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(Week of  06/30/14)

Adventure Theater  w/Dan O'Neil

Adventure Theater #192
Superman:   08/22/41 #240 Part 13, D.A. Questions Lois
Superman:  08/25/41 #241 Part 14, Boss Is A Woman; Errand Of Death
Chandu the Magician: 12/13/48 #120 Robert Seen In Crystal
Chandu the Magician: 12/14/48 #121 Learns Roxor's Location
  Challenge of the Yukon: 10/16/45 #402 Scorpion Sam's Gold
Lone Ranger: 02/15/39 #945/170 Black Caballero, Part 2
Lone Ranger:  02/17/39 #946/171 Black Caballero, Part 3
Captain Midnight: 01/08/40 #224 Ivan Shark Escapes With Fury And Fang
Captain Midnight: 01/10/40 #225 The Mexican Fiesta
Wild Bill Hickok: 01/14/53 #121 Wagon Train For Tombstone

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Audio Classics  w/Terry Salomonson

Audio Classics #01 (#96)
Crime Classics: 04/07/54 #40 A Generalís Daughter, Czarís Lieutenant
And The Linen Closet: A Russian Tragedy
Crime Classics: 04/14/54 #41 James Evans, Fireman:
How He Extinguished A Human Torch
Mercury Theater: 10/16/38 #15 Seventeen
Lone Ranger: 05/30/38 #833/58 Rosalinda Mine
Lone Ranger: 06/01/38 #834/59 Oil Lease Swindle

Audio Classic #02 (#97)
Big Show: 03/18/51 #20 w/Fred Allen, Portland Hoffa, Phil Baker,
Eddie Cantor, Ella Fitzgerald, Eddie Fisher, Ethel Waters
Escape: 05/09/48 # 52 The Time Machine
Escape: 05/16/48 # 53 The Match
Mr. President: 07/03/49 #106 The Man Without A Country

Audio Classics #03 (#98)
Ford Theater: 06/27/48 #39 Arrowsmith
NBC University Theater: 10/17/48 #12 The History Of Mr. Polly
by H.G. Wells w/Boris Karloff
Lights Out: 09/14/43 #321 The Word
Lights Out: 09/21/43 #322 Mirage
Baby Snooks: 12/21/39 Sneaky Snooks

 Audio Classics #04 (#99)
Tales Of The Texas Rangers: 05/13/51 #43 Paid In Full
Tales of the Texas Rangers: 05/20/51 #44 Square Dance
Suspense: 08/03/43 #52 A Friend To Alexander w/Robert Young, Geraldine Fitzgerald
Suspense: 08/10/43 #53 The Fountain Plays w/Edmund Gwenn
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 06/26/49 #39 The Option
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 09/18/49 #40 Phil Returns From Vacation

Audio Classics #05 (#100)
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: 01/22/52 #7 Shanghaied On A Deep Spacer, Part 1
Tom Corbett, Space Cadet: 01/24/52 #8 Shanghaied On A Deep Spacer, Part 2
Radio City Playhouse: 02/14/49 #26 Elementals
Radio City Playhouse: 02/21/49 #27 One From Three Leaves Two
Dragnet: 05/18/50 # 49 The Big Pug
Dragnet: 05/25/50 # 50 The Big Key
Baby Snooks: 01/14/43 Stolen Medal

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The Crime Club w/Jo Snyder

Crime Club  #25
Dragnet: 01/19/50 #34 The Big Man, Part 2
Philip Marlowe: 12/09/49 #61 The Kid on the Corner
Boston Blackie:  02/04/47 #95 The Peters Mix-up
Nick Carter: 01/14/45 Murder by Fire
Sherlock Holmes: 05/13/46 The Case of the Uneasy Chair
Sam Spade: 05/01/49 #149 The Battles Of Belverdere
Calling All Detectives:  #370 A Wedding Invatation at Gunpoint

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Double Dose w/Neal Ellis

Double Dose #086
Johnny Dollar #025
10/06/57 #557 Bum Steer Matter
10/13/57 #558 Silver Belle Matter
EXTRA  Baby Snooks: 10/08/42 Ship Christening

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Funny Favorites w/Neal Ellis

Funny Favorites  #25
Jack Benny: 05/05/40 #373 The Hour Of Smiles
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 04/03/49 #27 The Sponsorís Daughter
Fibber McGee & Molly:  03/12/40 # 239 Make A Pal Of Your Wife Week
Amos 'n' Andy: 11/17/44 DeWitt
Great Gildersleeve: 05/05/51 #408 Leroy Buys a Car
Our Miss Brooks: 06/19/49 Taxidermy

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The Investigators w/Johnny Holmes

The Ivestigators #001
Adventures of Philip Marlowe: 09/26/48 #001 The Red Wind
Nick Carter: 07/06/43 The Echo of Death
Line up: 05/27/50 (Aud.) Anita Cameron Case
Philo Vance: 07/13/48 #001 The Eagle Murder Case
Johnny Dollar: 10/03-07/55 #235-239 The McCormick Matter

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More Funny Favorites w/Helen Holmes

More Funny Favorites #001
My Favorite Husband: 11/06/48 Katy and Roscoe
Father Knows Best: 12/20/48 Betty's Engagement - Audition
Aldrich Family: 10/17/39 #016 Henry's Two Girls
Archie: 06/23/45 Nazi POW In Riverdale
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/02/45 #447 Welcoming Mayor La Trivia Home fromt he Pacific
Our Miss Brooks: 11/13/49 Advisor to Cheerleaders

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Radio Once More  w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #01 (#193) My Favorite Husband on I Love Lucy
My Favorite Husband: 02/11/49 Valentine's Day (ILL #015)
My Favorite HUsband: 02/17/50 Liz Teaches The Samba (ILL #020)
My FAvorite Husband: 01/21/49 Marriage License (ILL #026)
My Favorite Husband: 04/22/49 Time Budget (ILL #033)
My Favorite Husband: 06/24/49 Liz Changes her Mind (ILL #049)
My FAvorite HUsband: 01/28/49 Absoulte Truth  (ILL #072)

Radio Once More #02 (#194) Highway Terror Pt. 01
Boston Blackie: 05/28/47 The Ghost of Florence Newton
Casey, Crime Photographer: 01/13/54 Road Angel
Inner Sanctum: 06/06/49 Death on the Highway
Dark Fantasy: 03/20/42 Pennsylvania Turnpike
Mercury Summer Theater: 06/21/46 The Hitchhiker
Suspense: 02/03/49 Backseat Driver
Five Minute Mystery: #48 Man in the Back Seat

Radio Once More #03 (#195) Highway Terror Pt. 02
Screen Directors' Playhouse: 10/10/49 Criss Cross w/Burt Lancaster
Whistler: 07/09/45 Highway of Escape
Whistler: 12/27/53 Lonely Highway
Inner Sanctum: 08/31/52 Strange Passenger
Inner Sanctum: 04/17/50 Beneficiary...Death
Suspense: 11/16/50 On a Country Road w/Cary Grant
Vic & Sade: 11/00/41 Crowded Car Ride

Radio Once More #04 (#196) Learning to Drive
My Favorite Husband: 01/13/50 Liz Teaches Iris to Drive
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 05/21/50 Driving Test
Life of Riley: 10/13/50 Driving Test
Our Miss Brooks: 11/26/50 Drivers Education
Fibber McGee and Molly: 11/13/45 Fibber Teaches Molly to Drive
Father Knows Best: 06/21/51 Mother Learns to Drive

Radio Once More #05 (#197) On the Road
Jack Benny  01/16/38 Driving Back from San Francisco
Jack Benny: 09/11/49 Bus Tour
Father Knows Best: 01/08/53 Second Family Car
Life with Luigi: 03/20/49 The Car
Lux Radio Theatre: 03/20/39 It happened One Night with Clark Gable

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Radio Ranch  w/John Stupak

Radio Ranch  #25
Gunsmoke: 11/14/52 #30 The Square Triangle
Sixshooter: 03/21/54 #26 Duel At Lockwood
Wild Bill Hickok: 11/11/51 #25 White Fury
Frontier Gentlemen: 08/17/58 #28 The Wonder Boy
Have Gun Will Travel: 05/31/59 #28 Blind Courage
Fort Laramie: 07/22/56 #26 Spotted Tail Returns
 Chuck Wagon Jamboree: 1948/49 #24 Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me

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Summers Time w/Charlie & Katie Summers

Summers Time #086
Interview with Jon Provost: 05/16/14 w/Kate and Charlie Summers
Lux Radio Theater: 09/21/54 #889 So Big
Lassie: 12/17/49 Muletrain

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The Vault

Vault #1  (#049)  w/Neal Ellis
Falcon: 03/04/51 Case of the Gangster's Girl
Curtain Time: 03/15/47 A Bridge for Martha
Suspense: 10/02/47 The Story of Markham's Death
Philip Marlowe: 10/03/48 The Persian Slippers
Man Called X: 04/24/47 Mr. Messler and the Insurance
Frank Race: 12/11/49 Adventure of the Kandy Killing
Five Minute Mysteries: #07 No Leg to Stand On

Vault #2 (#050)  w/Jo Snyder
Dragnet: 05/11/54 #247 Big Look
Gunsmoke: 02/28/60 #412 Perscribed Killing
Theater Guild On the Air: 02/17/46 #024 On Borrowed Time  w/Walter Houston
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 10/29/50 A Sick Phil Harris
Cavalcade of America: 03/05/40 The Stolen General
Five Minute Mysteries: #43 Radium Murder Case

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You Asked For It  w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It #25
Life of Riley 04/03/48 Staying Out Late
Command Performance 06/11/42 #17
Suspense 01/18/45 #126 To Find Help  w/Frank Sinatra and Agnes Morehead
Boston Blackie 12/13/45 #035 Murder at the Movies
Ford Theater 03/04/49 The Horn Blows at Midnight w/Jack Benny

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