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ABC's of Old Time Radio
w/Neal Ellis



ABC's of OTR #01 "F" Pt. 02

Fat Man: 10/03/47 #90 A Window for Murder

Fat Man (Australia):  12/02/54 #16 Murder and the Undertaker

Forecast: 07/29/40 Duffy's Tavern

First Nighter: 02/12/48 Love is Stranger Than Fiction

Frontier Gentleman: 02/16/58 #03 The Honkytonkers

Famous Jury Trials: 05/10/47 #338 People vs Stevens


ABC's of OTR #02  "F" Pt. 03

Fort Laramie: 05/13/56 #16 The War

Fifth Horsemen: 08/01/46 #05 Zero Minus One

Frankenstein: 1931 13 Chapters                               


ABC's of OTR #03 "F" Pt. 04                                   

Fibber McGee & Molly: 01/13/48 #536 Portable Radio

Free Company: 03/16/41 #04 One More Free Man

Freedom USA: 03/02/52  Immigration Bill

Favorite Story: #51 Ben-Hur

Farewell to Studio Nine: 07/25/64  w/Robert Trout

Fulton Lewis: 11/06/40 The Election Over At Last


ABC's of OTR #04  "L" Pt. 09

Lets Talk Hollywood: 07/25/48 Host: George Murphy

Lora Lawton: 07/17/47

Lee Giroux Show: 01/24/47 Jackson's Stories For The Family

Leatherneck Legends: The Man Was At Samar

Linda's First Love: 05/04/49 Miss Boothbee Missing Baldwin Acts Strangely

Listen America: 12/07/41 Guest: Warren Williams

Luck Of The Irish: 02/25/46 Audition Show

Life Of Irene Castle: 01/01/30 Prg. #04

Love Story Magazine: 1937 A Prince Arrives

FILLER: Vic and Sade: 10/20/42 Fred's Concrete Floor



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