) with Jo Snyder
Lone Ranger: 01/31/38 #782 Horse Thieves Steal Silver
Philco Radio Time: 03/19/47 #23 w/Danny Kaye & Peggy Lee
Nightbeat: 09/18/50 Wanna Buy a Story
Richard Diamond: 05/29/49 The Betty Morgan Case
Tales of the Texas Rangers: 07/20/52 #088 Round Trip
Our Miss Brooks: 01/29/50 School on Saturday

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