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Program Details for Christmas 2022
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Christmas Classics

Christmas Classics #01
Elgin Christmas Party: 12/25/45 w/Bob Hope, Ginny Simms, Jack Benny, Bob Crosby and Red Skelton
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/23/52 Surprise Party For Doc Gamble
Great Gildersleeve: 12/25/46 Leroy’s Friend

Christmas Classics #02
Lux Radio Theatre: 12/20/48 Miracle On 34th Street
Tales Of The Texas Rangers: 12/23/51 Christmas Payoff
This Is Your F.B.I.: 12/21/51 The Innocent Santa Claus
Falcon: 12/24/50 The Case Of The Unwelcome Christmas Present
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/10/40 # 265 Mailing Christmas Packages

Christmas Classics #03
Duffy's Tavern: 12/21/45 Archie's Christmas Carol
Marriage: 12/20/53 #12 Liz Gets Christmas Job
Casey, Crime Photographer: 12/19/46 Christmas Shopping
Nero Wolfe: 12/22/50 Case Of The Slaughtered Santas
Candy Matson: 12/18/50 San Juan Batista
Jack Benny: 12/18/49 Mary Buys Jack A Pencil Sharpener

Christmas Classics  #04
Life Of Riley: 12/23/49 The Christmas Club
Life With Luigi: 12/20/49 Gifts For Pasquale
Harold Peary Show: Honest Harold, The: 12/20/50 Children's Christmas Party
This Is Your F.B.I.: 12/22/50 The Return Of St. Nick
My Favorite Husband:12/16/49 George’s Christmas Present
Our Miss Brooks: 12/25/49 The Magic Christmas Tree

Christmas Classics  #05
Great Gildersleeve: 12/21/41 McGee’s Christmas Gift
Night Beat: 12/20/50 Christmas Story
Broadway Is My Beat: 12/24/49 #015 Nick Norman, Santa Claus
Nick Carter: 12/25/43 Nick Carter’s Christmas Adventure
Boston Blackie: 12/22/48 Christmas Rings for Santa
Jimmy Durante: 12/22/44 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #06
Andrews Sisters: 12/19/45 w/Ray Noble
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/23/41 Gift Of Door Chimes
Abbott & Costello: 12/23/48 Christmas Show
Judy Canova Show: 12/22/45 Exclusive Brentwood Society Party
Johnny Dollar: 12/19/55 #288 The Nick Shurn Matter Pts. 1-5

Christmas Classics  #07
Have Gun, Will Travel: 12/21/58 #005 Hanging Cross
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/09/41 Fibber Cuts his Own Christmas Tree
New Edgar Bergen Hour: 12/18/55 #12 Effie Discusses Christmas Parties
Lux Radio Theater: 12/19/49 The Bishop's Wife w/Tyrone Power

Christmas Classics #08
Red Skelton's Scrapbook Of Satire: Special Christmas Show
Guest Star: 12/25/49 Christmas Show w/Frank Sinatra
Aldrich Family: 12/23/48 Hints For A Christmas Present w/Ezra Stone
Bob Hope Show: 12/23/41 Greetings from Bob "Christmas Tree Hope"
Suspense: 12/21/50 A Christmas For Carol
Lone Ranger: 12/25/46 The Bells Of San Pedro
Challenge Of The Yukon: 12/23/49 The Sergeant’s Present

Christmas Classics #09
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/06/49 Makes His Own Christmas Cards
Great Gildersleeve: 12/20/42 The Christmas Program
Burns & Allen: 12/12/46 Gracie Babysitting To Earn Christmas Money
Six Shooter: 12/20/53 Britt Ponset’s Christmas
Whistler: 12/25/44 Christmas Bonus
Johnny Dollar: 12/24/49 Department Store Swindle

Christmas Classics #10
Cavalcade Of America: 12/24/45 Names On The Land
My Favorite Husband: 12/23/49 The Sleigh Ride
Suspense: 12/21/53 The Night Before Christmas
Big Show: 12/24/50 #08 w/Jimmy Durante, Bert Lahr, Ed Wynn,
Margaret O'Brien, Edith Piaf, Fran Warren

Christmas Classics  #11
Burns & Allen: 12/26/46 George’s Smoking Jacket w/Eddie Cantor
Cavalcade of America: 12/25/44 America For Christmas
Truth Or Consequences: 12/20/47 Christmas Show
Whistler: 12/26/48 Delayed Christmas Present
Fibber McGee & Molly:  12/19/39  McGee's Christmas Present
Jimmy Durante:  12/24/48   w/Rose Marie

Christmas Classics  #12
Jack Benny: 12/17/39 Christmas Shopping
Jack Benny: 12/24/39 Christmas Eve Open House
Dr. Six Gun: 12/19/54 Pony for Christmas
Let George Do It: 12/25/50 Santa Claus in Glass
Christmas Sing with Bing: 12/24/58 Fourth Annual Show

Christmas Classics #13
Jack Benny: 12/08/46 Christmas Shopping/Shoestrings
Jack Benny: 12/15/46 Shoestrings Pt. 2
Family Theater: 12/14/49 The Other Wiseman
Stars Over Hollywood: 12/12/53 Time For Christmas
Lux Radio Theatre: 03/10/47 It's A Wonderful Life w/James Stewart, Donna Reed

Christmas Classics #14
Bob Hope: 12/00/57 Special Pre-Christmas Show
Red Skelton: 12/24/46 Christmas
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 12/18/49 #53 Getting A Christmas Tree
Richard Diamond: 12/24/49 A Christmas Carol
New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 12/21/47 The Adventure of the Christmas Bride
Casey, Crime Photographer: 12/25/47 The Santa Claus Of Bum’s Boulevard

Christmas Classics  #15
Archie Andrews: 12/13/47 Christmas Shopping
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/20/49 The Best Christmas Decorations
Father Knows Best: 12/21/50 A Hans Christian Anderson Family Christmas
Cavalcade Of America: 12/22/41 The Green Pastures
Screen Director's Playhouse: 12/21/50 # 82 Miracle On 34th Street

Christmas Classics  #16
Big Town: 12/21/48 Prelude To Christmas
Hallmark Playhouse: 12/16/48 The Desert Shall Rejoice
Mysterious Traveler: 12/25/51 #336 Christmas Story
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/23/47 Lost Keys
Lux Radio Theatre, The: 09/17/45 Christmas Story

Christmas Classics  #17
Whistler 12/24/47 Decision
Suspense 12/22/57 Dog Star
       Challenge of the Yukon: 12/22/48 The Man with the Red Coat
Jack Benny Program, The: 12/02/51 Jack Buys Don Cufflinks for Christmas
Life Of Riley, The: 12/20/47 Christmas in Store Window
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: 12/23/56 The Missing Mouse Matter

Christmas Classics  #18
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/24/40 Gildy's Radio Phonograph
Burns & Allen: 12/22/42 George and Gracie Save Christmas
Family Theater 12/15/48 A Daddy For Christmas
Radio Reader’s Digest: 12/19/46 Room For A Stranger w/Frank Sinatra
Dragnet 12/22/53 #227 The Big Little Jesus
Favorite Story: 12/24/49 A Christmas Carol

Christmas Classics  #19
Elgin Christmas Party:  12/25/44  Annual Xmas Special
Life Of Riley 12/24/44 The True Spirit Of Christmas
Tales of the Texas Rangers: 12/24/50 #24 Christmas Present

Christmas Classics  #20
Command Performance: 12/25/45 Christmas Special
Gunsmoke: 12/23/56 Beeker's Barn
Roy Rogers Show 12/25/52 Night Before The Night Before Christmas
Treasury Star Parade: 12/25/42 A Modern Day Scrooge

Christmas Classics  #21
Romance: 12/24/55 Richer By One Christmas
 New Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes 12/24/45 The Night Before Christmas
Life Of Riley: 12/27/47 Riley Wants a TV Set for Christmas
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/21/48 #566 Christmas Card From Elizabeth
 Red Skelton: 12/19/51 The Little Christmas Tree
Whistler 12/23/51 #499 Christmas Gift

Christmas Classics  #22
        Jimmy Durante: Christmas Show 1944
Jack Benny: 12/13/53 Christmas Shopping In Palm Springs
Charlie McCarthy Show: 12/24/44 The Night Before Christmas
Author’s Playhouse: 12/21/41 Christmas By Injunction
The Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/14/47 Go And Be Counted
Radio City Playhouse: 12/25/49 ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Christmas Classics   #23
Father Knows Best: 12/24/53 Stranded By A Snowstorm
Lone Ranger: 12/24/47 The Mission Bells
Mr. President: 12/25/49 The Man At The Gate Of The World
Suspense: 12/17/61 Yuletide Miracle
Christmas Sing with Bing: 12/24/57 Third Annual Show

 Christmas Classics #24
Escape: 12/24/47 Back For Christmas
Escape: 12/24/50 The Cave
Johnny Dollar: 12/20/59 The Red Mystery Matter
Gunsmoke: 12/20/52 The Christmas Story
Burns & Allen: 12/16/41 the Post Office
Philco Radio Time: 12/25/46 Christmas Show

 Christmas Classics  #25
Duffy’s Tavern 12/22/48 w/Jeff Chandler
Amos 'n' Andy: 12/24/50 Christmas Show
Dragnet 12/22/53 #227 The Big Little Jesus
Twenty First Precinct: 12/22/54 The Giver
The First Nighter Program 12/22/45 Little Town Of Bethlehem
Hallmark Playhouse 12/23/48 The Story Of "Silent Night"

Christmas Classics #26
Jack Benny Program: 12/19/48 A Wallet for Don
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 12/17/50 Buying Alice a Christmas Present
This Is My Best: 12/19/44 The Plot to Overthrow Christmas
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/18/45 White Christmas Tree
Great Gildersleeve: 12/24/47 A Puppy for Christmas
Life of Riley: 12/17/44 The Christmas Present

Christmas Classics #27
Burns and Allen: 12/18/47 Gracie's Last Minute Christmas Gift
Red Skelton: 12/24/50 Junior's Christmas Play
Jack Benny: 02/02/47 It’s a Wonderful Life
Lone Ranger: 12/24/48 Christmas Comes to Sandy
Whistler: 12/24/50 Three Wise Guys
Night Beat: 12/21/50 Five Days Off for Christmas

Christmas Classics #28
Jack Benny Program 12/21/47 Last Minute Christmas Shopping
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 12/24/50 Ann. Xmas Show w/Andy Devine
Mayor of the Town: 12/23/42 A Christmas Carol
Family Theater 12/22/48 # 97 Blessed Are They w/Margaret O'Brien
Exploring the Unknown: 12/21/47 The Christmas Cloud
Suspense: 12/20/55 The Cave

Christmas Classics #29
Fibber McGee & Molly 12/07/48 Early Christmas Shopping
Great Gildersleeve, The: 12/19/51 Christmas Show
Theater Of Romance 12/24/45 Messiah
CBS Radio Workshop 12/23/56 All Is Bright
Whistler 12/25/49 Letter From Cynthia
Suspense: 12/23/43 #071 Back For Christmas w/Peter Lorre
Baby Snooks 12/19/40 Christmas Skates

Christmas Classics #30
NBC Christmas Reunion: 12/25/43 Your host is Robert St. John
               The programs featiures Mitchell Boys Choir, Jose Iturbi,
               Freeman Gosdon, Charles Correll, and interviews with many soldiers.
There are shortwave broadcasts from around the world including Bethlehem.
Amos  “n’  Andy: 12/24/42 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #31
Jack Benny Program, The: 12/00/57 Special Christmas Show
Vic And Sade: 10/27/42 Vic Gets Stuck Picking A Xmas Gift for the Boss
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show, The: 12/26/48 #13 The Christmas Present
Bob Hope: 12/20/38 w/Blondie & Dagwood
Lux Radio Theatre, The: 03/25/40 Remember The Night

Christmas Classics #32
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show 12/19/48 Christmas w/Jack Benny
Jack Benny Show 12/07/52 Happy Time
Bing Crosby Show, The: 12/20/50 Christmas Show
Lum & Abner: 12/24/42 Christmas Eve at the Store
One Man's Family: 12/23/52 Book 99 Chapter 27 Paul Arrives for Christmas
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar: 12/22/57 The Carmen Kringle Matter
My Friend Irma: 12/20/48 Christmas Show
Calling All Detectives: 12/24/48 #337 An Extra Santa at Jerry's Christmas Eve Office Party

Christmas Classics #33
Burns & Allen: 12/23/41 Santa and the Wicked Witch
Suspense 12/21/58 Out For Christmas
Father Knows Best: 12/25/52 Father Gets Nothing for Christmas
Blondie 12/25/39 Scrooge
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/23/53 Decorating the Tree
Claudia: 12/24/47 #063 Christmas Eve
Bing Crosby Show : 12/20/53 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #34
Great Gildersleeve: 12/17/52 #475 Grace Tuttle's Brother Sydney
Campbell Playhouse: 12/24/39 A Christmas Carol w/Lionel Barrymore
 Lum 'n' Abner 12/19/48 Christmas Show
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/25/53 Christmas at Home
Claudia: 12/25/47 #064 Merry Christmas
General Electric Show 12/25/52 w/Gary Crosby

Christmas Classics #35
Chrstmas on the Blue:  12/25/44
Command Performance: 12/24/42 Christmas Special

Christmas Classics #36
Joan Davis Show: 12/24/45 Christmas Party
Railroad Hour: 12/22/52  Christmas Party
Town Hall Tonight: 12/22/37  Santa Claus Sits Down w/Jack Benny
U.S. Air Force: Timmy Discovers Christmas w/William Conrad
Suspense: 12/24/51 Night Before Christmas with Greer Garson
Calling All Detectives: 12/24/48 #337 An Extra Santa Shows Up

Christmas Classics #37
Command Performance: 12/25/44  Christmas Show
Proctor & Gamble Christmas Special: 12/23/46

Christmas Classic #38
Our Miss Brooks: 12/18/49 Department Store Contest
Great Gildersleeve: 12/26/51 Opening Last Christmas Present
Screen Director’s Playhouse: 05/08/49 It’s a Wonderful Life
California Caravan: 12/21/47 How Santa Claus Came to Simpson’s Bar
Scarlet Queen: 12/24/47 15th Llama and the Wise Guy From the East
Quiz Kids: 12/19/48 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #39
Saint: 12/24/50 Christmas Eve Problems
One Man's Family: 12/21/47 Bk. 64, Chap. 13 'Twas The Night Before Christmas
Command Performance: 12/25/48 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #40
Grand Central Station 12/24/49 Miracle For Christmas
Let’s Pretend 12/20/52 ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas
New Edgar Bergen Hour, The: 12/25/55 #13 Charlie and Candy recite "The Night Before Christmas"
Lone Ranger: 12/24/54 The Three Wise Men
Gunsmoke: 12/22/55 12th Night
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/26/53 Exchanging Gifts at Bon-Ton
Calling All Detectives: #345 Discarded Christmas Ornament Provides a Clue

Christmas Classics #41
Theatre Royale: 12/24/53 A Christmas Carol
American Melody Hour: 12/24/47 Christmas Program
Elgin Christmas 7th Annual Christmas Special: 12/25/48

Christmas Classics #42

Our Miss Brooks: 12/31/50 Return Christmas Gifts
Milton Berle Show: 12/16/47 #41 A Salute to Department Stores
Command Performance: 12/00/46 Special Christmas Program

Christmas Classics #43
Mel Blanc: 12/17/46 Christmas Shopping
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/22/53 Expensive Christmas Tree
Bickersons: 12/23/46 Christmas Eve
One Man's Family: 12/18/49 Bk. 72, Chap. 12 A Touch of the Christmas Spirit
 Johnny Dollar: 12/13/59 #668 The Sudden Wealth Matter
Hotpoint Holiday Hour: 12/25/49 The Man Who Came to Dinner
Screen Guild Theater: 12/24/39 The Blue Bird w/Shirley Temple

Christmas Classics #44
 No School Today: 12/25/56 Christmas Show
John Charles Thomas: 12/24/44 Christmas Program #15
 Music From America (Telephone Hour): 12/24/57 Christmas Eve Program
Jack Benny: 12/20/53 Cactus Christmas Tree
Jack Benny: 12/20/36 Old Fashioned Christmas Party

Christmas Classics #45
 A Christmas Carol: 12/25/49 w/Lionel Barrymore
Amos ‘n’ Andy: 12/24/46 Traditional Christmas Show
Burns and Allen: 12/21/43 Playing Santa Claus
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/21/43 Looking for a Christmas Tree
Fat Man:  Murder Sends A Christmas Card
Great Gildersleeve: 12/24/44 Christmas Eve Program

Christmas Classics #46
Dragnet: 12/21/54 #279 Big Little Jesus
Life Of Riley: 12/24/48 Christmas Bonuses From Mr. Steve
Lights Out: 12.22.37 Christmas Story
My Friend Irma: 12/22/47  Christmas Party
My Little Margie: 12/21/52 Christmas Show
Information Please: 12/25/44

Christmas Classics #47
Quiz Kids: 12/05/48 Santa Claus
Twenty Questions: 12/22/51 Santa Claus
Rogers Of The Gazette: 12/09/53 Pastel Christmas Trees
Burns And Allen: 12/22/42 Santa and the Pirates
Fred Waring: 12/21/45 Christmas Program #4
Red Skelton: 12/25/45 Christmas Trees

Christmas Classics #48
Jack Benny: 12/11/38 Christmas Shopping In New York
Jack Benny: 12/23/51 Gives Ed A Kite As A Gift
Challenge Of The Yukon: 12/18/45 Christmas Present
Vic & Sade: 11/26/43  Christmas Present
Cavalcade of America: 12/09/36 The Story of Christmas Seals
Proudly We Hail: 12/23/51 Christmas Story
Lone Ranger: 12/25/50 Christmas Tree

Christmas Classics #49
Duffy’s Tavern: 12/21/45 Is There A Santa Claus?
Ozzie Harriet: 12/19/48  Christmas Gifts
Suspense: 12/20/59  A Korean Christmas Carol
Kraft Music Hall: 12/21/44 Christmas Program
Lum & Abner: 12/24/42 Christmas Eve at the Store
 Lum & Abner: #103 1941 Christmas Story
 All Star Western Theater 12/20/47 The Words Signs Follow

Christmas Classics #50
Aldrich Family: 06/18/42 #150 Selling Christmas Cards
Burns & Allen: 12/23/40 Christmas Show
Family Theater: 12/24/52 #298 The Nativity
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/15/42  Misplaces Christmas Money
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/22/42  Listening To Christmas Carols
Tarzan: 12/20/51 Congo Christmas

Christmas Classics #51
Kraft Music Hall: 12/14/44 Christmas Show
Saint: 12/25/49 Nineteen Santa Clauses
One Man's Family: 12/25/49 Bk. 72, Chap. 13 Christmas Morning
Blondie: 12/15/48 Christmas Dilemma
Bob Hope: 12/18/45 Christmas Show From San Francisco
Broadway Is My Beat: 12/22/51 #092 Malpaugh and the Scimitar
Vic & Sade: 08/06/42 Christmas Cards COD

Christmas Classics #52
Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/28/47 Flight Into Egypt
Family Theater: 12/19/51 Lullaby Of Christmas
Fred Waring: 12/15/45 T'was the Night Before Christmas
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/16/41 #305 Fibber Cuts his Own Christmas Tree
(Fibber McGee & Molly broadcast begins with war news from NBC)
Jack Benny Show 12/22/40 Christmas Shopping In New York City
Jack Benny Show 12/21/52 Veterans Hospital in Long Beach

Christmas Classics #53
Quiz Kids: 12/12/48 Reason to Prove Santa Claus Real
Beulah: 12/24/53 A Santa Suit For Mr. Henderson
Bob Hope: 12/07/48 Christmas Shopping with Doris Day & Bing Crosby
Burns & Allen: 12/23/37 Christmas with George and Gracie
One Man's Family: 12/15/52 Book 99 Chap. 21 The Practical Aspect of Christmas
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 12/25/49 Jack Benny Plays Santa

Christmas Classics #54
Command Performance: 12/25/43 Christmas Special
Cornet Little Show: 12/19/43 Gift Of The Magi
Doris Day Show: 12/23/53 Here Comes Santa Claus
Christmas Music: 12/25/52 (CBS Radio)
Lum and Abner: 12/25/41 Christmas Story
Baby Snooks 12/26/40 Returning Presents

Christmas Classics #55
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/25/45  Doc Gift To McGee
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/24/46  Night Before Christmas
Globe Theatre: 12/23/44  A Christmas Carol
Hollywood Players: 12/25/46 All Through the House
Hollywood Radio Theater: 12/22/44 Santa Claus Jones
Jack Carson Show: 12/25/46 Christmas Preparations

Christmas Classics #56
Bob Hope: 12/24/46 with Bing Crosby
Campbell Playhouse: 12/23/38 #03 A Christmas Carol w/Orson Welles, Joseph Cotton
AFRS Christmas Package: 12/25/43
Mel Blanc: 12/10/46 Christmas Present
Ozzie & Harriet: 12/22/47 Christmas Present Agreement

Christmas Classics #57
Columbia Workshop: 12/21/46 The  Day They Gave Babies Away
Family Theater: 12/23/53 Ruth  w/Dennis Day
Texaco Star Theater:  12/21/38  Christmas Show
Textron Theater: 12/22/45 A Child is Born
 Jack Benny: 12/14/52 Christmas Shopping (Gopher Traps)

Christmas Classics #58
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 12/23/51 Stolen Christmas Presents
Jacl Benny: 12/24/44 Christmas Show
Listeners Playhouse: 12/21/40 Christmas Eve at Crumps
Matinee Theatre: 12/24/44  A Stable in Bethlehem, PA
Great Gildersleeve: 12/01/48 Leroy’s Holiday Job
Great Gildersleeve: 12/08/48 Disappearing Gifts

Christmas Classics #59
Bell Telephone Hour (Encores): 12/22/68 w/Mildred Miller
Jack Benny: 12/26/43 Christmas at Jack's
Railroad Hour: 12/20/48 #12 Holiday Inn w/George Murphy and Martha Tilton
Mutual Special: 12/11/38 A Christmas Visit to a Doll Factory
Terry & the Pirates: 12/25/41 Christmas Presents Exchanged
Abbott & Costello: 12/24/47 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #60
Chase & Sanborn Hour: 12/19/48 Christmas Show
Life of Riley: 12/17/44 The Christmas Present
Red Ryder: 12/23/48 Christmas Story
Family Theater: 12/11/47 #044 Substitute Santa
Special Program: 12/24/48 Three Christmas Classics
Front Page Drama: 12/19/41 #452 Merry Christmas
World Transciption Service:  #474 Christmas with Love w/Jim Gleason

Christmas Classics #61
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/19/44 Early Christmas Presents
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/16/52 Exchanging Gifts from Wallace
Sealtest Variety Theater: 12/23/48 Christmas Show w/Vaughn Monroe & Pat O'Brien
Academy Award:  12/18/46 Lost Angel w/Margaret O'Brien
Wild Bill Hickok: 12/24/54 #271 A Shiny Silver Star
Rocky Fortune: 12/22/53 Plot to Murder Santa Claus

Christmas Classics #62
My Favorite Husband: 12/23/50 Christmas Stag
Halls of Ivy: 12/19/51 The Snowman
Good News of 1938: 12/22/38 Christmas Show
Anthology: 12/19/54 #42 Poetry for Christmas
Heartheat Theater: 12/20/59 The Kettle

Christmas Classics #63
Great Gildersleeve: 12/18/46 Leroy Wants a Motor Scooter
Burns & Allen: 12/25/47 Gracie's Christmas Party
Family Theater: 12/17/52 Crossroads of Christmas
Rogers of the Gazette: 12/23/53 A White Christmas Tree in Illyria
Judy Canova: 12/21/46 A Quiet Christmas
Dinner Bell Time (WLS): 12/25/58 #9297 Christmas Show

Christmas Classic #64
Jack Benny: 12/21/41 #426 Decorates The Christmas Tree
Jack Benny: 12/12/37 #275 Jack Goes Christmas Shopping
Abbott & Costello: 12/20/45 Lou's Christmas Party
Dr. Christian: 12/20/38 Danny Gets Married
Milton Berle: 12/23/47 A Salute to Christmas
Cavalcade of America: 12/21/42 A Child is Born

Christmas Classic #65
Amos 'n' Andy: 12/23/51 Andy Plays Santa Claus
Halls of Ivy: 12/20/50 #43 The Gangster and the Christmas Tree
Dark Fantasy: 12/26/41 #06 The House of Bread
Ford Theater: 12/21/47 #12 The Man Who Played God
Jack Benny: 12/25/38 #316 Christmas at Jack's

Christmas Classic #66
Columbia Workshop: 12/22/41 Miracle in Manhattan
Cavalcade of America: 12/23/46 Du Pont Chorus
Charlie McCarthy Show: 12/14/47 w/Gary Cooper
Jack Carson: 12/18/53 Kid's Record
A Day in the Life of Dennis Day: 12/25/46 The Boy Who Sang for a King
Hopalong Cassidy: 03/15/52 #104 The Santa Claus Rustlers

Christmas Classic #67
Jack Benny: 12/17/50 #750 Christmas Shopping (Golf Tees)
Burns & Allen: 12/14/53 Kay Kyser for Christmas
Cavalcade of America: 12/16/52 #766 A Barbed-Wire Christmas
Wonder Show: 12/23/48 #11 A Chirtsmas Party
Radio City Playhouse:  12/20/48 #20 Three Men
Jack Benny: 12/05/54 #901 Christmas Shopping (Oil Paints)

Christmas Classic #68
Abbott & Costello: 12/14/44 Christmas Shopping for Lou'S Girlfriend
Avalon Time: 12/06/39 Newlyweds on the Honeymoon - Christmas Show
Kraft Music Hall: 12/24/42 w/Fay Bainter and Jack Carson
Our Miss Brooks: 12/17/50 Christmas Clothing Drive
Bob Hope: 12/21/48 w/Gregory Peck

Christmas Classics #69
Suspense: 12/13/55 A Present for Benny w/Jack Kruchen
Whistler: 12/27/42 Double Cross
Great Gildersleeve: 12/23/45 Christmas Eve At Home
Great Gildersleeve: 12/10/47 Christmas Shopping
Studio One: 12/22/47 Painted Veils (Rehearsal)

Christmas Classics #70
Cricket on the Hearth: 12/24/45 (NBC Special)
Radio Reader's Digest: 12/25/47 The Only Wise Man
Passing Parade: 12/00/43 Story of Christmas Seals
American Weekly: 1933 Christmas Eve Ghost
Nutcracker Suite: 12/19/38 From WGN Chicago
Eddie Cantor: 12/20/44 Christmas Show
Romance of the Ranchos: 12/24/41 Christmas at San Gabriel

Christmas Classics #71
Chicago Theater of the Air: 12/24/49  Babes in Toyland
Ceiling Unlimited: 12/19/43 A Letter To An Unborn Son
Dr. Christian: 12/20/44 #317 The Fugitive
Family Theater: 12/25/47 #046 The Juggler of Our Lady
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/30/38  #184 Christmas Gift For McGee's Nephew
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/23/54 A Star is Born

Christmas Classics #72
My Favorite Husband: 12/16/50 Christmas Card Pictures
Martin & Lewis: 12/19/49 Christmas Show
Mel Blanc: 12/24/46 Mel Plays Santa Claus
Henry Morgan: 12/25/46  Christmas Story
Jack Carson: 12/04/46 The Christmas Tree
Family Theater: 07/29/48  Christmas in July

Christmas Classics #73
Fred Allen: 12/20/42 Santa Claus Sits Down
Man Called X: 12/21/47 From a Starlit Hill
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/21/55 The Christmas Sign
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/22/55 The Forgotten Card
Family Theater: 12/16/53 Chickie
Family Theater: 12/26/51 Star of Wonder
Ozzie & Harriet: 12/25/53 The Lost Christmas Gift
Vic & Sade: 10/27/42 Picking a Christmas Gift for the Boss

Christmas Classics #74
Fitch Bandwagon: 12/15/46 A Present For Phil
Fitch Bandwagon: 12/21/47 Annual Christmas Show w/Jack Benny
Radio Hall of Fame: 12/24/44 Christmas Show
Screen Guild Theater 12/22/04  Juggler of Notre Dame w/Ronald Coleman and Nelson Eddy
Family Theater: 12/21/49 The Littlest Angel

Christmas Classics #75
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/26/54 Your Presents is Requested
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/12/55 A Gift for Doc Gamble
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/19/55 Mail the Package McGee
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/20/55 McGee's Hideout
Phil Harris-Alice Faye: 12/14/52 An Elephant for Mr. Scott
Phil Harris-Alice Faye: 12/21/52 The Women's Club Santa Claus
Origin of Superstition: 1935 #06 Kissing Under the Mistletoe
Johnny Dollar: 12/17/61 #771 The Phony Phone Matter
Claudia: 12/24/47 Christmas Eve

Christmas Classic #76
Dragnet: 07/28/49 #08 Missing Persons - Juanita Lasky
Couple Next Door: 12/24/58 The Night Before Christmas
Couple Next Door: 12/25/58 Christmas Day
Archie: 12/17/49 Christmas Shopping
Damon Runyon: 04/24/49 #17 Dancing Dan's Christmas
Christmas Special: Jingle Bell's Happiest Christmas
Christmas Special: 12/24/46 The Greatest Gift

Christmas Classic #77
Claudia: 12/21/48 #322 Shopping for Mama
Claudia: 12/22/48 #323 Giving Away David's Gift
Aldrich Family: 12/21/52 Christmas Eve With the Family
Great Gildersleeve: 12/23/53 Selling Trees for Needy Children
First Nighter Program: 1949 O' Little Town Of Bethlehem
Supaper Christmas Special: 12/25/43

Christmas Classics #78
Suspense: 12/23/48 #320 Holiday Story
Suspense: 12/22/52 #492 Arctic Rescue
Jack Benny: 12/19/43 #495 Mary's Laryngitis – Moonlighting As Santa
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 12/25/53 Christmas Show
Claudia: 12/23/48 #324 The Nortons Hunt a Tree
Claudia: 12/24/48 #325 The Christmas Calf
Lone Ranger: 12/25/44 #1862/1082 A Present For Janey

Christmas Classics #79
Amos 'n' Andy: 12/24/44 Annual Christmas Show
Charlie McCarthy: 12/19/38 Christmas Show w/Mario Lanza
Jack Benny: 12/23/45 The English Butler w/Ronald and Bonita Colman
Jack Benny: 12/25/49 Rochester Shocked An Electric Alarm Clock
Great Gildersleeve: 12/15/48 Economy For Christmas
Great Gildersleeve: 12/14/49 The Christmas Spirit/Why the Chimes Rang

Christmas Classics #80
Life Of Riley: 12/24/46 First Christmas
Kate Smith Hour: 12/24/45 w/The Aldrich Family and Jackie Gleason
Dinah Shore: 12/21/41 A Merry American Christmas
Moonlight Serenade: 12/24/41 Glenn Miller Christmas Show
Christmas Greetings from the Hardy Family
A Christmas for Eve: 12/24/48 w/Lorriane Day
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/16/47 #532 Making a Fruit Cake
One Man's Family: 12/25/50 Book 81 Chap. 21 Christmas at the Barbours
Victory Front: 1942 Second Husband

Christmas Classics #81
Hallmark Playhouse: 12/22/49 The Story "Silent Night"
Duffy's Tavern: 12/22/44 Christmas Show w/Monty Woolley
Great Gildersleeve: 12/14/41 The Iron Reindeer
Great Gildersleeve: 12/24/52 Lonely Christmas
Charlotte Greenwood: 12/23/45 Helping A Sailor On Christmas Eve
Charlotte Greenwood: 12/24/44 Stranded On Christmas Eve

Christmas Classics #82
Ethel & Albert: 12/09/47 Christmas Ottoman
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/25/51 The Spirit Of Giving
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/16/53 Christmas Shopping at the Bon Ton
Terry The Pirates: 12/25/46 Christmas Show In Rhyme
Henry Morgan Show: 12/24/47 Morgan's Christmas
Grand Ole Opry: 1959 #1054 21st Christmas Show w/George Morgan
Screen Guild Players: 01/11/43 Holiday Inn w/Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore
Jack Benny: 12/19/54 Christmas At Palm Springs

Christmas Classics #83
Dragmet: 05/25/50 #50 Big Key
Cavalcade of America: 12/20/43 #362 A Child is Born
Great Gildersleeve: 12/22/48 Christmas Eve at Gildersleeve's
 Jimmy Durante: 12/24/47 Christmas Program w/Margaret O'Brien
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show: 12/22/49 w/Al Jolson
Amos 'n' Andy: 12/23/47 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #84
Gunsmoke: 12/21/58 #350 Where'd They Go?
Jack Benny: 12/00/56 Christmas Special
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/21/53 Wrapping a Christmas Present for Aunt Sarah
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/24/53 Laura The Lopsided Pine
Railroad Hour: 12/25/50 Christmas Show
Let'sPretend: 12/26/42 The House of the World
Columbia Workshop: 12/22/40 Plot to Overthrow Christmas

Christmas Classics #85
Good News: 12/15/38 A Christmas Carol
Lights Out: 12/22/37 #198 Uninhabited
ABC Christmas Party: 12/24/46 w/Paul Whiteman, Bing Crosby,
Don Wilson, Lum & Abner and more

Christmas Classics #86
Eyes Aloft: 12/212 Christmas Week Special
Christmas Seals: 1951 Fibber McGee and Molly
Proudly We Hail: 12/21/52 Keeping Faith
Front Page Drama: 12/24/39 #348 Christmas Ghost
Christmas Story 1947:  12/25/47 (AFRS)
Monitor: 12/24/61 w/Frank McGee
Christmas Sing With Bing: 12/24/61 7th Annual Show

Christmas Classics #87
Christmas Eve At The Front: 12/24/43 w/Lionel Barrymore, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope
Norman Corwin: 12/24/42 The Plot To Overthrow Christmas
VA Hospitals Christmas: 12/00/55 w/Bing Crosby and Dinah Shore
Breakfast Club: 09/06/60 Christmas Show (taped for troops to hear on Christmas Day)
Dinah Shore: 12/22/54 Christmas Show
In Person Dinah Shore: 12/25/42 Christmas Show

Christmas Classics #88
Christmas At Radio City: 12/24/59  Dick Liepert at the Organ
Kaltenmeyer's Kindergarten: 12/12/36  A Letter To Santa
Salvation Army: 12/25/49 An Army of Stars Christmas 1949
Candy Matson: 12/19/49 #25 Jack Frost
Railroad Hour: 12/24/51 #169 The Happy Prince
Railroad Hour: 12/15/52 #220 Holiday Inn

Christmas Classics #89
Rogers of the Gazette: 12/30/53 #24 Investigative Reporters
Screen Director's Playhouse: 12/23/49 Miracle On 34th Street
Stars Over Hollywood: 12/22/51 #012 A Christmas Carol
Stars Over Hollywood: 12/26/53 #102 Anywhere USA w/Rock Hudson
World's Great Novels: 12/19/47 A Child Is Born
Sherlock Holmes: 12/26/48 The Adventure Of The Blue Carbuncle

Christmas Classics #90
Practice of Doctor Dana: 12/21/47 The Sophia Howard Case
Guest Star: 12/21/47 w/Greer Garson and Roger Pryor
Orson Welles Theater: 12/xx/41 Christmas Show
Lum & Abner: 08/23/44 Mailing Christmas Packages
Lum & Abner: 12/21/44 Christmas Leather Desk Set
My Little Margie: 12/23/44 Timmy's Christmas
War Time Christmas: 12/16/41 Christmas In Europe (BBC/WLW)
Movietown Radio Theater:  12/19/47 #63 The Happy Prince Program (Ziv)
Christmas Seals: xx/xx/51 w/Jack Smith and Margaret O'Brien

Christmas Classics #91
Let Geroge Do It 12/24/51 #270 Christmas Letter
Great Gildersleeve: 12/12/51 #422 Leroy Selling Christmas Trees
Great Gildersleeve: 12/02/53 #525 Gildy Raises Christmas Money
Jack Benny: 12/26/54 Day After Christmas
Our Miss Brooks: 12/20/53 Christmas Gift Mix-up
Our Miss Brooks 12/25/55 The Magic Christmas Tree
Douglas Edwards at the North Pole

Christmas Classics #92
A Chrstmas Carol  -  Ronald Colman
Mayor of the Town: 01/21/48 The Burning Christmas Tree
Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/27/53 #270 Incident In Bethlehem
Biggest Heart: 12/22/50 Santa Robinoff's Christmas Party
Goon Show: 12/24/56 Operation Christmas Duff
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 12/11/49 #52 Dishwasher Or Mink for Alice

Christmas Classics #93
Burns & Allen: 12/23/36 Gracie's Christmas Carol
Life with the Lyons: 12/17/53 Christmas Shopping
Life with the Lyons: 12/24/53 Twas the Night Before Christmas
Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodlands: Christmas Bells
Ranger Bill, Warrior of the Woodlands: Christmas Program w/Bill Pearce
New World A Coming: 12/24/44 Christmas Program (WMCA)

Christmas Classics #94
Great Gildersleeve: 12/20/50 #385 A Present for Kathryn
Great Gildersleeve: 12/16/53 #527 Gildy and Judge Hooker Feud at Christmas
Philco Radio Time: 12/24/47 Christmas Show (The Small One)
First Nighter: 12/23/52 O Little Town of Bethlehem
Hancock's Half Hour: 12/23/56 Hancock's Happy Christmas
Hancock's Half Hour: 12/25/58 Bill And Father Christmas

Christmas Classics #95
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/09/35 #035 Christmas Shopping
Linit Bath Club Revue: 12/25/32 #010 Mammoth Department Store
Hour Of Charm 12/24/45 Christmas Program
Man on the Farm: 12/21/46 #255 Christmas Show
Special: The Plot to Overthrow Christmas 12/24/45
Special: A Christmas Carol: 12/19/54

Christmas Classics #96
Our Miss Brooks: 12/24/50 Magic Christmas Tree
Richard Diamond: 12/21/51 A Christmas Carol
Kraft Music Hall: 12/25/47 Boris Karloff Plays Santa
Words At War: 12/26/44 #77 Christmas Show
Sherlock Holmes: 03/13/55 The Blue Carbuncle
Suspense: 12/23/56 Back for Christmas

Christmas Classics #97
Jean Shepherd: 12/23/74 Christmas Pipe
Jean Shepherd: 12/24/74 Red Ryder Nails Cleveland Street Kid
Jack Benny: 12/22/46 Christmas Party at Birmingham General Hospital
Duffy's Tavern: 12/29/48 Christmas Cards w/Dorothy Shay
Hancock's Half Hour: 12/22/59 The Christmas Club

Christmas Classics #98
Amos 'n' Andy: 12/24/41 Annual Christmas Show
Damon Runyon Theater: 10/23/49 #43 Palm Beach Santa Claus
Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/17/46 Sunlamp
Bob Hope: 12/20/49 Christmas Show w/Bing Crosby and Rhonda Fleming
Mary Lee Taylor: 12/17/48 Home For Christmas
Hallmark Playhouse: 03/20/47  Gift of the Magi

Christmas Classics #99
Fibber McGee & Molly #459 12/25/45 The What is It Christmas Gift
Charlie McCarthy: 12/19/48 Christmas Show w/Mario Lanza
Calling All Cars:  12/25/34 #057 Human Side of a Cop
Kraft Music Hall: 12/18/47 w/Jimmy Durante and the Kraft Coral Club
Kraft Muisc Hall: 12/23/48 The Kraft Choral Club
Family Theater: 12/10/52 #296 Lullaby of Christmas

Christmas Classics #100
Phil Harris/Alice Faye: 12/09/51 Mr. Scott's Clock

Fitch Bandwagon: 12/14/47 #47 Presents for Fitch Stockholders

Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/05/39 #225 Adjusters at the Bonton

Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/19/39 #227 Uncle Sycamore's Gift

Hallmark Hall of Fame: 12/19/54 #64 A Christmas Carol w/Lionel Barrymore


Christmas Classics #101

Screen Guild Players: 08/05/46 Christmas in Connecticut

Private Practice of Dr. Dana: 12/21/47 Sophia Howard

Mary Lee Taylor: 12/25/48 Christmas Story

Voice of the Army: 12/00/48 #443 Christmas Harps

Let George Do It: 12/19/49 Follow the Train

Hall of Fame: 12/23/43 The Christmas Stocking

Louella Parsons: 12/25/49 w/Alan Ladd


Christmas Classics #102

Fibber McGee & Company: 12/20/38 #184 Shopping For McGee's Nephew

Fibber McGee & Molly: 12/26/50 #641 Shoveling Snow

Fibber McGee & Molly: 02/05/54 Disposing Of The Christmas Tree

Fibber McGee & Molly: 11/20/53 Christmas Fund

Our Miss Brooks: 12/18/55 Christmas Clothing Drive

Great Gildersleeve: 12/27/42 Leroy's Chemistry Set

Jack Benny: 12/24/50 Beavers Come to Jack's for Christmas

Monitor: 12/25/65 A Christmas Carol w/Lionel Barrymore


Christmas Classics #103

This is Your FBI: 12/24/48 #195 The Return of St. Nick

Suspense: 12/22/49 #364 Double Entry w/Eddie Cantor

Let George Do It: 01/29/51 #223 Christmas in January

Let George Do It: 12/19/49 #165 Follow That Train

Charlie McCarthy: 12/26/54 w/Hop A-Long Cassidy

Red Skelton: 12/26/51 Day After Christmas


Christmas Classics #104

Chase & Sanborn Hour: 12/17/39 w/Geraldine Fitzgerald

Burns & Allen: 12/23/40 Christmas Show

Magnificent Montague: 12/22/50 A Child Visits

Cavalcade of America: 12/25/51 The Day They Gave Babies Away

Kraft Music Hall: 12/16/43 w/Phil Silvers


Christmas Classics #105

Jack Benny: 12/17/44 Christmas Show w/Frank Sinatra

Kate Smith Hour: 12/24/44 w/The Aldrich Family,  Jackie Gleason

Father Coughlin: 12/24/39 Feast of Christmas

Screen Guild Theater: 12/21/42 The Juggler of Our Lady

Special Program: 12/25/40 Christmas Day (speech by the King)


Christmas Classics #106

Henry Morgan: 12/23/49 Christmas Story

Bob Hope: 12/12/50 Long Beach,  CA Vet Hospital

Saint: 12/24/47 Nineteen Santa Clauses

Lum & Abner: 12/23/38 #102 Christmas Show

AFRS Presents Christmas: Dick Haymes and the Song Spinners

White House Tree Ceremony: 12/21/41      

Return to Christmas Island: World Broadcast System


Christmas Classics #107

A Christmas Carol: 1951 w/Alec Guninness

Family Tree: 12/25/37 Christmas Program

Horace Heidt Show: 12/25/44 Christmas Show

Mr. Pickwick's Christmas: 05/09/44 World Broadcast Syndication

Christmas Miracle of Jasper Crown: w/Charles Ruggles

Family Theater: 12/31/52 The Presentation of the Christ Child


Christmas Classics #108

AFRS Words with Music: Gift of the Magi w/Richard Whorf

Light Crust Dough Boys: 12/24/48 Christmas Show

Danger with Granger: 12/00/56 Out of Jail for Christmas

Christmas Seals: 1950 Thunder in the Valley

Soldiers of the Press: 12/31/44 Christmas Greetings

Coronet Little Show: 12/24/44 Gift of the Little Shepherd

Bob Hope USO Show: 12/00/68 From Long Bihn Vietnam


Christmas Classics #109

Dragnet: 12/22/49 #030 .22 Rifle For Christmas

21st Precinct: 12/23/55 The Beard

Abbott & Costello: 12/23/43 Christmas Show w/Edward Arnold

Abbott & Costello: 12/24/47 Christmas Show

Living 1948: 12/26/48 The Little Girl Who Had Everything

Fountain of Fun: 12/19/43 Christmas Show

Jean Shepherd: 12/22/75 Christmas in a Department Store


Christmas Classics #110

Jean Shepherd: 12/24/75 Christmas in the Army

Hop Harrigan: 12/25/47 #1364 Flying to Flemington, OH Christmas Services

Jergen's Journal: 12/19/48 Christmas Trees

Hearts in Harmony: 12/25/46 Delivering Christmas Baskets

Jack Pearl: 12/21/38 There Really is a Santa Claus

Vic & Sade: 06/01/39 Grandpa Snyder's Christmas Cards

Vic & Sade: 10/08/41 Sade's Surprise Christmas Gift

Quiet Please: 12/26/48 Berlin 1945


Christmas Classics #111

Lux Radio Theater: 12/21/41 #331 Remember the Night

 w/Fred MacMurray, Jean Arthur, Bob Hope, Rita Hayworth, Verna Felton

Duffy's Tavern: 12/22/50 Charles Coburn Plays Santa Claus

Amos 'n' Andy: 12/24/54 Annual Christmas Show

Charlie Chan: The Man Who Murdered Santa Claus

Charlie Chan: The Firey Santa Claus

Vic & Sade: 11/21/39 Smelly Clark Solicits Christmas Gifts


Christmas Classics #112

uy Lombardo Show: 12/19/46 Favorite Christmas Tunes

Bob Hope: 12/24/53 w/Frank Sinatra

Bob Hope: 12/23/54 Long Beach Veterans Hospital

Jack Benny: 12/19/37 #276 Little Red Riding Hood

Roy Rogers Show 12/21/51 The Prodigal

Beulah: 12/23/53 Honorary Santa Part 1

Beulah: 12/24/53 Honorary Santa Part 2

Calling All Detectives: 01/05/49 #345 Discarded Christmas Ornament Provides a Clue


Christmas Classics #113

Christmas Sing with Bing: 12/24/55 1st Annual

Kate Smith Hour: 12/24/44 Aldrich Family and Jackie Gleason

Christmas 1940: 12/25/40 (BBC)

RKO Air Trailer: 1945 Selections From The Bells of St. Mary’s

Christmas Sing with Bing: 12/24/56 2nd Annual


Christmas Classics #114

Whistler: 12/21/52 Christmas Bonus

Jack Benny: 12/28/41 Jack Talks About the Christmas Party He Gave

Al Pearce and his Gang:  12/19/39 Christmas Show

Fibber McGee & Molly: 11/20/53 Christmas Fund

Monitor: 12/17/67 Christmas

Melody Ranch: 12/21/47 Christmas Party

Amos 'n' Andy: 12/19/54 Andy Plays Santa Claus


Christmas Classics #115

Greatest Story Ever Told: 11/30/47 #045 And Her Name Was Mary

Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/07/47 #046 Blessed Among Women

Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/14/47 #047 Go And Be Counted

Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/20/53 #269 No Room At The Inn

Greatest Story Ever Told: 12/28/47 #049 Flight Into Egypt

Family Theater: 12/24/52 #300 The Nativity w/June Havor, Ann Blythe & Jeff Chandler


Christmas Classics #116

Monitor: 12/24/66 Host Gene Rayburn  9am-Noon

Monitor: 12/25/66 Host Barry Nelson Pt. 01


Christmas Classics #117

Monitor: 12/25/66 Host Barry Nelson Pt. 02

Monitor: 12/25/66 Host Brad Crandall

Lux Radio Theater: 12/18/50 #726 Holiday Affair


Christmas Classics #118

Bob Hope Christmas Special: 12/24/82       

Christmas Sing with Bing: 12/24/62 8th Annual Show

Monitor: 12/23/62 Date Special: Clement Clarke Moore


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