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Program Details
(Week of  11/24/14)

The Crime Club w/Jo Snyder

Crime Club #46
Dragnet: 06/29/50 #55 The Big Grab
Nighbeat: 09/04/52 Ellen
Boston Blackie: 07/09/47 #117 Death Comes to the Harmonica Man
Nick Carter: 06/19/49 Case of the Perfect Alibi
Sherlock Holmes: 06/20/48 Adventure of the Veiled Lodger
Sam Spade: 02/23/51 #236 The Shot In The Dark Caper

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Double Dose w/Neal Ellis

Double Dose #107
Dragnet #008

09/17/49 # 16 James Vickers - Cop Killing
09/24/49 # 17 Brick-Bat Slayer

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Funny Favorites w/Neal Ellis

Funny Favorites  #46
Jack Benny: 03/09/41 #402 Murder At The Racquet Club
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 11/20/49 #49 The Talent Scout
Fibber McGee & Molly: 02/18/41 #275 McGee’s Can't Sleep
Bob Hope: 11/09/48 w/Jack Benny
Father Knows Best: 04/19/51 Anniversary Secret
Our Miss Brooks: 02/05/50 Cooking

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More Funny Favorites w/Helen Holmes

More Funny Favorites #020
My Favorite Husband: 06/24/49 Liz Changes Her Mind
Father Knows Best: 12/07/50 #59 A French Teacher
Aldrich Family: 12/11/47 #402 Henry Wants to Buy a School Ring
Archie: 09/11/48 The Flat Tire
Fibber McGee & Molly: 03/05/46 #469 McGee's Car is Stolen
Our Miss Brooks: 10/01/50 Starwberry Rash

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Radio Once More  w/Neal Ellis

Radio Once More #1 Thanksgiving Pt. 05
Elgin 6th Annual Thanksgiving Special: 11/26/47
Don Ameche, Alan Jones, Jimmy Durante, Gary Moore,
Larry Storch, Margret Whiting, Vera Vage, Hal March
Jack Benny and Red SKelton.
Our Miss Brooks: 11/27/49 Where to Go for Thanksgiving
Aldrich Family: 11/25/48 Thanksgiving Dance and Turkey Run

Radio Once More #2 Thanksgiving Pt. 04
Jack Benny: 11/19/39 An Ostrich For Thanksgiving
Great Gildersleeve: 11/16/41 #012 Servicemen for Thanksgiving
Aldrich Family: 11/23/52 The Last Turkey
Amos 'n' Andy: 11/19/43 Thanksgiving
Vic & Sade: 11/20/41  Rush Humiliated On Thanksgiving
Claudia: 11/27/47 #044 Thanksgiving Dinner
Dr. Christian: 11/22/39 Prelude to Thanksgiving
Winston Churchill: 11/23/44 America's Thanksgiving

Radio Once More #3 Thanksgiving Pt. 02
Sam Spade: 11/24/50 #223 The Terrified Turkey Caper
Cavalcade of America: 11/24/47 #543 U.S. Pilgrims
Family Theater: 11/27/47 Home for Thanksgiving
Honest Harold: 11/22/50 Thanksgiving Play
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 11/19/50 Thanksgiving Plans
Challenge of the Yukon: 11/28/46 #459 Thanksgiving in the Wilderness
Liberace Program: 11/01/54 #18 Thanksgiving Show
Thanksgiving Dinner with FDR: 11/24/38

Radio Once More #4 Thanksgiving Pt. 03
Our Miss Brooks: 11/19/50 Thanksgiving Plans
Philco Radio Time: 11/26/47 #09 Thanksgiving Show  w/Frankie Lane
Father Knows Best: 11/23/50 Thanksgiving Show
Jack Benny: 11/28/37 #273 Jack Cooked The Turkey
Great Gildersleve: 11/21/51 #419 Inviting Thanksgiving Guests
Jimmy Durante Show: 11/26/47 Treacher Is Raffling Off Jimmy's Turkey

Radio Once More #5 Thanksgiving Pt. 01
Elgin Thanksgiving 7th Annual Special: 11/25/48  w/Gary Moore, Jimmy Durante,
Jack Benny, Red Skleton, Martin & Lewis
Our Miss Brooks: 11/27/49 Where to Go for Thanksgiving
Jack Benny: 11/30/47 Turkey Dream
Baby Snooks: 11/28/40 Stolen Turkey

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Radio Ranch  w/John Stupak

Radio Ranch #46
Gunsmoke: 04/18/53 #52 Bum's Rush
Sixshooter: 11/08/53 #08 Capture of Stacy Gault
Wild Bill Hickok: 01/30/52 #48 Dark Horse Candidate
Frontier Gentlemen: 03/30/58 #9 Gentle Virtue
Have Gun Will Travel: 10/25/59 #49 When In Rome
Fort Laramie: 03/04/56 #7 The Shavetail
Vic & Sade: 03/19/40 Bess’ Letter with Grocery List

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Summers Time w/Charlie & Katie Summers

Summers Time #107

Mr. and Mrs. North: 03/02/44 Gordon Gilroy
Sleep No More: 02/06/57 Banquo's Chair; The Coward
Pat Novak: 04/02/49 Father Lahey, Joe Feldman
Palmolive Beauty Box Theater: 04/28/37 #112 Lady in Ermine

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The Vault

Vault #1 Neal (#091)
Johnny Dollar: 10/20/57 #559 Mary Grace Matter
Dragnet: 01/11/55 #282 Big Complex
Gunsmoke: 01/22/60 #459 Hard Virtue
Fibber McGee & Molly: 10/31/39 Wistful Vista Auto Show
Our Miss Brooks: 06/12/49 Wishing Well
Sherlock Holmes: 06/02/47 The Red Headed League
Vic & Sade: 06/05/39 Y.Y. Flirch Tries To Phone Vic

Vault #2 with Jo Snyder (#092)
Nick Carter: 07/29/45  Case of the Unwritten Letter
Nightbeat: 07/03/50 Marty
Dragnet: 01/18/55 #283 The Big Token
X Minus One: 05/01/55 The Parade
Lux Radio Theater: 10/07/40 Wings of the Navy

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You Asked For It  w/Brian Jarboe

You Asked For It  #46
Europe Confidential: mid 50s The Silver Monkey Affair
Dragnet: 05/24/51 #102 The Big Mailman
Sherlock Holmes: 01/18/33 Murder by Proxy based on the Final Problem
Fibber McGee & Molly: 06/06/39 #208 McGee The Wrestler
Gunsmoke: 11/21/53 Custer
Cavalcade of America: 11/17/41 They Died with their Boots On
Five Minute Mysteries: #121 Death at X Bar

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