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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#001)
NBC Short Story 03/14/51 The Lottery
Suspense 09/20/45 Library Book w/Myrna Loy
My Friend Irma 02/17/52 Jane Quits her Job
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show 11/27/49 #50 Lady Wrestler
Have Gun Will Travel 12/14/58 The Outlaw
X Minus One 05/08/55 Mars is Heaven
Bob & Ray 00/00/00 One Fella's Family: By the Sea Wall

You Asked For It #02 (#002)
Sherlock Holmes 05/27/46 The Barcononia Cipher
Stand By for Crime  Show #15
X Minus One 09/08/55 #17 Martian Death March
Hall of Fantasy 00/00/53 Dance of the Devil Dolls
Suspense 09/30/43 The Lost Special w/Orson Welles
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show 02/27/49 #22 Remly Moves In
Vic & Sade 10/31/41 Alarm Clock

You Asked For It #03 (#003)
Suspense 12/05/46 #222 House in Cypress Canyon w/R. Taylor and C. Lewis
X Minus One 03/07/56 #041 A Gun for Dinosaur
My Friend Irma 01/26/48 The Lonely Hearts Club
Cavalcade of America 01/21/46 The Camels Are Coming
Freedom USA 03/02/52 Imigration Bill
Stroke of Fate 12/20/53 #12 What if America's 1st Secret Weapon Suceeded

You Asked For It #05 (#004)
Dimension X 06/17/50 #011 There Shall Come Soft Rains/Zero Hour
X Minus One 03/14/56 #042 Tunnel Under the World
Escape 12/17/50 Wild Jack Rhett w/John Dehner & Parley Baer
Suspense 06/08/43 Five Canaries in the Room
Theater Five 11/24/64 The Talkers
Cavalcade of America 12/04/44 #412 Doughnut Girl  w/Lana Turner

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