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The Vault

Vault #1 w/Stacey Abbott (#126)
Gunsmoke: 08/30/52 #19 The Juniper Tree
Father Knows Best: 06/22/50 A New Housekeeper
Philo Vance: 04/18/50 #93 The Golden Key Murder Case
Fort Laramie: 04/22/56 #13 The New Recruit
Lux Radio Theater: 02/03/47 National Velvet w/ Elizabeth Taylor

Vault #2  w/Gemma Waters (#127)
Gunsmoke: 09/13/52  Home Surgery
Meet Millie: 10/22/53 Painting the Town
FBI in Peace and War: 08/02/51 Unfinished Business
Nightbeat: 02/20/50 A World All his Own
Lux Radio Theater: 05/22/50 Jolson Sings Again

Vault #1 w/Neal Ellis (#128)
Johnny Dollar: 01/03/60 #672 Hapless Ham Matter
Line Up: 11/23/50 Topaz Earring Case
Gunsmoke: 09/20/52  #22 Drop Dead
You Bet Your Life: 10/06/49 #84 Secret Word is "Chair"
Murder by Experts: 06/13/49 #01 Summer Heat
Black Museum: 01/08/52 The Center Fire 32
EXTRA Vic & Sade: 04/08/40 Blue-Tooth and the Bijou

Vault #2 w/Jo Snyder (#129)
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 04/02/50 #68 The Flying Saucer
Michael Shayne: 07/29/48 #03 Case of the Blood Stained Pearls
Academy Award: 10/02/46 #28 My Man Godfrey w/William Powell
Big Town: 10/12/48 Double Murder
Lux Radio Theater: 01/20/47 #555 Anna And The King Of Siam w/Rex Harrison, Irene Dunne

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