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The Vault

Vault #1 w/Terry Alley (#166)
Line Up: 10/18/51 The Nicely Nixed Nixon Case
Curtain Time: 03/29/47 #90 Lightning Strikes Twice
Suspense: 02/14/48 The Lodger w/Robert Montgomery, Peggy Webber
Dragnet: 08/24/50 #063 Big Chance
Gunsmoke: 11/28/53 #084 Kick Me

Vault #2 w/Steve Hopp (#167)
Dragnet: 09/07/50 #065 Big Poison
Gunsmoke: 12/12/53 #086 The Cast
Jack Benny: 10/18/42 Jack Gives the Maxwell for Scrap
Sky King: 04/12/51 The Lady Sheriff
Suspense: 07/02/61 #883 Night of the Storm w/Rosemary Rice
Dr. Kildare: 03/22/50 #08 Barbara Lane
Challenge of the Yukon: 04/04/46 # 425 The Return Of Pete Hunt

Vault #3 w/Terry Alley (#168)
Our Miss Brooks: 07/31/49 New Job at Norwich, CT
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 11/07/48 A Job for Willie
My Friend Irma: 02/17/52 Jane Quits Her Job
Mystery Play House (Molle Mystery Theater): 10/12/45 A Death is Caused
Lux Radio Theater: 09/26/38 Seven Keys To Baldpate w/Jack Benny, Mary Livingstone

Vault #4 w/Steve Hopp (#169)
Dragnet 09/14/50 #066 Big Make
Gunsmoke 12/19/53 #087 Big Girl Lost
Aldrich Family 10/13/39
Lone Ranger 11/25/42 #1536/749 Murder for Profit
FBI in Peace and War 06/10/53 The Traveling Man
Mr. District Attorney 04/11/51 Case of the Money Machine

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