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The Vault

Vault #1  (#013) w/Gemma Watters
Burns & Allen: 06/06/44
Fred Allen: 05/23/48 w/Bing Crosby
Dragnet: 12/06/51 #130 Big Canaries
Nightwatch: 07/17/54  #13 Car Wings and Floor Sleepers
Our Miss Brooks: 07/24/49 Pensicola Popovers
Fibber McGee & Molly: 09/12/39 15th Wedding Anniversary  

Vault #1  (#014) w/Neal Ellis
Halls of Ivy: 01/30/52 Track Star
Calling All Cars: 04/28/39 #283 The Man Who Ran Away
Challenge of the Yukon: 08/02/47 #492 Messenger Of Mercy
Luke Salughter of Tombstone: 03/02/58 #02 Tracks Out of Tombstone
Lux Radio Theater: 02/11/46 Now Voyager
Five Minute Mysteries: #103 Too-Early Bird

Vault #3  (#015) w/Jo Snyder
Gangbusters: 07/02/49 #587 Case of the Metropolitian Motor Mouth
Nick Carter: 10/25/43 #029 An Angle on Murder
Life of Riley: 10/06/45 Riley Won’t Let Babs See Simon
Lifve With Luigi: 11/29/49 A Record for Pasquale  w/Mario Lanza
Mysterious Traveler 06/06/50 #258 Killer at Large
Suspense: 09/16/42 #12 The Kettler Method
Five Minute Mysteries:  #106 Murder in Blue 

Vault #4  (#016) w/Terry Alley
Lux Radio Theater: 03/06/39 One Way Passage
Suspense: 01/17/48 #282 Love's Lovely Counterfiet
Hear It Now: 04/20/51 #19 w/Edward R. Murrow and the voices of General Douglas MacArthur,
President Harry Truman, Vice President Barkley, Senator Arthur Vandenberg,  Winston Churchill,
Speaker Sam Rayburn, Joe DiMaggio, Honus Wagner, Connie Mack and many others.

Vault #1  (#017)  w/Stacey Abbott
Dragnet: 01/03/52 #134 Big Red Pt. 1
Dragnet: 01/10/52 #135 Big Red Pt. 2
Philco Radio Time: 02/25/48 All Time Flop Parade  w/Peggy Lee
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 09/17/45 #184 The Case of the Out of Date Murderer
Crime Classics: 02/03/54 #31 The Incredible History Of John Shepard
Men at Sea: 08/05/45



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