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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#104)
FBI in Peace and War 06/10/53 The Traveling Man
Captain Midnight 09/30/40 First Network Broadcast
War Telescope 04/04/43 What Money Will We Use in Germany
Aldrich Family 12/16/48 #442 Homer's Party
Stroke of Fate 11/15/53 #7 What Might Had Happened Had Julius Caesar Wed Cleopatra
You Bet You Life 03/05/52 Secret Word is "Knife"
Escape 07/28/47 #04 Typhoon

You Asked For It #02 (#105)
Quiz Kids 07/21/46 If a Brick Ways One Pound Plus One Half Brick
Charlie McCarthy 10/11/42 From Naval Aademy, Annpolis, MD
Information Please 07/11/39
Fulton Lewis Jr. 11/06/40 The Election is Over at Last
War Telescope 04/11/43 Victorious Week for the Allies
Suspense 10/01/61 No Hiding Place
Escape 05/23/48 #54 Leiningen Versus The Ants
Baby Snooks 02/08/40 Anatomy Of A Robot

You Asked For It #03 (#106)
Fibber McGee & Molly 04/02/46 #473 Car Ignition Lock
Johnny Dollar 12/15/56 #517 Rasmussin Matter
Tales of the Texas Rangers 01/07/51 #26 Dead Head Freight
Michael Shayne  #02 Case of the Hunted Bride
War Telescope 05/22/43 War Carried to the Axis
Vic and Sade 06/21/44 Rishigan Fishigan’s Secret
Mysterious Traveler 09/24/44 #42 Death Laughs Last

You Asked For It #04 (#107)
Our Miss Brooks 10/24/48 Surprise Birthday Party for Connie
Suspense 06/01/43 #044 Banquo's Chair   w/Donald Crisp
Hall of Fantasy 03/01/54 The Golden Bracelet of Amoniris
Gunsmoke 08/09/54 #121 Joe Phy
Call All Detectives  #366 Night Club Fixed Up LIke A Morgue
Biography in Sound 05/29/56 #050 A Portrait of Fred Allen

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