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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#088)
Abbott & Costello 04/21/48 Marriage Bureau
I Sustain the Wings 10/16/43
Murder at Midnight 01/13/47 The House That Time Forgot
Bobby Benson 11/17/51 Lost Tribe
Benny Goodman 11/20/37 Madhattan Room of the Hotel Pennsylvania
Lux Radio Theater 02/11/52 Show Boat w/Ava Gardner, Katherine Grayson, Howard Keel

You Asked For It #02 (#089)
Life with Luigi 11/29/49 A Record for Pasquale  w/Mario Lanza
Sez Who? 12/00/57
All Star Western Theater  #24 The Voot Cowboy with Ken Curtis
Dimension X 05/06/50 Knock
Phil Harris/Alice Faye 05/01/49 Spring Cleanning
Lineup 05/27/50 Audition Show Anita Cameron Case

You Asked For It #03 (#090)
Tales of the Texas Rangers 12/10/50 #22 The Lucky Dollar
Our Miss Brooks 01/09/49 The Heating System
Strike it Rich 06/01/51 w/Elizabeth Dollinger
X Minus One 04/10/57 Something for Nothing
Johnny Dollar 08/04/57 #548 Wayward Widow Matter
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet 01/15/52 #05 The Space Station of Danger Pt. 01
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet 01/17/52 #06 The Space Station of Danger Pt. 02

You Asked For It #04 (#091)
Joan Davis 12/10/45 Red Fannel Underware
Martin Kane, Private Detective 10/23/53
Calling All Detectives  #376 Jeery Hunts for a Firebug
My Favorite Husband 11/27/48 Is There a Baby in the House?
Our Miss Brooks 04/03/49 April Fool
Whistler 09/25/44 #123 Married to Murder
Hall of Fantasy 01/05/53 Hangman's Rope

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