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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#044)
Archie 11/20/48 Relatives Vist Unexpectantly
Nero Wolfe 02/16/51 #17 Case Of The Party For Death
Popeye 00/00/35 Popeye and the Gang at the Zoo
Lassie 12/17/49 Mule Train
You Bet Your Life 05/10/50 #115 Secret Word “Door”
Mr. Keen 11/03/49 Fogtotten Cave Murder Case
Arch Obler's Plays 08/02/45 #17 Parade

You Asked For It #02 (#045)
21st Precinct  Policeman Shoots Boy Thief
X Minus One 01/04/56 The Roads Must Roll
Duffy's Tavern 05/04/49 w/Charles Coburn
Our Miss Brooks 10/24/48 Surprise Birthday for Connie
All Star Western Theater  #19 At Sundown w/Alan "Rocky" Lane
Mr. District Attorney 09/12/52 #14 The Case of the Desert Killer

You Asked For It #03 (#046)
Europe Confidential mid 50s The Silver Monkey Affair
Dragnet 05/24/51 #102 The Big Mailman (plastic raincoat)
Sherlock Holmes 01/18/33 Murder by Proxy based on the Final Problem
Fibber McGee & Molly 06/06/39 #208 McGee The Wrestler
Gunsmoke 11/21/53 Custer
Cavalcade of America 11/17/41 They Died with their Boots On

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