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Program Details

The Crime Fighters Weekend



2:00a Johnny Dollar: 12/09/56 #516 The Burning Car Matter
12:30a Sam Spade: 10/05/47 The Adam Figg Caper
01:00a Dragnet: 09/24/49 #17 The Brick-Bat Slayer
01:30a Philip Marlowe: 09/26/48 Red Wind
02:00a Broadway is My Beat: 10/27/50 Harold Clark
02:30a Gangbusters: 03/28/41 #231 Case of the Nickle and Dime Bandits
03:00a Calling All Cars: 02/10/37 #168 The Laughing Killer
03:30a Line Up: 07/20/50 Eddie is Framed


04:00a Lux Radio Theater: 06/11/45 #487 Murder My Sweet
05:00a Crime Classics: 06/15/53 #01 The Crime Of Bathsheba Spooner (1778)
05:30a Nero Wolfe: 11/17/50 #05 Case of the Carless Cleaner
06:00a Ford Theater: 01/04/48 Adventure of the Bad Boy (Ellery Queen)
07:00a Nightwatch: 06/04/54 #07 Kid Explosives
07:30a Philo Vance: 01/10/50 Case of the Left-Handed Murder Case


08:00a Whitehall 1212: 12/02/51  #03 Fonier Case
08:30a Mr. District Attorney: 03/09/49 The Case of Murder Ala Carte
09:00a Nick Carter: 07/22/45 The Make Believe Murder
09:30a Nightbeat: 06/05/50 The Girl From Kansas
10:00a Boston Blackie: 11/26/46 The Lenny Powell Murder Case
10:30a Falcon: 10/15/50 Case of the Carless Client
11:00a Tales of the Texas Rangers: 09/30/50 #13 Cleanup
11:30a This is Your FBI: 01/07/49 The Out-of-Date Killer


12:00p Under Arrest: 06/06/48 Case of the Accidental Murders
12:30p Richard Diamond: 01/15/50 The Doug Saxon Case
01:00p Jeff Regan: 12/04/48 The Lawyer and the Lady
01:30p Sherlock Holmes: 11/06/39 Bruce Partington Plans
02:00p Adv. Of Michael Shayne: 11/30/49 Case of the Wandering Fingerprints
02:30p Let George Do It: #23 The Marauder
03:00p 21st Precinct: Two Men in Stolen Car
03:30p Line Up: 11/16/50 Candy Store Murder


04:00p Lux Radio Theater: 06/08/36 The Thin Man
05:00p Johnny Dollar: 12/16/56 #517 The Rasmussin Matter
05:30p Sam Spade: 06/27/48 The Bail Bond Caper
05:30p Dragnet: 11/24/49: #26 The Mother-in-Law Murder
06:30p Philip Marlowe: 10/03/48 The Persian Slippers
07:00p Broadway is My Beat: 08/04/49 Dr. Robbie McClure
07:30p Gangbusters: 04/04/41 #233 Case of the Missing Corpse


08:00p Nero Wolfe: 12/08/50 #08 The Impolite Corpse
08:30p Nightwatch: 06/11/54 #08 Paper Hanger
09:00p Philo Vance: 01/17/50 The Talking Corpse Murder Case
09:30p True Detective Mysteries: 09/02/37 The Repressed Wife
10:00p Nick Carter: 07/29/45 The Case of the Unwritten Letter
10:30p Screen Guild Theater: 09/20/43 The Maltese Falcon
11:00p Suspense: 10/10/48 The Kandy Tooth




12:00a Lux Radio Theater: 06/17/40 After the Thin Man
01:00a Pat Novak for Hire: 05/07/49 Shirt Mix-up at the Laundry
01:30a Candy Matson: 10/03/49 #14 The Fort Ord Story
02:00a Nightbeat: 07/03/50 Marty
02:30a Boston Blackie: 12/03/46 Blackie Goes to Jail
03:00a Falcon: 10/22/50 Case of the Double Nephews
03:30a Crime Club: 03/20/47 #17 Dead Man Control


04:00a Casey, Crime Photographer: 10/09/47 #206 The Wedding Breakfast
04:30a Tales of the Texas Rangers: 07/20/52 #088 Round Trip
05:00a This is Your FBI: 01/14/49 The Skid Row Shakedown
05:30a Under Arrest: 02/06/49 The Sam Carver Case
06:00a Unit 99: 08/30/57 #02 First Call: Man With Dynamite
06:30a Richard Diamond: 02/05/50 Timothy the Seal
07:00a Mr. Keen: 12/14/44 The Nightmare Murder Case
07:30a New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 11/30/46 Strange Death of Mrs. Abernetty


08:00a Let George Do It: #24 The High Price of a Penny
08:30a 21st Precinct: Three Man Attempt Safe Burglary
09:00a Mercury Theater: 09/25/38 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes
10:00a Line Up: 11/23/50 Topaz Earring Case
10:30a Johnny Dollar: 03/10/57 #528 Suntan Oil Matter
11:00a Sam Spade: 07/04/48 The Rushlight Caper
11:30a Dragnet: 10/12/50 #070 The Big Quack


12:00p Broadway is My Beat: 08/11/49 Jane Darnell
12:30p Gangbusters: 05/11/46 Case of the Alcatraz Prison Riot
01:00p Boston Blackie: 12/10/46 #87 Mary, Registered Nurse
01:30p Thin Man: 07/06/48 Passionate Palooka
02:00p Nightwatch: 06/18/54 #09 Kenny Narco And Headplate
02:30p Philo Vance: 01/24/50 The Music Box Murder Case
03:00p True Detective Mysteries: 09/26/37 The Shipboard Beauty
03:30p Nick Carter: 05/04/47 Case of the Missing Thumb


 04:00p Nightbeat: 06/12/50 The Football Player and the Syndicate
04:30p Nero Wolfe: 01/12/51 #13 The Killer Cards
05:00p Falcon: 10/29/50 Case of the Double Exposure
05:30p Tales of the Texas Rangers: 09/14/52 #96 Drive-in
 06:00p Johnny Dollar: 07/21/57 #546 Yours Truly Matter
06:30p Dragnet: 12/14/50 #079 The Big Break
07:00p Boston Blackie: 12/17/46 #88 Police Impersonator
07:30p Philip Marlowe: 10/24/48 The Heart of Gold



 8:00pm Dragnet: 09/14/50 #066 Big Make

8:30pm Fat Man 10/03/47 A Window for Murder

9:00pm Whisperer: 07/22/51 Death of Two Men in Jail

9:30pm Crime Does Not Pay: 12/05/49 #09 A Piece of Rope

10:00pm Prowl Car: 02/03/49 The Wilshire Werewolf  (Audition Show)

10:25pm Johnny Dollar: 05/10/49 Fatal Fillet

10:50p Sam Spade: 08/01/49 The Dry  Martini Caper
11:20p Line Up: 11/30/50 Narcotics Agent Fisher Killed

11:45pm Police Reporter: 01/08/35 # 5 Die With Old Year


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