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ABC's of Old Time Radio
w/Ken Stockinger and Neal Ellis


001 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 01

A Date with Judy: 11/03/49 Oogie Pringle and His High School Hot Licks

A Day in the LIfe of Dennis Day: 03/24/48 Saving Weaverville from a Land Grab

Abbott & Costello: 10/04/45 Lou Promises his Girlfriend a Job

ABC Mystery Time: 1957 Four Time Loser

Academy Award Theater: 04/20/46 #04 The Great McGinty w/Brian Donlevy

All Star Western Theater: #19 At Sundown w/Alan Rocky Lane


002 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 02

Adventures of Phillip Marlowe: 03/21/50 #076 The Deep Shadow

Adventures of Sam Spade: 07/25/48 Mad Scientist Caper

Adventures of Frank Race: 12/11/49 Adventure of the Kandy Killing

Adventures of Maisie: 10/19/50        Mrs. Hargrave's Banquet

Adventures of Ozzie and Harriett: 02/27/49 The Nelson Bank

Adventures of Red Ryder: 03/03/42 Trouble at Boullion Bend


003 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 03

Adventures of the Falcon: 03/04/51 Case of the Gangster's Girl

Adventures of the Saint: 04/30/50 Murder of a Champion

Adventures of the Thin Man: 10/10/43 The Case of the Wandering Corpse

Adventures of Ellery Queen: 01/20/44 The Mystery of the Scarecrown and the Snowman

Adventures of Archie Andrews: 09/11/48          The Flat Tire

Adventures of Frank Merriwell: 01/29/49 The Mystery of Green Hill


004 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 04

Adventures of Superman: 02/04/46 #896 Is There Another Superman?

Adventures of the Sea Hound: 09/11/42 Trapped

Adventures of Topper: 08/30/45 Malvena's Mother Visits

Amos 'n' Andy: 04/06/45 Andy Moves in with the Kingfish

Ask-it-Basket: 09/21/39

Anderson Family: 1947 #12 Late For Meet With Woman

A Life in Your Hands: 07/25/50 #21 Death Of Carol Carson


005 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 05

Arch Obler's Plays: 12/16/39 Nobody Died

An American in England: 08/31/42 #05 The Yanks Are Here

WRITTEN BY: Norman Corwin

PROUDUCER: Edward R. Murrow CBS with cooperation of the BBC

NARRATOR: Joe Julian

Alan Young Show: 01/09/45 School Days

Author's Playhouse: 03/12/45 #214 The Woman at Seven Brothers

Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts:


006 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 06

Armstrong of the SBI: 06/28/51 Deadliest of the Species

Aldrich Family: 12/16/48 #442 Homer's Party

Answer Man: Skywriting

Adventures in Research: 11/21/44 #095 History Of the 1st Regular Radio Broadcast

Avalon Time: 09/23/39 #038 Asking For A Raise

Adventures of the Abbotts: 02/20/55 #020 The Yellow Chip

Aunt Jenny's Real Life Stories:  09/21/39

Air Advetnures of Jimmie Allen: Program #1126


007 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 07

All Time Jukebox 08/14/45

Alan Freed's Rock 'n Roll Dance Party: #3 w/Lavern Baker and the Teenagers

Against the Storm:  07/02/40 Kathy is Unable to Sleep

Affairs of Dr. Gentry: 01/24/57 Will John Stand Behind Sandra

Afloat with Henry Morgan: 1947 #1 Morgan Accused Of Stealing An Aztec Necklace

American Weekly: 10/26/33 The Wild West of 1933

Americans at Work: 09/21/39 The Auctioneer

Amos n' Andy Music Hall: 11/25/60 Final Show

A Salute to the Law: 11/06/38 Murder in a Hospital


008 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 08

(Ken) A Man Named Jordan: 04/11/45 Episode #68

(Neal) A Quarter Century of Swing: 09/11/64 Progam #485

(Ken) A Woman's Story:  11/18/44 Audition Show

(Neal) A and P Gypsies: 1933 1st song "Its Just a Memory"

(Ken) Amazing Nero Wolfe: 12/15/46 The Shakespeare Portfolio

(Neal) Ann of the Airlanes: 1935 Aunt Hattie Stows Away

(Ken) Abe Burrows Show: 10/21/47 More Sex Appeal

(Neal) Adventures of Leonidas Witherall: 09/07/44 The Four Killers


009 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 09

AFRS Story: 01/01/53

At Ease: (AFRS)

AFRS Sports Reel: 1946  The 1917 World Series

Ace Williams: 1938 Duel with Don Carlos

Adventure of Captain Courage: 09/20/55 Episode #1

Adventure Parade: 02/10/47 Coalie Bay Outlaw

Adventure Trails: 03/22/46 Stampede on the Chisolm Trail

Adventure Incorporated: 07/12/48 Danger with Pappy Boyington

Adventures of Captain Jack: Episode #1041

Adventures of Horatio Hornblower: 07/07/52 #01 Horatio Deals with a Mad King


010 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 10

American Legion Junior Baseball: 1949 w/Stan Musial

Armed Forces Network: 11/11/68 End of WWI Anniversary Show

Adventures of Christopher London: 02/05/50 The Missing Heiress

Adventures of Charlie Lung: 05/29/48 Chap. 30 The Midnight Rendezous

Adventures of Rin Tin Tin: 11/13/55 The Ambassador

Alka Seltzer Time: 10/09/53

Armchair Adventures: The White Elephant


011 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 11

Al Jolson Colgate Program: 01/05/43 w/Monte Wooley

Amanda of Honeymoon Hill: 06/06/44

Amazing Mr. Malone: 08/28/48 Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

All Star Parade of Bands: Stan Kenton and his Orchestra from Birdland

Alven Helfer News: 07/16/48 Lead Story Berlin Blockade

America Looks Abroad: 01/14/40 #11 Food Rationing Has Begun In Britain

An American Gallery: Cecil B. Demille

Army Hour: 03/26/44 Soldiers See Movies


012 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 12

America Calling: 02/08/41 A Salute to Greece

Adventures of Father Brown: 07/22/45 The Three Tools of Death

Adventures of Frank Farrell: 03/21/41 Frank and Jim Find Mr. Beasley Tied Up in a Closet

Adventures Of Pinocchio: 1939 Episode #72

Alex Dreiers Weekly News Analysis: 06/16/45 5th Fleet Attack on Tokyo

Are You A Genius: The Highest Possible Bowling Score


013 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 13

America Dances: 07/06/38 w/Count Basie

America Salutes the President on his Birthday: 01/29/44

America Sings: w/Harlow Wilcox

America United: 02/20/49 What Do We Know About Farm Prices w/David Brinkley

American Adventure: 07/28/55 A King with a Crown

American Family News: 06/04/46 (WBBM Chicago)


014 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 14

Anacin Hollywood Star Theater: 12/04/48 A Love to Remember

Art Baker's Notebook: 09/08/49 10th Anniversary Show

America's Town Meeting on the Air: 09/23/47 Should We Accept the New Fashions for Women

Armed Forces Radio Theater: 08/25/45 Return to Tomorrow

American Album Of Familiar Music: 06/03/45 1st song Strange Music


015 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 15

Author Author: 10/09/39 #02 James Thurber and Heywood Broun

Author Meets the Critics: 07/18/48 Baseball w/Robert Smith and Bill Veeck

Atlantic Spotlight: 10/21/44 (From NBC and BBC)

At Home with the Kirkwoods: 09/17/47 Lil Wants To Go

Artistry and Rhythm: 1945 (AFRS)

Arthur Smith's Corner Store 1950 1st song: I'll Sail My Ship Alone

Art of Living: 06/18/49 How to Overcome Obstacles w/Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Arnold Grimms Daughter: 08/31/38 Stan has a Surprise for Connie


016 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 16

Arbogast Show: 11/02/51 Zany Disk Jockey Program (WMAQ local)

Are These Our Children: 11/17/48 Edith Hayes (ABC)

Andre Kostelanetz Show: 02/21/46 w/Perry Como (AFRS)

An Experiment In Drama: 12/15/63 #01 There Shall Come Soft Rains & Zero Hour

An American President: 02/22/41 George Washington American

America's Most Interesting People: 12/05/38 w/Henry Krahour

America's Answer: 1942 (A wartime propaganda show) (CBS)


017 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 17

American Trail: 1953 #07 The Magic Wire (Samuel Morse)

American Way: 10/01/53 from Billings, Montana (Horace Heidt)

American Forum Of The Air: 03/19/39 Small Business Credit (WOL)

Alexander Wolcott Town Crier: 10/06/33

Amazing Mr. Tutt: 07/05/48 #01 Advice to a Young Lawyer

American Legion Asks: How Good is American Air Power

Armchair Detective: The Case of the Unlikely Suicide


018 ABC's of OTR "A" Pt. 18

Air Force Hour: 06/10/50 June is Bustin' Out All Over

American Portrait: 03/30/46 Thomas Jefferson

American Portraits: 07/17/51 A Storm at Montecello (Jefferson)

Al Trace And His Silly Symphonists: 04/06/44 (MBS)

American Family Robinson: 07/28/40 #54 Myra has Taken up a Radio Career

American Challenge: Bombers to Britain

American Heritage: The Mails


019 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 01 (done)

(Neal) Broadway Is My Beat: 12/08/50 #057 The Ben Justin Murder Case

(Ken) Boston Blackie: 09/10/46 #074 The Backstage Murder

(Neal) Bob Hope: 02/27/45 w/Frank Sinatra

(Ken) Baby Snooks: 05/01/51 Report Card Blues

(Neal) Box 13: 09/05/48 Blackmail is Murder

(Ken) Bulldog Drummond: 01/17/47 The Case of the Atomic Murders


020 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 02 (done)

(Neal) Burns & Allen: 02/07/46 George & Gracie are Hollywood's Happiest Mr. & Mrs.

(Ken) Blondie: 11/03/48 Children's Newspaper

(Neal) Barrie Craig: 10/24/51 Case of the Protection Racket

(Ken) Behind the Mike: 10/27/40 #07 Stoogedom w/Manerva Pius (ck sp)

(Neal) Best Plays: 2/07/52 #023 Skylark


021 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 03

Blue Beetle: Sea Serpent

Birds Eye Open House (Dinah Shore): 05/03/45  w/Fibber McGee & Molly

Biography in Sound: 04/10/56 Mr. Baseball: The Story Of Connie Mack  w/Jimmie Foxx, M. Cochrane, Floyd Frick

Bring 'em Back Alive: 10/30/32 Program #01

Bright Star: 10/23/52 #01 Oil Swindle

Bold Venture: 05/21/51 #09 Fake American Passports


022 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 04

Big Show: 12/10/50 #06 w/Eddy Arnold, Charles Boyer & Imogene Coca

Big Town: 09/05/42 Occuiped Paris

Big Story: 12/01/47 Case of the Unfinished Love Song

Big Guy: 08/27/50 The Villianous Friend


023 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 05

Beat the Band: 01/28/40

Better Half: 04/02/46

Break the Bank: 10/05/49 First Show for NBC

Bell Telephone Encores: 01/12/69 #018 w/Nelson Eddy

Buck Rogers: 04/04/39 Program #01

Bring 'em Back Alive: 10/30/32 #01 Tiger Of Sungai

Beyond Tomorrow: 04/11/50 Incident at Switchpath


024 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 06

Bob Burns: 01/07/49 Bob Comes Out of Retirment

Bobby Benson and the BRB Riders: 11/25/49 Double Dare

Best of All: #09 10/11/54 A Salute to Judy Garland

Breakfast in Hollywood: 05/23/45

Black Museum: The Gladstone Bag


025 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 07

Beulah: 08/13/45 Heat Wave

Blind Date: 09/28/45 Guest Chaperone: Hazel Brooks Host: Arelene Francis

Bing Crosby General Electric Show:

Bride and Groom: 07/15/46

Brownstone Theater: 02/21/45 The Lion And The Mouse

Barry Gray: 09/23/49 w/Canada Lee


026 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 08

Breakfast Club: 12/27/68 w/Don McNeill (Final Program)

WLS FM Aircheck (annc for switching to Stereo)

Batman Mystery Club: 1950 Monster Of Dumphreys Hall (Aud.)

Betty Crocker Service Program: 08/10/45 (NBC)

Black Castle: 12/16/42 Escape To Death (MBS)

Blind Spot: Burglars Discover Body (Aus/AFRS)

Blue Coal Minstrels: 1931

Box Score Review: 1947 w/Peewee Reese

Burl Ives Sings: 12/19/46 #15 Cowboy Songs

Billy Jack Wills: #01 Country Swing Show


027 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 09

Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel: 03/22/46 #333 w/Babe Ruth

Billion Dollar Show: 08/28/52 30th Anniv. of the Radio Commercial (WNBC)

Blue Sky Boys: 1946 (WGST, Atlanta) (Country Hymns)

Bogart Presents: 09/17/45 Dead Man (Audition Show)

Bob Smith Show: 08/25/47 w/Donald Duck

By the People: 07/07/60 Conelrad

Brunswick Brevities: 08/27/39 w/Red Nichols & Five Pennies


028 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 10

Bunco Squad: 04/15/50 Case of the Bookworm (Audition Show)

Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick: 05/09/47 w/Leo Durocher (WOR)

Broadway In Review: 08/30/53 w/Kitty Kallen (Navy)

Broadway Playhouse: 09/11/50 The Heiress w/Olivia deHavilland, Louis Calhern

(repackage of Lux for AFRS)

Broadway Talks Back: 12/09/46 #10 Christopher Blake (MBS)

Betty and Bob: 06/16/47 #001 Betty Bob Arrive In Small Community of Walton

(synd Milton Cross announcer)


029 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 11

Brushwood Mercantile Company: 02/26/39 Annc: Cottonseed Clark

(Texas State Network) (Soap)

Big Sister: 06/06/44 Meeting With Holly (CBS) 5th Warloan annc. (beginning)

Blue Ribbon Town: 02/19/44 #48 w/Jack Benny

Bobby Hammack: First Tune - Why Do I Love Y ou

(Bobby Hammock on Piano, Irv Edelman on the Bass Fiddle,

Gary Friedman on Vibs and Wes Elemore on Guitar) (ABC/AFRS)

Bob Hawk Show: 03/21/49  (lemac camel backwards) (Quiz Show)

Bringing Up Father:  Program #01 (Blue)

Better Living Radio Theatre: 1953 #01 A Million Words A Million Songs

(Wendell Niles narrator)

Big Moments In Sports: 06/24/55 #09 Joe Louis Almost Beaten by Wolcott

(Air Force)  Harry Wismer

Bullocks Show: 07/03/45 The Universe on Parade (Pre July 4th Show)



030 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 12

Behind the Scenes: 11/30/50 FDR w/Knox Manning (Mayfair)

Biggest Heart: 10/20/50  #01 Mrs. Archaleta Story

Border Patrol: 04/03/41 #09 Walk Around (MBS)          

Blackstone Magic Detective: 03/06/49 #023 The Riddle of the Red Rose

Bill Balance: 04/18/59 from Color Radio KFWB 98 (fully produced news

at the end) (Cuban's rampage)

Busy Mr. Bingle: 05/27/43 Miss Peppers is Getting Married

(with John Brown and annc. Harlow Wilcox)

But Why: 10/12/53 w/Hugh Downs (WMAQ)


031 ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 13

Believe It Or Not: 04/09/38

Beau Brummel: 1932 (Aud. Show) The Duchess' Stolen Letter

Behind the Story: Modern Jonah and his Whale

Between the Bookends: 09/14/45 The National Anthem

Betty Jane Rhodes Show:  05/05/39  1st song What Goes Up Must Come Down

Black Ghost: 1934 Chapter 01 w/Barton Yarboraugh

Black Hood: 08/30/43 #08 Emerald Ring

Black Night: 09/25/51 w/Dan Dowd (ABC)

Blair of the Mounties: 01/31/38 #01 Fire Valley



032 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 01

Calling All Cars: 04/28/39 #283 The Man Who Ran Away

Calling All Detectives: 08/23/48 Jerry Serves as a Bodyguard to Daphne Springer

Captain Midnight: 09/30/40 First Show for MBS

Candy Matson: 06/19/50 #51 Symphony of Death

Casebook of Gregory Hood: 09/30/46 #18 Gregory Hood, Suspect

Campbell Playhouse: 11/05/39 Hurricane  w/Mary Astor


033 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 02

Cisco Kid: 1953 #577 The Fighting Deputies

Cloak and Dagger: 05/28/50 #02 Trojan Horse

Clock: 07/14/47 The Manicurist

Clyde Beatty Show: Beauty and the Beast

Chase and Sanborn Hour: 01/29/39 w/Maureen O'Sullivan


034 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 03

Casey, Crime Photographer: 05/08/47 #184 The Laughing Killer

Cavalcade of America: 10/11/43 Bob Hope Reports

CBS Radio Workshop: 05/26/57 #067 I Have Three Heads

Challenge of the Yukon: 06/12/47 #485 The Wolf Cub 

Chandu The Magician: 03/31/49 #09 The House Of Fear

Can You Top This?: 12/05/47


035 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 04

Columbia Workshop: 02/02/46 Homecoming

Curtain Time: 03/29/47 #90 Lightning Strikes Twice

Command Performance: 02/15/45 Dick Tracy in B Flat

Crime Does Not Pay: 12/26/49 #12 Glossy Finish

Chase: 05/25/52 #05 Newspaper Reporter After Germans In South


036 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 05

Counterspy: 04/27/50 Case of the Murdered Confessor

Crime Classics: 07/20/53 #06 The Death Of A Picture Hanger

Crime Club: 05/22/47 #26 Murder On Margin

Call The Police: 07/20/48 The Case Of The Unknown Strangler

Case Dismissed: 03/20/54 #08 Rights When Arrested

Chick Carter, Boy Detective: 02/28/45 Pursuit Of The Fat Man

Charlie Chan: Summer 1945 The Man Who Moved Mountains


037 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 06

Charlie McCarthy Show: 11/02/47 Charlie Needs a Tooth Pulled w/Fred Allen

Cabin B-13: 12/12/48 #22 The Bride Vanishes

Cases of Mr. Ace: 06/25/47 (Aud) w/George Raft

Confession: 08/16/52 George S. Decker Case

Club Fifteen: 10/14/47 #77 First Song - I Don't Know Why

Couple Next Door: 01/08/58 #08 Paul Jr's Arithmetic

Claudia: 09/29/47 #001 Meet the Naughtons

Coke Time: 07/05/54 w/Eddie Fisher


038 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 07

Ceiling Unlimited: 04/09/44 God's Corporals w/Joseph Cotton

Colgate Shave Cream Sports Newsreel: 04/08/49 w/Jesse Owens

Count of Monte Cristo: 11/25/40 Program #115

Chicago Theater of the Air:  12/31/49 The Merry Widow 

Cruise of the Poll Parrott: 09/25/37 #01 Introduction And Hiring The Crew

Chuck Wagon Jamboree: Program #02

College Bowl Quiz: 12/12/53 #10 University Of Minnesota (360) vs. Notre Dame University (85)


039 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 08

Candid Microphone: 08/31/47 #10 Getting Change From A Cab Driver

Club Fifteen 02/00/48 First Song - I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

(Bob Crosby. Andrews Sisters. Marget Whiting, The Modernaires)

Crime On The Waterfront: 1949 Murder Of Mrs. Lattimore

(starring Myron Wallace)

Crisco Radio News Paper: w/Bernadine Flynn,  Alan Jackson reports D-Day news

Colgate House Party: 09/24/34 The Fishing Story

Crime Doctor: 04/01/45 Eddy Brookleifs Money

Captain of Industry: 06/12/37 #01 The Story Of Andrew Carnegie

Charlie Chan: Summer 45 The Man Who Moved Mountains

Chickenman: #061 Chicken Missle


040 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 09

Certified Magic Carpet 09/21/39 w/Charles Daley 0830-0845

Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street: 01/06/41

Classical Music For People Who Hate Classical Music:

03/11/57 #09 "Unfinished Symphony" (Shubert),

"Varceroll" (Offenbach), "Handel In The Strand"

(Percy Granger), "Sweet And Low" (Robert Shaw),

"Academic Festival Overture" (Brahms)

Columbia Presents Shakespeare: 08/02/37 #04 Taming Of The Shrew

Broadcast live from the CBS Music Box Theater in Hollywood.

Campbell's Short Short Story: 05/03/40 Success Story

Cities Service Highway in Melodies: 08/10/45


041 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 10

Camel Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party

Career of Alice Brown: 09/21/39  1510-1525

Century Clock: 06/23/39 In the Land of King Arhur (Aud. Show)

California Melodies: 03/28/40 Program #01 (Mutual Don Lee)

Carnation Contented Hour: 09/04/49 50th Ann. Prog. w/Buddy Clark

Carter Sisters: 1st Song: A Feudin A Fussin and a Fightin

Circus Night in Silvertown: 05/24/35 #03 Masked Marvel


042 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 11

City: 06/29/47 #22 Airport

Camel Caravan: 10/14/39 Benny Goodman Orchestra

Cancer Crusade: 00/00/52 Can Baseball be Made Even Better

Checkerboard Time: 1st Song "In the Little Red Schoolhouse

Charmer and the Dell: 09/18/49 (MBS)

Charlotte Greenwood: 08/15/44 Attic Antique Sold

Chip Davis Commando: 05/09/43 Anniversary in Holland

Clara Lu and Em:  08/12/42 Clara has Measles Symptoms                                  


043 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 12

Chase and Sanborn Anniv. 11/15/64 A Review of the Chase and Sanborn Hour

Chase and Sanborn Anniv. 11/14/65 A Tribute to Fred Allen

Chase and Sanborn Anniv. 11/13/66 40th Ann. Of NBC Radio


044 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 13

CBS Special:  01/01/38 CBS News Forecasting the New Year

Coast to Coast on a Bus: 03/16/41 Station Bunny

Club Time: 12/08/37 Schenectady News

Captain Danger: 1940 Episode #03

Cats and Jammers: 05/11/41 The Cats

Can You Imagine That: 1940 Detective Stories

Comic Parade: 07/10/45 Harry Hershfield


045 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 14

CBS at 50: 09/18/77 w/Walter Cronkite


046 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 15

Caroll Gibbons 1934 1st Song Who Do You Think You Are

Carolina Hayride Time: 1st Song Oh Mona

Cimmaron Tavern: 04/10/45 Clue of the Sabre Chap. 2

Confidentially Yours: 04/24/41

Crime Correspondent: 10/21/49 The Chair for Dino

Crime Files of Flamond: 04/18/44 Squealing Duck

Collegians: 03/27/47 1st son Old Man River

Correction Please: 08/10/45

Corn's a Poppin: 1939 w/Hildegarde


047 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 16

Cass Daley Show: 07/27/50 Cass Thinks Father is a Klepto

Casey, Press Photographer: 02/26/44 The Clue in the Clouds

Colin Doyle Crime Doctor: The Case of the Bad Actor

Carlyle Stevens Sketch Book: 09/11/38 w/The Westerners Quartet

Cliffie Stone Show: 06/04/48 1st song A Cowboy Has to Sing  KRKD Local


048 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 17 (19)

Club Car Special: 06/07/34 #11 Girl & Army Officer

Cobbs: 06/06/54 #10 John Wayne-Hero

Connee Boswell: 05/06/44 Annie Get Your Gun

Country Howdown: 1957 #67 Sons of the Pioneers

Criminal At Large: 09/11/47 (Aud.) Murder In Stone

Concert in Miniature: 04/05/52 (Aud.) Stan Kenton at the Blue Note

1t song Intermission Riff

Croupier: 09/21/49 #01 The Roman w/Vincent Price


049 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 18

Columbia Presents: 11/22/48 Charlie Barnet

Columbia Country Journal: 12/19/42

CBS is There: 07/14/49 #02 The Storming of the Bastille

Comedy Playhouse: 11/10/49 The School for Scandal

Comedy Writers Show: 07/18/48 Scripting a Bob Hope Show

Comic Weekly Man: 08/20/50 1st comic Flash Gordon


050 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 19

Court Of Human Relations: 12/17/37 For the Love of Me (A.L. Alexander)

Crossroads: 08/21/47 Audition Show (man on the street int/reality)

Captain Flagg & Sergeant Quirt: 12/07/41 Program #11

(Based on the characters in "What Price Glory")

Cavalcade of 1948: Top Stories of 1948 (United Press)

Chevrolet Program: 06/02/33 Sherlock Holmes and King Kong Pt.2

Cloud Nine: 03/28/50 #02 Tombstone Arizona 1875 (WBBM)

Congo Curt: 1965 Airplane Reconaissance


053 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 20

Country Music Time: #238 Hawkshaw Hawkins (Air Force)

Country Style USA 1950 #003 Hank Snow (US Army)

Crime and Peter Chambers (pr eye) annc Fred Collins  NBC

Cousin Willie: 06/17/53 Marry Off Cousin Willie (Billy Idelson)

Cresta Blanca Carnival: 04/12/44 1st song April Showers

Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players: 01/15/47 Woman In The Window  CBS

Cliche Club: 06/21/50 Guest: Gypsy Rose Lee (game show)


054 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 21

Creeps by Night: 05/02/44 #11 The Final Reckoning

Calumet Show: 09/06/48 1st song Ugg, Ugg, Gigalo

Choose A Song Partner: 0/00/47 #01 1st song Stormy Weather

Catholic Hour: 01/10/43 The Thing We Are Fighting Against

Cowboy Church of the Air: 05/13/50 Program #005

Cowboy Hit Parade: 05/01/49 Tennessee Saturday Night


055 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 22

Call For Music: 04/09/48  #09 1st Song Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie

Captain Stubby and the Buccaneers: 1st Song Button up your Overcoat

Captain Starr of Space: 00/00/53 The Carnumian Return

Chesterfield Supper Club: 03/09/50  w/Dorothy Lamour & The Fontaine Sisters

Club Hollywood: 04/30/48 Host: Rose Marie w/Barry Sullivan

Continental Varieties: 12/13/63 An Evening with Lerner and Loew

Cedric Foster News: 05/09/41 Largest British Squadron Strikes Germany


056 ABC's of OTR "C" Pt. 23

Checkerboard Fun Fest: 1945 1st Song  Hear Them Bells w/Eddie Arnold

Chesterfield Moonlight Serenade: 01/30/40 w/Glenn Miller (CBS)

Challenge of Space: 07/07/69 10 Miles to the Moon

Chesterfield Presents Paul Whiteman: 08/08/38

Continental Celebrity Club: 06/22/46  #29 w/Peter Lawford (final show)

Columbia Presents Corwin: 07/17/45 #03 The Undecided Molecule

Groucho Marx, Vincent Price, Keenan Wynn

CBS Open House: 06/19/44 w/Howard Culver (CBS)

Champion Roll Call: 07/11/47 w/Harry Wismer


057 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 01

Defense Attorney: 08/17/51 Peter Lynch

Dr. Christian: 10/10/45 Chain Letter

Destination Freedom: 07/02/50            Kansas City Phone Call - Nat "King" Cole

Dimension X: 08/02/51 #42 Universe

Diary Of Fate: 04/06/48 #17 Tyler White

Dark Fantasy: 01/30/42 #11 Death is a Savage Diety

Detectives Black and Blue: 1930's The Olga Ragloff Case - The Bonds


058 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 02

Duffy’s Tavern: 11/09/45 Eddie Wants to Quit

Did Justice Triumph: 08/25/47 The Unseen Murder Mystery

Dangerous Assignment: 04/06/50 Mine Disaster

Drene Time: 03/30/47  John's New Fishing Pole

Double or Nothing: 04/21/44 From Philadelphia

Dr. IQ: 01/26/42 Pgm. #147


059 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 03

Dragnet: 08/31/50 #064 Big Check

Douglas of the World: 1953 The Terrorists

Dr. Sixgun: 10/31/54 #10 No Guns Law

Death Valley Days: 10/29/37 #365 Mount Whitney - Death Valley Highway Dedication

Danger Dr. Danfield: 02/09/47 Ghost Of Murdock's Swamp

Defense Rests: 04/17/51 Show #01 Case of Joseph Moriano


060 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 04

Dr. IQ Jr.: 03/06/48 Robinson Caruso

December Bride: 05/27/53 #47 The Trip

Danger with Granger: A Marriage Minded Girl

Democracy in America: 03/28/62 #11 The Chief Instrument of Freedom

David Harum: 08/10/45

Doctor Fights: #01 06/06/44 Class of 38 w/Raymon Maasey (ck sp)

Dial Dave Garroway: 06/05/49

Dr. Tim, Detective: 09/18/50 #03 The Guest in Number Two


061 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 05

Don Winslow: 10/07/42 Two Man Submarine

Dick Tracy: 09/13/46 Case of the Broken Window

Doctors Today: 02/14/48 #11 Heart Disease in Children

Damon Runyon Theater: 01/30/49 #5 A Nice Price

Dick Cole: 1942 Boxing Match

Diamond Dramas: 11/25/35 #22 The Queens Diamond Charm

Dark Venture: 12/02/46 #40 The Man In 206

Dateline Headline Byline: 12/10/46


062 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 06

Date with the Duke 1945/46 Program #3

Dinah Shore Chevrolet Show: 03/30/55 First Song - Don't You Know

Darling & Dearie: 05/12/38 Audition Show

Deadline Mystery: 08/10/47 Johnny Hines

Down Our Way: #09 Men's Cooking Contest

Dr. Paul 10/13/59 #002 Bus In The Flood Waters

Dunniger, The Master Mentalist: 06/14/44 #24 w/Dorothy Kilgallen

Downbeat: 02/xx/42 Charlie Barnet


063 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 07

Dangerously Yours: #06 w/Victor Jory

Dr. Pepper Parade: Program #01

Dr. Pepper Treasure Hunt: Program #02

Dear Adolph: 06/21/42 #01 An American Farmer w/Raymond Massey

Dimes For Invasion: 10/02/43

Don't Cheat Uncle Sam: 03/13/39 #003 Needlework

Danny Kaye: 02/10/45 #06 Air Mail Letter

Dixieland Matinee: 04/30/52 AFRS


064 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 08

Don Ameche Show: 06/24/46

Doorway to Life: 10/19/47 #02 The Case Of Tommy

Doris Day Show: 05/09/52 #18 w/Gordon MacRae, Mary Wickes

Doctor's Wife: 06/30/52 Dr. Sanders Goes to Mrs Irwin's House

Dude Martin Radio Rancho: 01/05/47 w/Rusty Draper

Dude Martin Sunrise Roundup: 02/11/48

Dan Dunn Secret Operative #48: late30s Program #01


064 ABC's of OTR "D" Pt. 09

Danger Dr. Danfield: 11/10/46 Hazel Humphrey and the Count

Daniel Boone Indian Scout: 08/16/48 #01 General Braddock Meets Boone

Dixieland: 10/17/57 #11 First Song - Clarinet Marmalade (AFRS)

Drene Time: 04/20/47 (Don Ameche, Danny Kaye and Francis Langford)

Dr. Pepper's Fireside Phone Quiz: 08/19/41

Downs' Digest: 05/12/50 (WMAQ)

Double Play: #02 Duke Snider

Don Drysdale's Bullpen: Dub Jones Didn't Quit

Devil and Mr. O: 09/17/71 #01 Alley Cat


065 ABC's of OTR "E" Pt. 01

Ellery Queen: 01/20/44 The Mystery of the Scarecrow and the Snowman

Europe Confidential: #045 Time Machine Affair

Everthing for the Boys: 01/25/44 Knuckles

Everyman's Theater: 11/08/40 I'll Tell My Husband

Encore Theater: 06/11/46 #02 The Life Of Louis Pasteur

Exploring Tomorrow: 05/14/58 #23 Time Heals

Elmer Davis News: 10/21/39


066 ABC's of OTR "E" Pt. 02

Esquire All-American Jazz Concert: 01/18/44

Eddie Condon's Jazz Concert: 09/09/44 From the Town Hall in New York

Eddy Duchin Show: #02 1st Song - The Best Things in Life are Free w/Georgia Gibbs

Eddy Arnold Show: 1948 #076 1st Song - Don't Bother To Cry


067 ABC's of OTR "E" Pt. 03

Eddie Cantor: 01/30/47  w/Jack Benny, Ralph Edwards, and Margaret Whiting

Eternal Light: 03/03/57 #629 A Word Of Advice From The Zoo w/Ruby Dee, Staats Cotsworth

Eyes On The Ball: #12 Watch That Puck

Ethel & Albert: 05/11/48 Vice President

Eyes Aloft: 12/07/42 #017 Special Pearl Harbor Memorial

Exploring The Unknown: 05/04/47 #073 The Bells Toll

Emily Kimbrough Show: 05/13/52 Topic - Shakespeare (WCBS)

Evangeline Baker Show: 09/22/47 Audition Recording (KGO)


068 ABC's of OTR "E" Pt. 04

Eddie Bracken Story: 04/01/45 #10 Switching Beauty Contestant

Eddy Duchin: #01 1st Song - Blue Skies  (Navy)

Eddy Arnold Social Security Show: 1965 1st Song - Cold, Cold Heart

Eb and Zeb: 05/10/32 #001 The General Store is Going Broke

Eleventh Hour: 02/27/46 Project XP112

Easy Money: 01/09/55 #25 Basketball Pool Racket

Escape From: 09/18/44 #39 From Autumn

Escape: 10/15/47 #010 A Shipment of Mute Fate w/Jack Webb

Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries: #26 Disappearing Turk


069 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 01

FBI in Peace and War: 06/10/53 #402 Traveling Man

Flashgun Casey: 07/07/43 #01 The Case Of The Switched Plates

Frontier Town: 09/26/52 #01 Return To Dos Rios

Four Star Playhouse: 08/14/49         #07 The Hunted

Ford Theater: 05/09/48 #32 The Front Page


070 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 02

Fat Man: 10/03/47 #90 A Window for Murder

Fat Man (Australia):  12/02/54 #16 Murder and the Undertaker

Forecast: 07/29/40 Duffy's Tavern

First Nighter: 02/12/48 Love is Stranger Than Fiction

Frontier Gentleman: 02/16/58 #03 The Honkytonkers

Famous Jury Trials: 05/10/47 #338 People vs Stevens


071 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 03

Fort Laramie: 05/13/56 #16 The War

Fifth Horsemen: 08/01/46 #05 Zero Minus One

Frankenstein: 1931 13 Chapters


072 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 04                                

Fibber McGee & Molly: 01/13/48 #536 Portable Radio

Free Company: 03/16/41 #04 One More Free Man

Freedom USA: 03/02/52  Immigration Bill

Favorite Story: #51 Ben-Hur

Farewell to Studio Nine: 07/25/64  w/Robert Trout

Fulton Lewis: 11/06/40 The Election Over At Last


073 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 05                           

Fitch Bandwagon: 03/09/47 Will Jack Benny Renew Phil's Contract

Family Quiz: (aud) w/Wendell Niles

Family Theater: 06/15/49 The Scout

Federal Agnet: xx/xx/47 #27 English Harry

Front Page Drama: 07/29/51 #969 Espionage

Follow That Man: (aud) Trail of the Terrified Temptress

Flair: xx/xx/60 #611 hosted by Dick van Dyke


074 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 06

For The Record: 07/31/44 Benny Goodman and his V-Disc All-Stars

Host Deems Taylor  w/Midlred Bailey, Perry Como and Teddy Wilson

Family Hour of Stars: 10/30/49 #56 Winterset w/Kirk Douglas                                

Fantasy: 08/23/47 (aud.) Entity from the Void                              

Four for the Fifth: 06/24/44 #04 E-Day w/Conrad Nagel, Frank Lovejoy,

and Jackson Beck

Fifth Row Center: 02/04/40 #01 Model Princess w/Simone Simone (Mutual/WGN)

w/Olan Soule, Brett Morrison and Willard Waterman

Fire Chief Concert: 01/28/36 #02 From the New York Hippodrome


075 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 07

Favorite Sport Stories of Grantland Rice: 12/11/43 #01 The Lady was a Flop

Frank Singiser: 12/23/44 News and Comments

Firefighters: 11/24/49 #09 Tim Is Trapped Fighting For Air

Front Page Farrell: 08/10/45

Faultless Starch Time: 11/09/52  1st Song Quick Silver

Friendly Five Footnotes: 1931 Program #05

Frank Watanabe and the Honorable Archie: 05/21/34 #01 Dressing for a Date

Frank Black's Cadillac Show: 1953 #10 1st Song Blue Skies

Frank Parker Show: #29 1st Song Zing Went the Strings of My Heart

Flying Hutchinsons: 08/14/39 Scroll Of All Nations


076 ABC's of OTR "F" Pt. 08

Father Knows Best: 12/28/50 #062 Party Preparations

Family Doctor: 1932 #01 False Witness

Famous American Authors: The Life of Oliver Wendall Holmes

Fred Waring: 12/29/48 1st Song Lime House Blues

Fanny Brice and Frank Morgan Show: 1014/43 (AFRS)

Father Coughlin: 12/31/39 Review of the Last Ten Years


077 ABC's of OTR "G" Pt. 01

Gangbusters: 3/28/41 #231 Case of the Nickle and Dime Bandits

Gunsmoke: 04/11/53 #051 Gonif 

Great Gildersleeve: 11/23/41 #013 Leroy Smokes a Cigar         

GI Journal: 04/28/44  Editor: BING CROSBY w/Jerry Colonna, Judy Garland,

Mel Blanc, Ransom Sherman, John Scott Trotter Orchestra

Good News of 1938: 12/30/37 w/Myrna Loy, Wallace Beery, Frank Morgan, Fanny Brice


078 ABC's of OTR "G" Pt. 02

Grand Central Station: 08/15/51 If the Shoe Doesn't Fit

Plus a five min feature by Cedric Adams

Globe Theater: 10/17/44 The Distant Future

Hans Conreid, Lon McAllister

Greatest Story Ever Told: 01/26/47 #01 The Good Samaritan

Gallant American Women: 10/31/39 #01 These Freedoms

Glenn Miller Time: 11/03/41 (AFRS)

Green Lama: 08/20/49 #11 Perfect Prisoner (Final Show)

Paul Frees as Jethro Dumont (CBS)


079 ABC's of OTR "G" Pt. 03

Guess What: 1940 #01 How Much Dirt In A Hole?

Gasoline Alley: 09/30/48 #12 The Adv. of the Sweet Scented Sergeant

Granby's Green Acres: 03/30/50 Audition Show

Green Valley Line: 1934 #01 Spider And The Stranger

Georgia Crackers: 04/29/49 1st tune Baby Doll

Ginny Simms Show: 12/28/48 w/Frank Sinatra

Grand Ole Opry 01/01/49 Red Foley, Minnie Pearl, Rod Brasfield

Ghost Corps: #01 Arrival Assignment and attempted Assassination

Gabriel Heatter And The News: 04/18/43


080 ABC's of OTR "G" Pt. 04

GI Jive: #601  w/Jill (AFRS)

later would have Jill's All-Time Jukebox

GI Jills All-Time Jukebox: #017

Grand Marquee: 08/21/47 #51 Haunt Me a House

w/Jim Ameche and Olan Soule

Guest Star: 03/21/48 #052 Nat King Cole

U.S. Savings Bonds Public Service

Great Scenes From Great Plays: 01/14/49 #16 The Farmer Takes a Wife  

General Electric Show: 12/18/52 w/Ella Fitzgerald and Joe Venuti

General Electric Theater: 08/13/53 The Virginian w/William Holden,

William Johnstone, Clayton Post, Virginia Gregg and Ralph Moody

6th broadcast of the 13 week series


081 ABC's of OTR "G" Pt. 05

George Bruce's Air Stories: 07/26/32 #02 Deacon from Hell

Gleason and Armstrong: #01 1931 A Contract, a Car and a Long Trip Ahead

Goldbergs: 04/30/42 #1199 The Twilight

Gracie Fields Show: 07/09/44

Grantland Rice Story 1955 #04 Jack Dempsey, The Man From Maumee Bay

Greatest of These: #03 Missing Funds from Bank w/Tom Collins

Guiding Light: Quarrel Over Chuckie's Trip

Gulf Spray Show: 05/20/47 #01 w/Gordon McCrae

Get That Story: 05/07/46 Amatur Reporters Contest


082 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 01

Hall of Fantasy: 02/13/47 The Perfect Script

Hallmark Hall of Fame: 01/03/54 #34 Tom Mix

Host: Lionel Barrymore  w/John Dehner, Clark Gable,

Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, William Boyd, Will Rogers jr,

and Mrs. Tom Mix

Hallmark Playhouse: 02/09/50 #073 Lincoln and the Baltimore Plot        

w/Victor Jory

Halls of Ivy: 01/30/52            Track Star

Hank Williams Health and Hapiness Show: 1952

w/Miss Audrey and the Drifting Cowboys

Hardy Family: 1949 Hot Rod

Harry Richman Florida Show: 1936 Program #13


083 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 02

Have Gun Will Travel: 10/11/59 #047 Stopover In Tombstone

Hopalong Cassidy: 02/26/50 #009 The Voice Of The Dead                                           

House of Mystery: 10/27/45 The Ghost Who Forgot Halloween

Harold Perry Show: 11/01/50 Election Plans

Hear it Now: 01/05/51 #04  w/Edward R. Murrow, and the voices of

Thomas E. Dewey, Arthur Vandenberg, Herbert Hoover,

Dwight D. Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Sam Rayburn,

Joseph Martin, Walter Winchell, and Charles Wilson                                 


084 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 03

Harlem Hospitality Club: 1947 #11 Guest:  Little Miss Cornsh

Harmony Rangers 11/22/51 1st song: My Little Girl (AFRS)

Hawk Larabee: 11/07/46 Tillie McGoon and the Preacher

Hearthstone of the Death Squad: 12/13/51 The Marriage Anullment Murder Case

Investigator Hearthstone

Hilltop House: 07/20/53 Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans

Hilltop House   CBS

Hawaii Calls: 08/24/57 Program #124

Hop Harrigan: 02/19/42 Hop and Tank Escape from Kamikaze Japs


085 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 04

Hollywood Mystery Time: 08/19/45 Murder by Coincidence

Hollywood Open House: 09/09/48 Guest: Lucille Ball (AFRS)

Hollywood Sound Stage: 12/27/51 Call Northside 777

Hollywood Barn Dance: 05/19/45 1st Song: Out on the Texas Plains

Hollywood Hotel: 12/18/36 Host: Dick Powell


086 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 05

Hollywood Byline: 12/10/49 #01 Guest: George Jessel

Hollywood Star Playhouse: 04/13/52 The Six Shooter w/James Stewart

Hollywood Spotlight: 1935 First Song - Under My Umbrella

Hollywood Tour: 03/11/47

Hollywood Star Time: 05/19/46 #20 The Lodger

Hollywood Is On The Air: 1942 The Fleet's In

Hollywood Theater Group: Heritage

Hawaiian Tales: #01 The Ghost Dance on the Punch Bowl 


087 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 06

Haunting Hour: 1945 #01 Murder Wears a Strange Mask

Hermit's Cave: #406 Hanson's Ghost

Hello Sucker: 01/12/52 # 2 The Fur Coat Of Your Dreams

WMAQ - produced with Chicago's Better Business

Bureau to help people avoid the  tricks of fast talking cons.

Hedda Hopper: 04/01/51 #024  w/Agnes Moorehead and Danny Kaye

Hobby Lobby : 1940 Odd Hobbies

Hashknife Hartley: 1950 The Double Cross

Hearts in Harmony: 07/12/46 #1380 Is Penny Really Happy?


088 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 07

Henry Morgan Show: 06/18/47 #042 The Question Man

Hoagy Carmichael: 08/05/46 The Song and the Jury

Hour of Mystery: 06/09/46 Journey into Fear w/Laurence Olivier

Hour of Charm: 09/30/45 Serenade To Autum

Heartbeats In Sports Headlines: 1950 Profile of Jesse Owens

Honor the Law: 01/31/38 #16 The Tunnel

Heartbeat Broadway: 02/59 The Story Behind My Fair Lady


089 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 08

High Adventure: 12/01/48 #089 Flood Tide, Ebb Tide

Heroes of The Merchant Marine: 1945 #01 The Story of Ed Cheney

Hello Americans: 01/10/43 #09 Mexico

Here's To Veterans: #0063 Eve Arden

Harvest of Stars: 01/25/48 1st Song "Rio Rita"

Heres To Romance: #57 First Song The Erie Canal

Hometown Jamboree: 07/04/49

Host Cliffe Stone from KXLA Los Angeles

Tennessee Ernie Ford, Merle Travis, and Herman The



090 ABC's of OTR "H" Pt. 09

Human Adventure: 08/24/40 #037 The Story Of Chicago

Horizons West: #11 Clark & the Horse Thieves

Hoosier Hot Shots: 10/07/50

Hercule Poirot: 05/03/45 #11 Murder Wears a Mask

Hildegarde's Radio Room: 05/15/45 w/Patsy Kelly, Xavier Cugat,  and Clifton Webb

Howdy Doody: 08/16/52 w/Buffalo Bob Smith


091 ABC's of OTR "I" Pt. 01

Inner Sanctum: 05/29/45 Musical Score

Information Please: 01/03/39 What is Commonly Associated with These Three Numbers?

Indictment: 11/02/58 Seeds of Death

It's Higgins Sir: 07/24/51 Summer Vacation

I Love Adventure: 05/16/48 The Pearl of Great Price

I Was a Communist for the FBI: 05/28/52 #06 Traitors for Hire



092 ABC's of OTR "I" Pt. 02

It Pays to be Married: 07/20/53 Host: Jay Stewart (NBC)

It Pays to Be Ignorant: 10/06/44 #105 w/Deems Taylor

I Love Lucy: 02/27/52  Audition Show: Breaking the Lease

I Fly Anything: 03/27/51 #15 Pearl Diving in Tahiti (ABC)

Inheritance: 04/18/54 #02 The Mountain Men (NBC)

I Deal in Crime: Laura Shields' Bodyguard  w/William Gargan as Ross Dolan (ABC)

Imperial Leader: 04/10/41 Chapter 52 (synd) final chapter


093 ABC's of OTR "I" Pt. 03

In the Name of the Law: 07/19/36 #11 Narcotics in the Trunk

I Sustain Wings: 03/25/44

Intrique: 08/21/46 #04 The Great Impersonation

I Hate Crime: Episode #50

I Was There: 04/29/45 Ernie Pyle

In Person, Dinah Shore: 07/31/42 #14 1st song 'Sunday'

I Want To Come Back: Audition Program #01


094 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 01

Johnny Madiero, Pier 23: 06/26/47 Fatal Action

Jeff Regan Investigator: 07/09/50 #41 She's Lovely, She's Engaged, She Eats Soy Beans

Jimmy Durante: 03/31/48 w/Rose Marie

Judy Canova: 07/06/43 #01 First Show

Joan Davis Time: 01/24/48 w/Howard Duff

Jason and the Golden Fleece: 06/07/53 Honeymoon


095 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 02

Jack Benny: 04/14/40 #370 Leaving for New York

Junior Miss: 01/05/53 Program #06

Johnny Mercer's Music Shop: 1940s #14

John Steele Adventurer: 08/25/49 The Honorable Ones (check date)

Jack Webb Show #05 04/17/46 Major League Baseball

Jack Kirkwood Show: 05/53

Jungle Jim: 08/28/37 #096 The Tigers Claw (final chapter)

Jack Armstrong: 09/30/40 #1516 Luminous Dragon Eye Ring Ep. 01

Jack Benny: Viloin Lessons (excerpt)


096 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 03

Jerry of the Circus: #01 Letter For Sam Randall

Jerry at Fair Oaks: #01 Roommate Assigned

Joe Palooka: #01 The 15th Round

Just Plain Bill: 08/01/55

Jack Carson: 

Joe Penner: 02/07/37 Park Ave. Penners or Playing the Stock Market

Jubilee: 10/09/42 #01 w/Duke Ellington and Ethel Waters

Jill's All Time Jukebox: Program #35


097 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 04

Jack Pearl: 05/17/37

Jack Paar: 08/17/47 w/Jack Benny

Jack Haley's Log Cabin Jamboree: 04/02/38 #26 Final Show for Log Cabin

Jack Smith Show:  w/Dinah Shore

Joe E. Brown Show: 09/21/39

Jublieers: 06/07/44

Jergens Journal: 06/24/45 w/Wakter Winchell

John Cameron Swazee: 01/03/48


098 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 05

Jimmy Dorsey's Original Dorseyland Jazz Band: 1950's #19

Jimmie Grier and His Orchestra 1932 #8

Jazz Band Ball: #02 First Song - Figitedy Feet (AFRS)

Jimmy Carroll Sings: #22 First Song - I'll Go Where You Go (AFRS)

Jill Corey Sings: 1957 #01 (National Guard Synd)

Just For You: 1944 #03 1st Song: Begin the Beguine (Army Synd)

Jim Ameche Pops Concert: #07 (AFRS)

Jim Ameche Time #079

Johnnie Lee Wills and his Boys: #014

Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots: 1958 #010 Don Drysdale

Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots: 1958 #044 Mike Mazurki


099 ABC's of OTR "J" Pt. 06

Joe DiMaggio Show: 07/14/50 (NBC)

Joe Garagiola Show 00/00/55 #03 w/Dixie Walker

Johnson Family: #16 24 Hours

Joyce Jordan MD: 05/20/48 (NBC)

Journey into Space: 09/21/53 Operation Luna Ep. 01 (BBC)

Jean Sablon: 1940s First Song - Almost Like Being In Love (CBS)

Jumbo Fire Chief Program: 10/29/35 #01 Trouble with the IRS

Jean Shepherd: 05/23/73 Carbide Cannon (WOR)

Jackie Robinson's Radio Shots: #008 Branch Rickey


100 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 01

Kollege of Musical Knowledge: 12/10/41 Questions About Radio, Music, Sports & Movies

Keys to the Captiol: 06/23/54 Eisenhower

Keep Em Rolling: 04/19/42 #24 Tribute To The Men At War (MBS)

Kingsmen: 06/28/49 #04 Guest: Jo Stafford (30) (summer rpcl fmm)

Key: Big Time Hoodlum (25)


101 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 02

Kraft Music Hall: 10/09/41 Guest Host: Don Ameche w/Duke Ellington, and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Kitty Keane, Inc: 04/05/39 Jill on Trial Tomorrow (15 min) (WBBM)

Kay Fairchild Stepmother: 09/21/39 (soap) (15 min)

Kate Smith Speaks (Hour): 06/06/44 (15m) (CBS)

Komedy Kingdom: 1937 #01 Royalty (Synd) (15 min) (Syn)

Komedie Kapers: 1934 #07 Villians

Keep it in the Family: 02/16/53 (aud) The Kelly Family Host: Harry Babbitt                          


102 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 03

Kaltenborn Edits the News: 05/27/41 Sinking of the Bismark

Kentucky Roy: 01/31/39 When its Harvest Time in Caroline

KGW: Apple Picking Contest (KGW Portland, OR)

King Cole Trio Time: 11/01/47 Guest: Mel Torme (AFRS)

King Guy and his Orch.: Over the Rainbow (AFRS)

Kiss and Make Up Court of Petty Grievances: 07/22/46 Judge: Milton Berle

Keyboard Melodies: from KGHL Billings Montana

King of the Royal Mounted: (aud #2) The Woman with No Face

STORIES BY: Zane Gray STARS: Richard Dix

Kraken Wakes: Episode 1 of 5 (CBC)  1966                           


103 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 04

KFI 50th Anniversary" 04/16/72

Introduction with Ralph Edwards and Amos ‘n’ Andy, Will Rogers, Graham McNamee,

Ed Wynn, Art Baker, Lowell Thomas, Jack Benny,Frank Nelson, Harold Peary,

Fred Allen, Jim Ameche and soap operas, William Bendix, Frank Morgan, and “The Bickersons."


104 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 05

KFI 50th Anniversary" 04/16/72 (cont.)

Vin Scully and sports, news, Red Skelton, Walter O’Keefe, Al Jolson,

Judy Canova, One Man’s Family, Joan Davis, Don Wilson presents Jack Benny,

Ken Carpenter presents Ed Wynn and Milton Berle

EXTRA  Vic & Sade: 08/26/1941 Uncle Fletcher the Projector


105 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 06

KFI 50th Anniversary" 04/16/72 (cont.)

Ralph Edwards, Roy Rogers, Les Tremayne, Dennis Day, Ken Carpenter,

John J. Anthony, Bing Crosby Rudy Vallee, Baron Munchhausen, Groucho Marx,

Bill Hay presents Amos ‘n’ Andy, Bob Hope


106 ABC's of OTR "K" Pt. 07 (done) #105

KFI 50th Anniversary" 04/16/72 (cont.)

Jimmy Durante, Jim Jordan and Fibber McGee & Molly,Bing Crosby, Big Show,

and Ralph Edwards' conclusion.

Segments delted from the special because of Dodgers Baseball.

Edgar Bergen, Bud Abbott, George Burns, Baby Snooks, Dragnet


107 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 01 (done)

Let George Do It: 04/02/51 The Eight Ball

Line-up: 10/11/51 The Frivolous Forger Fracus

Life Can Be Beautiful: 09/21/39            12:15pm  serial

Life and Love of Dr. Susan: 09/21/39            1:15pm   serial

Light Up Time: 12/27/49 Frank Sinatra sings

Little Jack Little: 10/13/30 #4 Love Your Magic

Lux Radio Theater: 05/09/38 My Man Godfrey w/William Powell and Carol Lombard

William Powell and Carol Lombard


108 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 02

Lone Ranger: 09/30/42 #1512/725 Double Counterfeit

Luke Slaughter: 05/04/58 #10 Worth Its Salt

Life of Riley: 04/03/48           Staying Out Late

Lights Out: 07/27/46 The Battle of the Magicians

Lucky Strike Hour: 12/06/32 Special Agent Five 'The Shipwreckers' (Archive) (60)


109 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 03

Lum and Abner: 01/24/35

Little Orphan Annie: 1936 #1196 Spies Have Stolen the Plans

Let's Pretend: 07/19/47 Rapunzel

Lightning Jim #01 Jesse James Helps The Marshall (Ziv)

Leather Stocking Tales: #01 Deerslayer And Harry Canoeing

Lorenzo Jones: 08/10/45

Life of Mary Southern #301 (CBS)

Let's Go To Town:  1950s #141 The Dorsey Brothers (National Guard)

Lassie: 09/18/48 Lost Dog

Lets Go To Slapsies: 08/16/45 Audition Show


110 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 04

Life with Luigi (30)

Leo is on the Air: Big Broadcst of 1938 (MGM-1938)

Leo Is On The Air: For Me and My Gal (MGM-1942)

Louella Parsons: 01/07/51 w/John Wayne (ABC) (15)

Lest We Forget (The American Dream): 1947 #08 Chain Reaction (15)

Lear Radio Show: 06/30/45 #41 Bikini Atomic Test (ABC) (15)

Les Miserables: 07/23/37 #01 The Bishop w/Orson Welles and The Mercury Players

Log Cabin Jamboree: 10/23/37 #03 Samore of Samoa (NBC)

Latitude Zero: 02/11/47 #01 (first show)



111 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 05

LaRosa Hollywood Theater Of Stars: 02/09/49 #88 Say It With Flowers (30) mbs

Ladies Be Seated: 07/31/47 (30) abc

Lady Go Lucky: 12/18/46 Audition Show (30)

Lamplighter Jazz Session: 1945 Jack Teagarden (30)

Last Man Out: 12/06/53 Case Of Dorothy K Funn (30) nbc

Lets Have Fun: 10/22/35 (60) cbs


112 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 06

Living 1948: 06/13/48 What Price Public Office (30) begins Trout news nbc

Living 1949: 01/16/49 Inside Innagurations (30) Trout news nbc

London After Dark: 08/24/40 (30) cbs CBS British Staff  BBC/CBC/CBS  Talfagra Aquare

Los Angeles War Bond Rally: 06/30/43 Build The Cruiser Los Angeles Campaign (90) nbc 


113 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 07

Laurel And Hardy: Mr. Slaters Poultry Market (Audition) (30)

Leave It To Joan: 01/20/50 #20 w/Al Jolson (30) (Joan Davis)

Lets Talk About You: 08/10/54 Guest: Gen. Jimmy Doolittle (15) cbs

(Host: Norman Vincent Peel)

Laff Parade: 1934 Program #30 (15)

Light Crust Doughboys: 05/16/36 (15)

Land's Best Bands: 1951 Guest: Harry James (Navy) (15)

Let Yourself Go: (Milton Berle) and Joe Besser 06/06/45 #64 Guest: Al Jolson (30) cbs

Lincoln Highway: 02/14/42 The Aviatrix Triangle (30) nbc red  Mary Astor


114 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 08

Listeners Playhouse: 08/31/40 #09 Who You Pushing Brother (30) nbc

Leave It To Mike: 01/22/46 Trying To Help Philandering Boss (30)  mbs

Lives of Great Men: 02/11/39 #98 Jefferson (15) nbc

Leo And The Blonde: 06/13/47 Leo Finds Hester (Audition) (15)

Leave It To The Girls: 07/26/46 The Girls Answer Questions Sent By Listeners (30) mbs

Linit Bath Club Revue: 01/22/33 The Court Of Judge Allen (30) cbs

Luncheon At Sardis: 04/05/47 Host: Bill Slater (30) wor/mbs


115 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 09

Lets Talk Hollywood: 07/25/48 Host: George Murphy (30) nbc

Lora Lawton: 07/17/47 (15) nbc

Lee Giroux Show: 01/24/47 Jackson's Stories For The Family (15) abc

Leatherneck Legends: The Man Was At Samar  Suh-mar (15) US Marine Corps

Linda's First Love: 05/04/49 Miss Boothbee Missing Baldwin Acts Strangely (15)

Listen America: 12/07/41 Guest: Warren Williams (30) nbc red

Luck Of The Irish: 02/25/46 Audition Show  (30)

Life Of Irene Castle: 01/01/30 Prg. #04 (15)

Love Story Magazine: 1937 A Prince Arrives (15) synd

FILLER: Vic and Sade: 10/20/42 Fred's Concrete Floor


116 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 10

Lifebuoy Show (Al Jolson): 11/01/38 So Help Me (30)          

Little Old Hollywood: 03/11/40 #15 Host: Ben Alexander

Guest: Priscilla Lane (30) nbc

Lives of the Great: 1934 #02 Benjamin Franklin (15) synd

Living in an Atomic Age: 05/12/53 #01 Present Perplexities (15) abc

Let There Be Music: 03/26/38 (30) cbs

Louisa: 03/04/51 Wedding Preparation (30) nbc comedy

Lets Listen To Spencer: 10/14/44 Barbers (15) cbs

Lyle Van News: 08/10/45 (15) nbc


117 ABC's of OTR "L" Pt. 11

Listen To A Love Song: 01/20/46 Guest: Phil Harris (30) cbs

Let's Go Nightclubbing: 03/07/46 From the Cafe Zanzibar (NBC) (30)

Let's Go With Music: #04 Host: Vaughn Monroe (Army Nat Guard)

Les Paul Show: 07/11/50 (15)  nbc

Leo Diamond Harmonaires: 09/11/43 (15) nbc

Lyn Murray: 10/11/44 (15)

Last Nighter: Program #14 Government Little Theater (15)(synd)

Lucky U Ranch: Program #265 (15) afrs

Living Fiction: 01/23/54 The Heart Of Midlothian (30) nbc


118 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 01

Mr. Keen: 10/13/49 The Silver Dagger

Mystery in the Air: 09/04/47 #05 The Mask of Medusa

My Favorite Husband: 12/09/49 #066 French Lessons

My Friend Irma: 04/11/47 Program #01

MGM Theater: 11/18/49 #06 The Citadel w/Florence Eldrige, Fredric March


119 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 02

Man Called X: 05/18/51        Haiti: Zombies

Men at Sea: 08/15/43 #1-7 Surviving Attacks at Sea

March of Time: 02/22/45      Mussolini's Fall From Power

Meet the Press: 11/20/47

Mercury Theater: 07/18/38 Treasure Island


120 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 03

Mind Your Manners: 06/26/48 Should Young Girls Travel Alone

Mr. & Mrs. North: 03/03/43 Murder by the Book

Mr. and Mrs. Blandings: 05/05/51 Rebuild the Barn

Mutual-Don Lee Dedicatory Program: 12/30/36 (90 mins.)


121 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 04

Murder by Experts: 04/24/50 Conspiracy

Murder Clinic: 09/22/42 The Scrap of Lace

Man From Homicide: 09/16/50 Audition Show

Mr. President: 11/04/49 James Buchanan

Monitor: 05/17/58 3:05-4PM

Communicators: Peter Roberts Water Kiernan  

Geroge Gooble, Miss Monitor and Fibber McGee & Molly

FILLER: Calling All Detectives: 08/31/48 #377 Murder On The Golf Course


122 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 05

Matinee With Bob and Ray: 12/27/48 The Sturdley School of the Mumbled Word

Man Behind The Masterpiece: 11/08/46 #3 Leonardo Da Vinci

Man on the Farm: 10/05/46 #244

Manhattan Merry-Go-Round: 06/29/47 Red Silk Stockings and Green Perfume  (nbc)

Magic Key of RCA: 12/29/35 #13 w/Helen Jepson, George M. Cohan, Benny Goodman, James Melton (nbc)


123 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 06

Maxwell House Coffee Time: 02/22/45 Potential Murder Suspect

Meet Miss Sherlock: 09/12/46 The Case of Wilma and The Widow

My Little Margie: 12/12/54 Thirty Days to Live

Music America Loves Best: 05/17/53 #47 Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington Mystery is My Hobby: 09/19/47 #117 Murder Can Sometimes Be Pleasant

Mystery Playhouse: 04/15/44 #20 Inner Sanctum-The Skull That Walked


124 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 07

Mark Trail: 10/13/50 The Witch Of Lost Forest

Marriage: 10/18/53 #03 Emily’s First Formal

Manhattan Melodies: 1958 #183 Sammy Kaye and His Orchestra

Melody Round-Up: 1944 #248 Sons of the Pioneers (15) AFRS

Mystery House: Aud 07/03/44 Thirsty Death

Molle Mystery Theater: 05/21/48 Solo Performance

Mysterious Traveler:03/10/45 #064 Case Of Charles Foster


125 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 08

Martin & Lewis: 04/03/49 #01 w/Lucille Ball

05/15/11 Meet Millie: 10/22/53 Painting the Town

Mr. District Attorny: 04/11/51 Case of the Money Machine

Mayor of the Town: 09/20/42 Amy Lou Goes to War

Matinee Theater: 11/12/44 #04 Penny Serenade

Men Who Made America: 03/11/37 #06 Sun Magic


126 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 09

Mr. Chameleon: 09/29/48 Perfect Maid Murder Case

03/02/08 Melody Ranch: 09/17/49

Mirth Parade: #01 Alarm Clocks (15)

Mary Lee Taylor: 09/21/39

Ma Perkins: 06/07/44

Moon Over Africa: 03/16/35 #01 The Talking Head (15)

Macabre: 11/13/61 #01 Final Resting Place

08/31/14 Mercury Summer Theater: 06/21/46 The Hitchhiker


127 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 10

Mail Call: 01/09/43 w/Groucho Marx, Bety Grable and Judy Garland

Marx Brothers Show: 1938 Hollywood Agents

Magic Island: 1936 #01 Jerry's Proposal

Mario Lanza Show: 08/05/51 #09

Moon Mullins: 01/31/47 Moon Bails Out Uncle Willie

Magnificant Montague: 11/10/40 Starring Role In Radio

Majestic Mastery of Mysteries: 12/30/33 Phantom Spoilers #01

Mandrake The Magician: 02/26/41 #047 Captain X, Lothar and Tommy Escape


128 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 11

Meet Corliss Archer: 04/06/47 The Beauty Contest

Meet the Meeks: 06/05/48 #03 Overdue Library Book Return

Mitch Miller Show: 07/15/61 Guest: Jonathan Winters (45)

Memories of Hawaii #01 My Honolulu (15)

09/28/08 Major Bowes Original Amatur Hour (60)


129 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 12

Make Believe Ballroom: 02/03/40 5th Anniversary Show (30)

Make Believe Town Hollywood: 08/16/49 Hollywood Romance (30)

Maggie's Private Wire: (weaf) (15)

Ma Perkins: 10/14/39 Joseph Goes to Hotel (15)

Martha Deane Show: 11/06/46 Dewey Wins (30) wor mbs

Marconi Memorial Program: 07/20/37 (15) mbs

Martin Agronsky News: 07/31/47 (15) (abc)

Makers Of History: War With Tripoli (15)

Man Hunt: 09/10/45 Magazine Murder (15)


130 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 13

Martin Kane Private Investigator: 10/29/53 (nbc) (30)

Meet Me At Parkys: 06/17/49 #01 The New Landlady (30)

Martha White Biscuit Time: 09/06/53 Host Flat & Scruggs (30)

Mac McGuire And His Harmony Rangers: 02/01/45 (re) (30)

Medicine USA: 02/29/52 #01 Alcoholism  Charles Laughton narr (nbc) (30)

Marvelous Margie: 02/05/47 First Show (30)

Myrt and Marge: 09/21/39 (15) wjzv


131 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 14

Meet Me At Owls: 12/27/49 Drugstore is in Pasadena (15)

Meet the Menjous: Aptitude Tests (15)

Mary Margaret McBride: 08/10/45 w/Eddie Rickennacker (30)

Mary Pickford And Company: 10/03/34 The Church Mouse (30)

Gale Gordon, Jeanette Nolan, Theodore Osborne, James Eagle, Crawford Katz

Meet Me In St Louis: 09/17/50 #01 The Suffragettes (30) nbc

BASED ON THE STORIES BY: Sally Benson STARS: Peggy Ann Garner

Martin and Lamm: 08/30/64 (afrs)

Masters of Mystery: 06/06/56 Death Walked In (abc) (20)


132 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 15

Meet Your Match: 12/17/49 (30) mbs (quiz show)

Mel Blanc: 09/10/46 The Efficiency Expert (30)

Melody and Madness: 08/01/39 Artie Shaw Orchestra (30)

Meredith Willsons Musical Revue: 07/23/40 Pgm. #04 (30)

Michael Piper Private Detective: 02/06/42 Erie Basin Murder (30) final show (blue)

My Wildest Dream: 11/20/52 (45) nbc  (quiz show)


133 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 16

Milton Berle Show: 09/16/47 Salute To Radio (30) nbc

Mildred Bailey Show: 07/02/44 Guest Teddy Wilson (30) cbs

Midstream: 11/21/39 Alan Is Going On A Trip (15) nbc (soap opera)

Martha Meade Society Program: #100 Dessert Tarts 05/16/33 (15)

McGarry And His Mouse: 07/10/56 Singing in the Glee Club (30)

Millions For Defense: 07/30/41 (60) cbs (US Treasury Presents)


134 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 17

Mirth and Madness: Starring Jack Kirkwood (30)

Meet Mr McNutley: 02/11/54 The Ice Cream Treat (30)

Miss Pinkerton Incorporated: 07/12/41 #01 The First Case (30)

Miss Information: 11/06/45 Did Horace Greeley Say Go West Young Man (15) kfi

Mobil Gas News Service: 04/20/42 (15) wbbm

Molly And The Captain: 06/27/50 (15) wbal

Monticello Party Line: 678 11/30/38 (15) wls syndicated

Moon River: #01 1940 (15)

Mothers Best Flour Show: 01/08/51 #01 (Hank Williams)


135 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 18

Morning in Manhattan: 06/07/44 weaf local (neal) (30)

Mostly Music: 04/20/50 #01  local klz Denver (30)

Mother Murphys Boarding House: 02/22/44 Judith Allen And Johnny Kane (30) local ny 1010am

Movie Matinee: 09/28/48 Host: Red Benson (30) mbs

Movie Radio Guide: 03/10/41 10th Anniversary (30) Host: Don Wilson

also Baby Snoks amd Fibber McGee & Molly

Movietown Radio Theater: 08/27/48 Three Strikes You're Out (ziv) (30)


136 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 19

Mr. I. A. Moto: 05/20/51 A Force Called X07 (nbc)

Murder And Mr. Malone: 05/24/47 The Charles Morgan Case (30) abc

Mulligans Travels: 06/18/47 Audition (30) (Stars Sheldon Lenoard)

Mr. Aladdin: 05/19/51 Miracle Of The Four Legged Husband

final show (cbs) (30)

Mr. Feathers: 01/23/49 Mr. Feathers Does Unto Others W/Parker Fenley (30) mbs

Movie Parade: 12/24/33 Design For Living (15) of Noel Coward

Mrs Eleanor Roosevelts Own Program: 04/30/40 #01 (15) nbc


137 ABC's of OTR "M" Pt. 20

Murder At Midnight: 11/04/46 Nightmare (synd) (30)

Murder Will Out: 05/08/46 The Mystery Of The Swindled Song Writer Starring: William Gargan (30)

Mary Foster Editors Daughter: 2196 Mary Foster Is Upset (15)

Mystic Knights of the Sea Minstrel Show: 12/04/36 w/Frank Parker (15)

Music By Kostelanetz: 01/09/44 Guest: Rise Stevens (30) afrs

My Lucky Break: 04/23/39 (30) wlw/mbs

My Son Jeep: 01/25/53 Jeep Smitten With New Sub Teacher (30) NBC


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