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ABC's of Old Time Radio
w/Ken Stockinger and Neal Ellis



ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 06

Bob Burns: 01/07/49 Bob Comes Out of Retirment

Bobby Benson and the BRB Riders: 11/25/49 Double Dare

Best of All: #09 10/11/54 A Salute to Judy Garland

Breakfast in Hollywood: 05/23/45

Black Museum: The Gladstone Bag


ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 07

Beulah: 08/13/45 Heat Wave

Blind Date: 09/28/45 Guest Chaperone: Hazel Brooks Host: Arelene Francis

Bing Crosby General Electric Show:

Bride and Groom: 07/15/46

Brownstone Theater: 02/21/45 The Lion And The Mouse

Barry Gray: 09/23/49 w/Canada Lee


ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 08

Breakfast Club: 12/27/68 w/Don McNeill (Final Program)

      Batman Mystery Club: 1950 Monster Of Dumphreys Hall (Aud.)

Betty Crocker Service Program: 08/10/45 (NBC)

Black Castle: 12/16/42 Escape To Death (MBS)

Blind Spot: Burglars Discover Body (Aus/AFRS)

Blue Coal Minstrels: 1931

Box Score Review: 1947 w/Peewee Reese

Burl Ives Sings: 12/19/46 #15 Cowboy Songs

Billy Jack Wills: #01 Country Swing Show


ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 09

Bill Stern's Sports Newsreel: 03/22/46 #333 w/Babe Ruth

Billion Dollar Show: 08/28/52 30th Anniv. of the Radio Commercial (WNBC)

Blue Sky Boys: 1946 (WGST, Atlanta) (Country Hymns)

Bogart Presents: 09/17/45 Dead Man (Audition Show)

Bob Smith Show: 08/25/47 w/Donald Duck

By the People: 07/07/60 Conelrad

Brunswick Brevities: 08/27/39 w/Red Nichols & Five Pennies


ABC's of OTR "B" Pt. 10

Bunco Squad: 04/15/50 Case of the Bookworm (Audition Show)

Breakfast with Dorothy and Dick: 05/09/47 w/Leo Durocher (WOR)

Broadway In Review: 08/30/53 w/Kitty Kallen (Navy)

Broadway Playhouse: 09/11/50 The Heiress w/Olivia deHavilland, Louis Calhern

Broadway Talks Back: 12/09/46 #10 Christopher Blake (MBS)

Betty and Bob: 06/16/47 #001 Betty Bob Arrive In Small Community of Walton


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