The Radio Once MoreThanksgiving Special

November 23-24 2022





Wednesday November 23rd





Elgin Thanksgiving Special: 11/25/48  w/Gary Moore, Jimmy Durante,
Jack Benny, Red Skleton, Martin & Lewis
Our Miss Brooks: 11/27/49 Where to Go for Thanksgiving
Jack Benny: 11/30/47 Turkey Dream
Baby Snooks : 11/28/40 Stolen Turkey  (from Maxwell House Coffee Time)


Sam Spade: 11/24/50 #223 The Terrified Turkey Caper
Cavalcade of America: 11/24/47 #543 U.S. Pilgrims
Family Theater: 11/27/47 Home for Thanksgiving
Honest Harold: 11/22/50 Thanksgiving Play
Phil Harris/Alice Faye Show: 11/19/50 Thanksgiving Plans
Challenge of the Yukon: 11/28/46 #459 Thanksgiving in the Wilderness
Liberace Program: 11/01/54 #18 Thanksgiving Show
Thanksgiving Dinner with FDR: 11/24/38


Elgin 6th Annual Thanksgiving Special: 11/26/47
Don Ameche, Alan Jones, Jimmy Durante, Gary Moore,
Larry Storch, Margret Whiting, Vera Vage, Hal March
Jack Benny and Red Skelton.
Fibber McGee & Molly: 11/25/54 For Which We Are About to Receive
Lum & Abner: Chester the Turkey
Aldrich Family: 11/25/48 Thanksgiving Dance and Turkey Run

Couple Next Door: 11/23/60 Live Thanksgiving Dinner


06:00p Jimmy Durante Show: 11/26/47 Treacher Is Raffling Off Jimmy's Turkey
06:30p Philco Radio Time: 11/26/47 #09 Thanksgiving Show  w/Frankie Lane
07:00p Father Knows Best: 11/23/50 Thanksgiving Show
07:30p Jack Benny: 11/28/37 #273 Jack Cooked The Turkey
08:00p Great Gildersleve: 11/21/51 #419 Inviting Thanksgiving Guests
08:30p Our Miss Brooks: 11/19/50 Thanksgiving Plans



AFRS Thanksgiving Program: 11/23/44 w/Lionel Barrymore Doris Day, Percy Faith and more

Answer Man: 11/23/44 Thanksgiving Questions

Thank You America: 11/23/44 w/Rudy Valle (KPO San Francisco)

Jeff Regan: 11/20/48 #20 Pilgrim’s Progress

Life of Riley: 11/29/47 Thanksgiving At Gillises

Cavalcade of America: 11/23/42 #306 Feast From The Harvest

Roma Wine Show: 11/08/43 Thanksgiving Show




Anthology: 11/21/54 Story of Thanksgiving

Birdseye Open House: 11/22/45 Groucho Brings Live Turkey To Dinner.

Burns and Allen: 11/18/40 Thanksgiving Show

Breakfast Club: 11/28/68 (WLS-FM Aircheck)

Father Knows Best: 11/26/48 #179 Thanksgiving




Great Gildersleeve: 11/22/42 #057 Thanksgiving Dinner

Command Performance: 11/23/44 Thanksgiving Special

Life with Luigi: 11/22/49 Thanksgiving Celebration

Voices and Events: 11/18/50 Thanksgiving Show

Mary Lee Taylor: 11/26/48 Turkey Chowder

Lum and Abner: 11/21/48 Thanksgiving Dinner with Lum




Casey Crime Photographer: 11/27/47 #213 After Turkey - The Bill

Soldiers in Greasepaint USO: 11/25/43     

Abbott & Costello: 11/25/43 Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Raising a Husband: 11/22/45 Americans at Thanksgiving

Columbia Workshop: 11/09/41 Psalm for a Dark Year

Cavalcade of America: 11/22/43 #171 Tisquantum, Strange Friend Of The Pilgrims






Thanksgiving Day


Thursday November 24th





Burns and Allen: 11/17/42 Gracie Guys a Live Turney

Family Theater: 11/23/49 The Courtship Of Miles Standish

Great Gildersleeve: 11/25/45 #186 Big Football Game

Life of Riley: 11/19/44 Turkey Hunt

Gunsmoke: 09/07/58 Turkey Shoot

Jean Shepherd: 11/23/72 Army Thanksgiving




Jimmy Durante/Gary Moore: 11/22/46 Thanksgiving Pilgrim Opera

Point Sublime: 11/24/57 Big Crowd fir Thanksgiving Dinner

Eddie Cantor: 11/27/47 Thanksgiving Show

Hallmark Playhouse: 11/27/47 Why Keep Your Heart in Cold Storage

Fountain of Fun: 11/22/42 Turkey Rationed

Jack Benny: 11/26/44 How Jack and the Gang Spent Thanksgiving 1944




Jack Benny: 11/23/41 Thanksgiving Day Dinner

Life with Luigi: 11/20/51 Thanksgiving Dinner

Cavalcade of America: 11/21/50 The Stepping Stone

Cavalcade of America: 11/25/52 The Path of Praise

Marriage: 11/22/63 Fred Hetzel Visits

Hallmark Playhouse: 03/06/47 Pete's Thanksgiving

Ma Perkins: 11/24/60 Thanksgiving




Good News of 1939: 11/24/38 w/The Hardy Family

Casey Crime Photographer: 11/25/48 Holiday

Maxwell House Coffee Time: 11/21/40 w/Jack Benny

Cavalcade of America: 10/09/35 #01 No Turning Back




Amos 'n' Andy: 11/19/50 Thanksgiving Dinner

Arthur Godfrey Time: 11/28/47 Day After Thanksgiving

Burns and Allen: 11/25/48 Turkey Swallows a Wedding Ring

Club 930: 11/24/49 Thanksgiving Show

Let George Do It: 11/20/50 Cause for Thanksgiving

Life of Riley: 11/19/48 Thanksgiving Flashback




You Are There: 12/21/47 Sailing of the Mayflower

Tarzan: 11/22/51 The Story of African Thanksgiving

Heartbeat Theater: 11/21/65 Wind at Thanksgiving

Fibber McGee & Molly: 11/19/40 Visiting Uncle Dennis

Town Hall Tonight: 11/02/38 Month Of Harvest And Thanksgiving



Hallmark Playhouse: 11/25/48 Free Land

Hallmark Playhouse: 11/23/50 Home to Thanksgiving

Mel Blanc: 11/26/46 Thanksgiving Party

News of the World: 11/26/47 w/Morgan Beatty

Fibber McGee & Molly: 11/24/55 Shopping for a Turkey

Lone Ranger: 11/25/53 Thanksgiving In Modoc City

Red Skelton: 11/21/51 Things to be Thankful For



Jack Benny: 11/19/39 An Ostrich For Thanksgiving
Great Gildersleeve: 11/16/41 #012 Thanksgiving
Aldrich Family: 11/23/52 The Last Turkey
Amos 'n' Andy: 11/19/43 Thanksgiving
Vic & Sade: 11/20/41  Rush Humiliated On Thanksgiving
Claudia: 11/27/47 #044 Thanksgiving Dinner
Dr. Christian: 11/22/39 Prelude to Thanksgiving
11:55p Winston Churchill: 11/23/44 America's Thanksgiving

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