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The Vault

Vault #1  (#057)  w/Stacey Abbott
Whistler: 01/28/51 Trademark
Stan Freeberg: 07/14/57 #01 First Broadcast
Philo Vance: 08/31/48 The Coachman Murder
Escape: 03/17/50 Three Skeleton Key
We Hold These Truths: 12/15/41

Vault #2 (#058)  w/Gemma Watters
Lone Ranger: 02/07/38 #785/10 Liquor Smugglers
Fibber McGee & Molly: 09/26/39 #215 Fibber Too Ill To Do Housework
Mysterious Traveler: 04/16/44 #20 The Accusing Corpse
Lux Radio Theater: 10/21/40 #278 Lillian Russell w/Alice Faye, Edward Arnold
Johnny Dollar: 03/12/61 #731 The Ring of Death Matter
Strange Adventure:  #04 The Badge of Courage

Vault #3  (#059)  w/Neal Ellis
Nighbeat: 03/13/50 My Brother's Keeper
Phillip Marlowe: 02/07/50 #70 The Long Arm
Our Miss Brooks: 01/16/49 Student Government Day
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/10/39 #217 Rumage Sale
Big Story: 01/11/49 Nightmare House
Gunsmoke: 04/04/53 #050 Jayhawkers

Vault #4 (#060)  w/Jo Snyder
Sam Spade: 07/04/48 #106 The Rushlight Diamond Caper
Nick Carter: 08/02/43 The Echo of Death
Escape: 07/14/47 #02 Operation Fleur de Lys
Whistler: 03/11/51 High Death
Lux Radio Theater: 11/25/40 #283 Jezebel  w/Loretta Young, Brian Donlevy

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