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The D-Day Special in Real Time

For 48 hours starting Thursday at 12:00am through Friday at midnight (eastern) Radio Once More

 will present broadcast coverage of the D-Day Invasion. We'll begin with back ground information

 between Midnight and 2:00am and then continuous coverage will begin.  We are keeping  the coverage

 as close to real time as possible.  There are gaps in both the CBS and NBC radio recordings.   We will feature

 the NBC coverage and fill in with CBS material as needed to keep the timeline.  At the header of each

 segment below you will see either (NBC in real time) or (Montage of NBC and CBS Coverage).

  The first means that complete coverage exists for that time frame and second means that we have filled in

 with CBS coverage.  This is as close as we can get to a true "real time" presentation.

Thursday 06/06/19

(12:00-02:00am D-Day Special Overview
D-Day Plus 20: Plus 06/06/64 w/Quentin Reynolds
The Doctor Fights: 06/06/44 Program #01
Burns & Allen: 06/06/44
Passing Parade: 06/06/44
Kate Smith Speaks: 06/06/44

(Continous coverage begins)

(2:00-3:45am) 6/6/44 (Montage of NBC and CBS Coverage)
(CBS) News: w/Ewrin Darlington
(CBS) Coverage: w/Bob Trout
(NBC) Coverage begins: First bulletin, updates, piano fill, Awaiting Allied confirmation,
Richard Harkness from Wash., Morgan Beatty analysis,  Robert St. John from NY,
music fill, fourchime sequence,  Robert St. John, BBC feed of communique #1 (3:32am),
Murrow reads the “Order of the  Day”, H.V. Kaltenborn, Herbert M. Clark from London, Robert St. John

(3:45-4:45am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Eisenhower from SHAEF, King Haakon VII,  Premier Gerbandy, Premier Pierdot,
Wright Bryan from London (eyewitness account of 1 parachute drop), National Anthem,
John Vandercook from London, report from Pentagon, Richard Harkness

(4:45-5:52am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Report from London, James Willard, Robert St. John, Richard Harkness,
Morgan Beatty, Richard Harkness interviews an  official of the French Govt. in exile,
David Anderson from London, H.V. Kaltenborn, Communique #1 replayed,
Stars and Strips Forever, WEAF ID, Robert St. John, Richard Harkness.

(5:52-7:00am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Don Goddard in NY, Louis P. Lockner from Hollywood
(analysis), Morgan Beatty reads “The First Thousand Yards”, Robert St. John

(7:00-7:45am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
St. John,  Alex Dryer in Chicago, H.V. Kaltenborn, Ringing of
the Liberty Bell, Robert St. John, WEAF  ID,  Gruen Watch Spot,
Norman Vincent Peale, Don Goddard

(7:45-8:45am) 6/6/44  (NBC in real time)
Rabbi Poole, Morgan Beatty, Larry Smith in San Francisco,
Father Shea, Stanley Richardson (eyewitness account of  the invasion
fleet (there were several failed attempts to reach him) , Elmer Peterson in NY,
Charles McCarthy from New York, Merrill Mueller from SHAEF HQ on Eisenhower’s
last hours before invasion…interrupted by a reading of Roosevelt’s prayer.

(8:45-9:45am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
David Anderson, Ed Hocker, John W. Vandercook, Ralph Howard from Rome,
H.V. Ka  ltenborn, Richard Harkness, NBC Orchestra plays martial music,
 H.V. Kaltenborn, more martial music.

(9:45-11:30am) 6/6/44 (Montage of NBC and CBS Coverage)
(NBC) Martial music cont., Elmer Peterson, Nancy Osgood interviews the wives
of Admiral Stark, General Spaatz, Admiral Kirk, General Doolittle,
Don Goddard, H.V. Kaltenborn, Tommy Taylor Sings.
(CBS) Bachelor’s Children
(CBS) Amanda of Honey Moon Hill
(CBS) Second Husband

 (11:30-12:30am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Elmer Peterson, rebroadcast of Eisenhower’s
4am speech, NBC Orchestra, Prayer by Mr. Davidson, Don Goddard,
W.W. Chaplain from London, WEAF ID, News Behind the News w/Cesar Saerchinger

(12:30-1:30am) 6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Morgan Beatty interviews senators: Bennett Clar, Claire Booth Luce, Alben Barkley,
White, & Lester Hill, Don Goddard in NY, WEAF ID, Remotes from Chicago (Alex Dryer),
Denver, Hollywood & San Francisco, Don Goddard, H.V, Kaltenborn,
Lt. Col. James Stevenson (military analysis), re-broadcast of Merrilll Mueller’s report,
re-broadcast of Communique #1, Tommy Taylor Sings w/Irving Miller and his Orchestra

(1:30-2:30pm)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
WEAF Station ID Don Hollenbeck: Italian landings vs. d-day
BBC Report,Morgan Beatty in Washington, Report from the Pentagon; Interviews
with two colonels.  Time check, Station ID WEAF, Elmer Peterson, Piano Fill, re-broadcast
of Stanley Richardson report, Don Goddard with news bulletins.

(2:30-3:30pm)  6/6/44 (Montage of NBC and CBS Coverage)
(NBC) Time check, Station ID WEAF Prayer by Archbishop Spellman, Organ Fill,
news bulletins; H.V. Kaltenborn, Don Goddard news, musical interlude, Prayer by Bishop Manning,
BBC reporter John McGinn; Howard Marshall with an eyewitness account of the beach-head.
(CBS) Report by Merrill Mueller ( tech. problems with report)
(CBS) Bill Henry from House of Representatives
(CBS) John Daly reports from New York
(CBS) Howard  Marshall report from the BBC
(CBS) News Roundup

(4:00-5:00pm)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Prayer by Dr. Barnes, NBC International Division (shortwave service to Europe), Eisenhower’s
messages in eight languages, news bulletins, Cmdr. Anthony Kimmons from London,
Netherlands Ambassador to the U.S., Cesar Saerchinger analysis, time check,
Don Hollenbeck, Morgan Beatty from White House on Roosevelt press conf.,
Don Hollenbeck, Don Goddard, Pres. prayer at dictation speed; news bulletins.

(5:00-6:00pm)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Time check/Station ID, Prayer by Dr. Horton, NBC Orchestra, Morgan Beatty recap of
Roosevelt's press conf., Louis Lockner from Hollywood, news bulletins, time check/station ID,
news bulletins, re-broadcast of Eisenhower's first speech, Elmer Peterson; NBC Orchestra

(6:00-7:00pm) 6/6/44  (Montage of NBC and CBS Coverage)
News bulletins, Don Hollenbeck with Communique #2
Serenade to America" with Winifred Hite, Nora Sterling, M.C.
Milton Katims and his Orch., Lowell Thomas with summary of day's events.
(CBS) The World Today w/Douglas Edwards  reports from Edward R. Murrow,  Farnsworth Powell
(report went to 1 min early…countdown is heard) News Report: w/Bill Henry

(7:00-8:00p)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Prayer, News of the World w/Robert St. John,  John W. Vandercook from London
(loses a page of his script), Robert McCormick from Honolulu, Morgan Beatty
and Richard Harkness from Wash., WEAF ID A Poem and Prayer
for an Invading Army w/ Ronald Coleman (reading poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay
plus organ fill H.V. Kaltenborn with the news.

(8:00-9:00pm)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
WEAF ID, Prayer by Dr. Goldstein, special program, Ginny Simms sings, a wounded
G.I. with a message to his wife, a U.S. Navy Commander describes how the wounded are treated,
a navy chaplain speaks.  Roy Shield and his Orchestra from Chicago

(9:00-10:00)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
WEAF ID, Cross-country reaction to the Invasion:  remotes from WTIC (Hartford, CT),
WSYR (Syracuse, NY), WTAR (Norfolk, VA), WSPD (Toledo, OH), late news bulletins,
WLW (Cincinnati, OH), WMC (Memphis, TN), KSTP (St. Paul, MN), WKY (Oklahoma City, OK),
Ben Grauer announcing.
Fibber McGee & Molly:  special d-day all music program
w/Billy Mills and his Orch., The King's Men, Harlow Wilcox.  w/news bulletins.

(10:00-11:00pm)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
WEAF ID, Prayer of Pres. Roosevelt and address to nation, recital by Fred Waring
and his Pennsylvanians, WEAF ID,  Bob Hope:  special d-day shows from Van Nuys Aerodome
w/Frances Langford, Stan Kenton and his Orch., Wendell Niles announcing.  Fred Waring
and his Pennsylvanians: preceded by a prayer, followed by WEAF ID,
Red Skelton:  Red’s last show as a civilian

(11:00  -12:00am)  6/6/44 (NBC in real time)
Robert St. John news and reports from overseas, W.W. Chaplain from London,
report from Australia, Robert McCormick from Honolulu, summary from Washington.
Roy Shield and his Orchestra:  from Chicago, famous George Hicks
beach-head actuality, Roy Shield  Orch. (cont.)

Friday 06/07/19

(12:00-1:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
WEAF ID, Lyle Van News
Roy Shield and his Orch. From Chicago
WEAF ID, Robert St. John news.

(1:00-2:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Moment for Meditation
Don Hollenbeck news
Strings for Meditation
News bulletins

(2:00-3:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Joe Reichman and his Orchestra:   from Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles Pancho
and his Orchestra:  from Mural Room of the Hotel St.  Francis  (w/news bulletins)

(3:00-4:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
NBC Orchestra: (semi-classical music)
At 3:32am Don Godard re-reads Communique #1
exactly 24 hours after  it’s issue.

(4:00-5:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Organ Interlude by George Schacley, Rebroadcast of Roosevelt’s prayer,
NBC Orchestra Don Goddard news, re-broadcast of King George VI’s address
to Commonwealth, organ music by George Schacley

(5:00-6:00am)  6/7/44  (NBC in real time)
Don Goddard news, Frank McCal from London, NBC Concert Orchestra,
Stanley Richardson reads Communique #3 from London, organ music by George Schacley,
Stanley Richardson from London, NBC Concert Orchestra, George Schacley at the organ

(6:00-7:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
News bulletins, NBC Concert Orchestra and George Schacley at the organ,
news bulletins Modern Farmer  Program

(7:00-8:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
News Bulletins
Morning in Manhattan (local morning show)
Don Goddard news
Reveille Round-up (live country music)

(8:00-9:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Morning News Round-up
C.F. McCarthy and the news (local)
Modern Romances

(9:00-10:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Mirth & Madness:  Aladdin and his Lamp skit
Adelaide Hawley Program
Alice Cornell Show, Elmer Peterson news bulletins

(10:00-11:00am)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Laura Lofton, News and the People in the News, Robert St. John,
Helpmate, “The Story of  Linda Harper”
Tommy Taylor (pop tunes), news bulletins

(11:00am-12:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Road of Life
Vic & Sade
Brave Tomorrow
Dave Harum   (show only lasts 1 min.), Tom Traynor w/an eyewitness
report from the beach-head , piano fill

(12:00-1:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
News at Noon (includes a report from London by W.W. Chaplain, Recorded music show,
Elmer Peterson news, BBC actuality recordings, George Wheeler, aboard the cruiser
Augsta” 3 hours before “H” hour, Tommy Traynor from SHAEF, Hollenbeck summary

(1:00-2:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Mary Margaret McBride  w/Ben Ames Williams
Morgan Beatty News and Analysis

(2:00-3:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Guiding Light (Part 1 of the General Mills Hour)
Today’s Children (Part 2 of the General Mills Hour)
The Woman in White  (Part 3 of the General Mills Hour)
Hymns of All Churches  (Part 4 of the General Mills Hour)

(3:00-4:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
A Woman of America
Ma Perkins
Pepper Young’s Family
H.V. Kaltenborn

(4:00-5:00pm)  6/7/44 (NBC in real time)
Mary Noble, Backstage Wife
Stella Dallas
Lorenzo Jones
Young Widder Brown

(5:00-6:00pm)  6/7/44  (NBC in real time)
When A Girl Marries
We Love and Learn
W.W. Chaplain from London, Robert Duff (BBC), Communique #4 is read, Robe rt St. John
Front Page Farrell

(Real Time D-Day Coverage Concludes)

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