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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe



You Asked For It #01 (#118)
Halls of Ivy: 02/10/50 #96 The Snowman

A Date with Judy: 02/06/45 w/Joseph Cotton

Challenege of the Yukon: 01/24/48 #515 The Loyality of the Chief

Gunsmoke: 07/19/52 #013 Doc Holiday

Escape: 11/12/47 #014 The Youung Man with the Cream Tarts

Whistler: 06/11/45 Death Pays a Visit w/Elliot Lewis


You Asked For It #02 (#119)
Our Miss Brooks: 02/27/49 Away Basketball Game

Duffy's: 01/04/44 w/Fred Allen

Gunsmoke: 01/08/56 Doc's Revenge

Dangerous Assignment: 04/05/50 Mine Disaster

Escape: 08/16/53 13th Truck


You Asked For It #03 (#120)
Blondie: 11/03/48 Children's Newspaper

Halls of Ivy: 03/19/52 Oldest Living Graduate

Man From Homicide: 07/16/51 Old Man Kelso

Gunsmoke: 02/01/59 #356 The Bobsey Twins

Destination Freedom: 05/15/49 #045 The Ballad of Sachel Page

Mysterious Traveler: 01/10/50 #237 Survival Of The Fittest


You Asked For It #04 (#121)
Dragnet: 05/08/52 #152 Big Gamble

Johnny Dollar: 10/06/57 #557 Bum Steer Matter

Tales of the Texas Rangers: 09/30/50 #013 Cleannup

Bulldog Drummond: 09/24/45 Escape Into Death

Escape: 01/31/50 #108 Present Tense

Hall of Fantasy: 06/22/53 The Marquise of Death


You Asked For It #05 (#122)
Ozzie & Harriett: 10/05/51      

Dragnet: 08/03/50 #060 The Big Dare

Jack Benny: 03/30/52 From San Diego Naval Training Station

Great Gildersleeve: 09/26/51 #411 Marjorie Gets a Job

Nero Wolfe: 03/30/51 #23 The Case of the Tell-Tale Ribbon

Lineup: 08/03/50 #005 Two Young Girls Killed By Hit and Run Driver




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