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You Asked For It
w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #01 (#064)
Suspense 05/24/54 #553 Weekend Special
Nightbeat 05/22/50 I Wish You Were Dead
Phil Harris/Alice Faye 09/25/53 Courtship of Elliott Lewis
Ozzie & Harriet 09/09/45 David in a Fight
Pacific Story 02/20/44 #33 The Burma Road, Highway To The Heart Of Japan
X Minus One 06/05/56 #054 Project Masrodon

You Asked For It #02 (#065)
Gunsmoke 09/14/58 False Witness
Lone Ranger 09/05/41 #1345/561 Two Sheriffs Are Better Than One
Lights Out 10/13/42 Revolt of the Worms
Excerpt 03/09/52 Cask of Amontillado
Macabre 11/13/61 #01 Final Resting Place
Suspense 05/18/44 Donovan's Brain Pt. 1
Suspense 05/25/44 Donovan's Brain Pt. 2

You Asked For It #03 (#066)
Aldrich Family 11/02/52 Overdue Library Book
Jack Benny 09/29/46 Phil and Dennis Have Their Own Shows
Fibber McGee & Molly 04/06/43 #359 Fibber Feels Ill
Glenn Miller Remote 11/06/40 From the Café Rouge
Mr. Keen 10/27/49 The Ruthless Murder
Whistler 08/18/48 Bright Future

You Asked For It #04 (#067)
Cavalcade of America 02/13/40 #174 Abraham Lincoln - The War Years
Green Lama 07/03/49 The Last Dinosaur
Roy Rogers 05/08/45 Legend of Pecos Bill
Easy Aces  #255 Jane's Method of Playing Bridge
Mel Blanc Show 11/26/46 #13 Thanksgiving Party
Biography in Sound 01/16/55 #04 Show Biz

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